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FAQ for themes and plugins released before 2019

Installation & Update Issues

Instruction what to do after purchase on Themeforest or CodeCanyon. How to register and activate product license, get automatic updates and access support service.
The max_input_vars directive can be configured in .htaccess, php.ini or wp-config.php file. We recommend to increase default value to 3000. Here is how you can do it: In .htaccess php_value max_input_vars 3000 In php.ini max_input_vars = 3000 In wp-config.php @ini_set( ‘max_input_vars’ , 3000 );
Learn how to debug the most common issues.
What would you do if WordPress ask you “Are you sure you want to do this?” right after click on theme Install button?
Most common issue with themes purchased from Themeforest
What to do in case of unsuccessful demo content import
Demo content includes only demo images
How to update old themes released before May 2015

General Usability Issues

Troubleshoot problems related to not crashed header map.
What’s the difference between Events PRO and standard Event post type available in most of our themes?
All our WordPress themes use 3rd party plugin called WooCommerce for eCommerce. You can download the plugin and find detailed documentation on the following url Please note that we’re not authors of this plugin and therefore we do not provide any support for it.
What to do if posts or pages are not assigned to any language.
What to do when you get error message about missing separator in your csv file.
With new Wordpress 4.6 version comes new requirement for your server configuration.
Google Chrome allows geolocation functionality only for websites with SSL certificate.
Each Page, Post and Custom Post Type can be translated into other languages using AIT Languages plugin. It may happened that some of your translated pages are showing without problem on front-end and  some of them redirect you to your default language. Why that happens? Please check this ‘not showing” […]
22nd of July Google announced some significant changes in usage of Google Maps. All websites (except localhost and websites created prior to 22.06.2016) that use Google Maps now require a Google Maps API key. Here you can read the full statement by Google. How to get my API key? Full […]
Solutions for most common issues with Easy Admin plugin.
AIT Languages plugin is installed, but option to translate posts or their taxonomies is not available.
Fix easily error message displayed in claim listing section.
Find out solution for most common issues.
Although the new update is available, AIT Updater doesn’t allow to update.
What to do if Registration part of widget doesn’t appear on website
If your site runs slow and you’re running WordPress, there are plenty of things that could be slowing you down. Below are five common reasons for sluggish performance on WordPress platforms, and how you can fix them.
Troubleshoot problems with emails send from your website.
Resolve problem with connection to our API
Find solution for problem if you Google Map doesn’t show event you inserted Google Maps API key in options.
Check out the reasons, why your Locations selection may be missing in your Search Form.
What to do if Warnings or Notices appeared on my website.
Possible reasons why you get this error message.
Error code on the front page, header, etc
Possible reason why the Geolocation feature doesn’t work on your website.
You can turn on and off breadcrumbs per page. This can be easily done in Page Builder:
Front end submit of data for Custom Post Types like Item Posts or Events Posts is not available by default – it’s mostly due to security reasons. Instead of this we have created Easy Admin plugin that helps to navigate effortless and let even non-wordpress users create and manage their item […]
If you cannot find Languages options in your admin dashboard.
How to use shortcodes in content of pages and posts.
If you can’t find Shortcodes icon in visual editor, it’s very likely you do not have installed or activated AIT Shortcodes plugin. Read Theme Installation Instructions to learn more about plugins which are installed with theme.
Change height of different Google Map types used in theme
Learn how to change number of displayed Item Posts on different parts of page
what to do if my search does not work?
Find out what would you do in case the search results are empty
Portfolio items are not displayed on page.
What to do if slider doesn’t appear.
Sometimes if you have enabled debug mode, or warning is displayed in your admin site, can happen that warning as “ARRAY” will be written to empty inputs in your theme with some steps. We don´t have solution for this behaviour, because we can not simulate this. So just go to […]
At first please check in documentation if theme supports your custom post type. Also check, you are loged as administrator on your site. Maybe there was some problem after initializing of your theme. Please try to go to: /wp-content/plugins/ait-toolkit/lib/AitCptsManager.php file, there is  registerCpts() function so just remove or comment if statement like on […]
What to do if your pages related to custom post types return only “404 Nothing found” page?
Learn how to add downloaded graphic to your site.
If your sidemap is not working, at first please check if EVENT PRO plugin is installed. This Sidebar Map & Timeline is about events which shows on the map. Also check your pagebuilder if this element is activated at your current site. If event pro plugin is already instaled, there can be […]

Tips & Tricks

Block spam registrations on your website.
Example how to change source code to add currency.
How to upgrade user package from his Profile page.
Loading of Google Map after manual click on the button by visitor may be very helpful way to save your money for Google API Key. In case your website has high traffic and each Google Map is loaded automatically after page load for all of your visitors, you could very […]
After theme or plugin updates may appear unexpected problems mainly if product is updated from too old version to newest. Cached theme files may be in collision with functionality included in newest version of theme or plugin so deletion of cached files comes helpful. Navigate to Theme Options > Administrator […]
Beside the security, there are probably also other additional reasons like performance, SEO and rankings due to which you might want to move your website from HTTP to secured HTTPS with SSL certificate. Our article explain the process of website moving from HTTP to HTTPS, the assumption is that you […]
How to access and edit archive pages of custom post types.
WordPress 5.5 introduced new feature to update theme / plugin zip folder directly from wordpress admin panel how to update theme via wordpress admin without our ait updater plugin download zip folder of theme from ( you need to be logged ) go to your wordpress admin – APPEARANCE – […]
Remove points of interest from the map where Item Posts are displayed
How to disable Login button displayed in header of website beside main menu.
Why Events Pro posts are not displayed on the frontend of website
Learn how to disable Resources box with number of Item posts on your website
Megamenu sub menu positioning
We have extended default WordPress menu with new settings that allow you to create nice and useful Mega Menu. Here is a quick cheatsheet on how to use it:
Set up custom layout for detail pages of post types like Portfolio, Events, Items, Job Offers and others…
How to activate child theme on website built only using parent theme.
What rules do we have when one Item is assigned to more Item categories?
How to modify default email message sent via Contact Owner popup form.
DNS cache on your local computer stores IP addresses of hostnames you have recently visited. From time to time IP address changes. You might wait a couple of hours until your DNS cache refresh automatically or clear the DNS cache manually with the following commands. Windows Clearing DNS is very simple. […]
Store your translation files securely outside theme or plugin to prevent their deletion with update.
How to allow users access Item Categories and Item Locations while they don’t have access to them due to their current capability.
How to migrate your users, items and reviews from old Directory/BusinessFinder theme to new CityGuide, Directory+ or BusinessFinder+ theme.
How to turn on pagination for header map and show only item posts already displayed on the page.
What would I do if I don’t receive any email from my Contact Form? How would I fill up email message?
Why are my images cropped or why they look blurry?
Decrease website loading time and take an advantage of server side caching to speed up your websites.
Use all advantages of great Revolution Slider plugin which is included.
Do you want create similar or the same layout for more pages? copy it!
How to regenerate Thumbnail, Medium and Large size WordPress images.
Our themes have option to change favicon inside THEME OPTIONS, so just go to THEME ADMIN -> THEME OPTIONS -> GENERAL There is option to change that, please look at image bellow:
Emai sender adress from contact form is wordpress@… How to change?
Unfortunately theme doesn’t have such option, you have to change source code manually. Modification below is described on Directory+ Theme. In order to change lenght of displayed text on Category or Location pages, edit file ./wp-content/themes/directory2/portal/parts/item-container.php and look for following part of code: {!$post->excerpt|striptags|trim|truncate: 250} Change truncate parameter to another […]


Most of you are asking for having an option to change a place of the item custom fields – many of you don’t want them shown at the bottom of the page etc … Our answer would be: Once custom fields are not designed as an element, the layout change can not be done […]
Theme dont have this option but is possible to change inside source code exactly with /wp-content/themes/businessfinder2/ait-theme/config/cpts-metaboxes/item-data.metabox.php file Just looks for gallery metabox and there is max value set to 20 by default, which you can change you would like
Inspect code of your website to solve your issue faster
Simple tutorial that will show you how to change “item” keyword
How to create own translation of theme and plugin without using AIT Languages plugins
How to change default greyscale colors of map to standard Google Maps color scale
Learn how to edit translation files to amend translations and default words provided with theme.
Do you want use language which is not currently included in theme? read here!
Learn where you can write own custom CSS styling
How to use custom CSS styling to hide unwanted parts on website.
Unfortunately theme dont have option to change this email inside admin panel. Which is: Review %d for item %s is waiting for your moderation If you would like to change you have to change translations for ait-item-reviews plugin. These translations are located inside /wp-content/plugins/ait-item-reviews/languages/ait-item-reviews.pot or /wp-content/plugins/ait-languages/ait/languages/ait-item-reviews (if ait language plugin is available on […]
I need modify theme files, where should I look for them?
Use our AIT Languages plugin instead of WPML plugin.
How we can add new words and create translations for child theme? You can follow these steps:  
I will show how to change login redirecting to other url then home inside CHILD THEME. File where is set redirecting is located here: /wp-content/themes/directory2/ait-theme/widgets/AitLoginWidget.php But there is own  class so please follow next instructions how to change redirecting inside CHILD THEME 1. Create child theme please follow next article here: […]
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