Listing Categories List block

Block displays listing Item Categories based on filters available in block settings. Only not empty categories or sub-categories are displayed on the website.

Inside block can be written title of block for frontend, you can name displayed section with custom text.

Block settings in toolbar

Right in block toolbar can be defined Layout and Size of displayed Categories. You can select from List and Box layout, and choose Small, Medium, or Large size for displayed Categories.

Block settings in sidebar

From the sidebar settings of the block, you can select which categories will be displayed. You can show all parent Categories, or select a specific category if you want to show its child subcategories.
Using the filter in the sidebar you can select to show in this list only categories marked as Featured.

Category Details options allow you to define which information will be displayed with Categories, you can show or hide category icons and description text.

With Carousel options can be data displayed in a slides loop, available are options:

  • show or hide navigation arrows
  • show or hide pagination bullets
  • set infinite loop
  • autoplay with time between slides in seconds

Listing Categories List block with carousel

Block for listing categories displays with carousel