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Citadela is an inspiring WordPress solution tailored for Business, eCommerce, Directory, and Listing websites. It is a premium block theme and plugins suite featuring 29 one-click-install starter layouts. Translated into 83 languages, Citadela helps you create amazing website content. Run successful projects with our premium support.

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Citadela is a modern and modular Gutenberg solution for business and directory websites. Be ready for the WordPress evolution. One theme and three plugins are all you need to make a successful website.

Why is Citadela better for your website?

Block-based theme & plugins

In WordPress 6.0, everything is made of blocks. Citadela is ready for the WordPress future. It’s the first business & directory block-based solution.

Business oriented directory features

You can add directory features such as a map with businesses, GPX or blog posts on the map to any website. Build your own online business.

Beautiful, ready to use layouts

Create a website exactly like our demo sites by clicking on one button. Layouts automatically install required plugins and download images. We’re constantly adding new Citadela layouts.

Citadela Layouts

Fast and secure

Citadela strictly follows WordPress codex and only uses Gutenberg and Customizer. No overcomplicated bulky and slow page builders that can slow down your website.

Smooth learning curve

Gutenberg page builder is becoming a standard when it comes to creating WordPress websites. There are already thousands of articles about Gutenberg. If you already know it, there’s nothing new to learn.

Gutenberg Compatibility

Citadela theme and plugins are based on Gutenberg blocks. They are therefore compatible with most modern 3rd party plugins. You can use 3rd party blocks inside Citadela or use Citadela blocks inside 3rd party blocks.

Trusted solution

A page builder is a core part of every website. We believe that the WordPress team should manage this core. You can be safe to know that thousands of WordPress developers are working on it.

Developer friendly

All code is standard and GPL. You can extend it if you need to. Nothing is proprietary. If you are a developer or thinking of hiring one, Citadela is the best theme to start with.

Solution of the future

Non-standard page builders are a blast from the past. Blocks are fast. Blocks are secure. Blocks are the future. Citadela is the future. Start using Citadela today, and you will never look back!

What will you get?


Website for decades

Citadela is a block-based theme built on pure WordPress that guarantees compatibility for years. Thanks to the Gutenberg editor, your website will be fast and always easy to customize.

Pre-made layouts

Launch your website fast. Pre-made layout comes with all you need and saves your time on design work. Website structure allows you to write content more quickly because you see each section.

Rich content blocks

Citadela theme brings you a chance to expand website content. Thanks to unique features, you can have more than a standard website. Attract more visitors.

Try the full version before you buy

You can try the full version of Citadela plugins, all features and layouts for free for seven days. The trial is fully functional. If you wish to launch a live website, simply purchase a license.

After-sale support

All memberships come with premium support as standard. Priority support and payable services such as installation or migration are also available.

Online documentation

All features are well documented in our online documentation and knowledge base. If anything is missing, feel free to ask.

Who are we?

We are a European WordPress development company. We have been developing WordPress themes since 2009. We have made over 70 themes and 30 plugins. We also have eight years of experience with directory themes and plugins. If you have any questions, please send us an email. We reply to all comments, requests and emails.


Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the theme. Great job so far!


Thanks for everything. I will buy more themes of your company for the very well support you do!


Beautiful theme. Easy to set up and works very well across all platforms. Great work! Highly recommended.

Newest Citadela Layouts

Use attractive pre-made designs with photos and pages structure that match real biz needs and thus create your site quickly. Change your content yourself with Gutenberg drag & drop editor. We publish new layouts regularly, but please send us an email or post a comment if you have a new layout request. Our most popular WordPress Directory theme called DirectoryPRO is now also available as Citadela Layout.

Citadela is lightweight and exclusively uses the Gutenberg editor, making it the best WooCommerce WordPress theme. Explore Citadela’s eCommerce layouts, which are specially designed for WooCommerce.

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