What is the Citadela Layout Exporter feature?

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Updated: May 5, 2021
What is the Citadela Layout Exporter feature?

New Citadela 3.0 with Citadela Pro 4.0 includes an excellent new feature that will simplify website development, testing and deployment.

Citadela Layout is a zip file that includes all Citadela pages, posts and configuration for a given layout. The layout does not include images. These images are downloaded on-demand during the layout import process. 

Citadela layout does not include content or settings from 3rd party plugins. It’s not a migration tool.

We use Citadela Layout Exporter for all our Citadela Layouts:

We use Citadela Layout Exporter all the time. We use it to move our demo websites from testing server to live server, from one URL to another or to install layout to localhost.

Use Cases for Citadela Layout Exporter:

  • Create a website draft for your customer
  • Create your layout that you would like to reuse again
  • Participate in Citadela Layouts Marketplace

That’s right. We’re building our own Citadela Layouts Marketplace to include free or premium layouts from 3rd party designers. If you wish to participate and be promoted on our website, feel free to contact us.