Item Claim Listing block

Claim Listing block allows website visitors to claim Item Post and take over administration of this post while they have an active subscription. More about subscriptions can be found on the related documentation page: Listing Subscriptions.

You must have the WooCommerce plugin activated and the Subscriptions feature enabled if you want to use the Claim Listing feature.

Functionality is available on the frontend via Item Claim Listing block which is available only on Item Detail Special Page, so the claim listing form is displayed on the detail page of Item Post. Note that only posts which were created by an administrator can use claim post functionality, posts created by other users cannot be claimed by website visitors.

Claim Listing Section

Item Claim Listing block in the Item Detail Page (Special Pages)

Go to Citadela Special Pages, navigate to Item Detail Page. Add Item Claim Listing block anywhere on page. All text information displayed on the button or in the claim listing form can be customized through block inspector.

Claim Listing after clicking on button

Block is presented as a button that is replaced with a claim listing form after clicking on the button:

In fact you would like to add bunch of blocks that creates

After the claim listing form submits is visitor automatically redirected to the checkout page, where the purchase of the subscription is finished. After successful payment is user registers and has access to edit claimed Item Post.
Users have access to their Item Post only when payment for the selected subscription was successful, or administrator of the website add a subscription for them manually from the admin.

The administrator can also manually approve or decline attempts to claim posts from WordPress admin:

After the successful process, when a user with an active subscription manages his post, the notification message can be displayed in the place of the Claim Listing button. Text of this message can be customized from block settings. If you wish to show nothing in place of the Claim Listing block on Item Post which is already managed by the user, simply do not insert any text into the “Already claimed” notification field.