Get Directions – available in Citadela Directory plugin

Get Directions – available in Citadela Directory plugin

Simple as it sounds. Your web visitors can now navigate to the address or GPS point via their mobile phone or web browser. We made it easy to use for you as a website administrator. Just place an “Item Get Directions” block on your Item Detail Page (under Citadela Special Pages), and it’s done. Just have a look below how it all looks.

Get Directions administration

To display the Item Get Direction function you have to add a new block on your Special Page layout. Go to Citadela Special Pages and navigate to Item Detail Page. Edit it and add a block somewhere you would like to display it. Now you have inserted a button, and you can style it. Choose the appearance of the button in the WordPress Inspector settings. You can choose the size of the button or use only the Text link. Set the text colour, background, corner radius, and text alignment in the button.

Get Directions on the website

When clicking on that “Get Direction” button then a new tab on the desktop opens. Google map will open shows the route. If the web visitor uses his mobile phone while browsing your site, the road will open in the application.

This feature is intended only for listing detail presentation.