Citadela PRO

Extends Citadela theme with layout customization options

  Ready-to-use layout packs, Fonts, Colours, Headers and more

Citadela Pro plugin uses standard Gutenberg features together with WordPress Customizer. These are original WordPress tools that allow you to modify certain aspects of your WordPress theme without coding knowledge. By using the Citadela Pro plugin, you can easily change the look of your website. Blocks-based themes and WordPress full-site editing are the future of WordPress. Citadela Pro plugin is ready for the future.

Citadela Pro Plugin

is a native extension of FREE Citadela WordPress Theme

WordPress customization plugins, as mentioned before, add more options and settings into your WordPress editor and admin panel. Using the Citadela Pro plugin, you can modify the Citadela WordPress theme and create a perfectly unique website every time. Citadela Pro plugin also adds styling options for other Citadela plugins such as Citadela Listing and Citadela Blocks.

Pro plugin customizer

Feel good about your website

Simple changes, such as personalized colours and fonts, can lead to a significant difference in the appearance of your website. Make sure your site is designed to meet your preferences and that you feel good about your website when you’re finished customizing it.

Citadela Pro unique features

Import & export of ready to use layouts
Unlimited colors
Easy typography
Custom header layouts with Color overlay
Content width customization
Announcements bar
Infobar for cookies notification
WooCommerce support

You can try the Citadela Pro plugin at any time. With 30 days money-back guarantee, it’s risk-free!

How to work with the Citadela Pro plugin?


Customize your web design visually. Citadela Pro lets you make changes that you can preview in real-time. Depending on your theme and active WordPress plugins, there are many things you can customize, for example, Logo and site title, Colors, Fonts, Menus, Widgets, Header and Footer of your website.

Citadela Pro customization options are available after login into the WordPress admin environment. There’s no need to install anything because it’s an integral part of WordPress itself.

1. Access from admin

2. Access from frontend

Pro plugin - customizer access

What can I do with Citadela Pro?

Citadela Pro plugin strictly follows all WordPress rules and only uses standard features. Let’s have a look at Customize screen. Following the sidebar on your left-hand side, you can make various changes to your website appearance. Also, you can preview all changes in real-time before publishing them.

Site identity

The first thing you come across in the customizer is Site Identity. As the title suggests, this section will help you define your website. It’s essential not only from the web design point of view but from every other aspect too. Site identity tells your web visitors who you are and what you do, imprints the first impression and strengthens branding.

Site identity covers four crucial elements of your website:

Site identity


Appearance > Customize > Site identity > Select Logo is how to add logo to WordPress website. Make sure your logo is high quality and right dimensions with regards to your chosen theme and home page layout.

Site title

Site Title is usually the name of your company. If the name is already clear from your Logo, you can use the site title field to emphasize your short branding message.


Fill in the tagline to clarify the purpose of your website. Alternatively, leave this line blanc – less is sometimes more, especially when you’re aiming for airy web design.

Site icon

Site Icon or Favicon is another branding detail that matters a lot. Make sure to use it. Upload your favicon by clicking the “Select site icon” button.

Customizer - publishing

Click Publish when you’re done filling out your Site identity. Alternatively, you can click ⚙ (the gear icon) next to the publish button for more options, such as Save Draft or Schedule.

General layout

The general Layout section offers multiple predefined designs. You can change the way website elements are arranged with a single click and see how it fits your specific site. General Layout lets you switch between different Theme layouts (e.g., modern or classic), and you can set the rules for collapsible footer widgets. There are several unique settings for your website, too:

Content width sizes

Advanced settings for website content width. You can configure it exactly as you want without worry about losing website responsiveness on mobile devices. You can set a custom size for content, wide and full size of the content.

Border radius options

Unique design setting that allows you to set rounded edges of box objects throughout the whole website globally. You can use the following setting for round buttons. In combination with a General border-radius, you can change your website’s whole look & feel.

The Citadela Pro plugin adds the General Layout section for WordPress. It is not included in Citadela Free WordPress Theme.

PRO plugin - General layout


If you’re looking for more customization options that will allow you to create a unique website tailor-made to fit your branding colours and style, the Appearance section is what you need. These four essential parts are super easy to set up and will make a significant difference to the final look of your website.

PRO plugin - Appearance
Header Layout

Header layout

These settings allow you to set the layout of the header of your website precisely. It is possible to choose two basic layouts – Classic and Center. There are settings for desktop and mobile, for more precise logo and header size configuration. It is thus possible to set a different appearance of the header on the computer and on the mobile.

This section also contains settings for how the Sticky header is displayed, divided into desktop and mobile settings. Therefore, it is possible to define on each device whether to set the Sticky header to None, Burger only, or Full Sticky header after scrolling the page.

Header Background

Header background

Use an image as a background for your header. Click on Header Background under Appearance in the menu and then click “Select image.” You can choose an image from your media library or upload a new one from your computer.

This section offers one more handy setting: Header Color Overlay. If you’ve used the image as a header of your website, you can set the colour overlay for this image. It certainly adds a unique glance to your site and reduces the need for a professional designer of your homepage image.

There are more options to choose from. Try them out and decide which one is the best for your website:

  • Header image repeat
  • Size of your Header image
  • Header image position
  • Fixed background image

Special tip:

Is your site responsive? See how your website looks on screens of different sizes! There are three icons of desktop, tablet, and mobile screen on the bottom of your right-hand side menu. Click and see how different settings appear on a particular device.

Customizer Screens
Website Colors

Colours on your WordPress website

How to change website colours? Navigate to: Customize > Appearance > Colors. There are four colours for you to pick from:

  • Decoration Color
  • Page Color
  • Footer Color

Each of these colours can be set using an unlimited Color Picker or defined as a HEX value. HEX value input will come in handy if you aim to match your branding colour with your website colours.

Website Typography


How to change the font on your WordPress website? Navigate to: Customize > Appearance > Typography and pick fonts you’d like to use: Text font and Title font.

In general, it is not recommended to use more than 2 different fonts on a single website. Following this rule improves readability and nicely contributes to a neat website design.

Citadela PRO plugin offers you the full selection of Google Fonts for the typography of your website, so you don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to find the font with the special characters of your chosen language.

Citadela Pro plugin adds the appearance section. It is not included in Citadela WordPress Theme.

Announcements bar

Do you want to bring visitor’s attention to your current special offer? Announcements bar is a perfect tool for this job. It’s a Call To Action panel you can use on your website to highlight important news or other announcements.

Settings for the announcements bar, such as text, button URL, display dates and more, are available in your wp-admin under Citadela PRO.

WordPress Customizer shows you how does your announcements bar look. Moreover, it lets you modify its background and button colors. Clicking the “Customize Colors” button will bring you to these setting directly.

It is also possible to use the settings in the admin -> Citadel PRO, where you can switch the type to Advanced to create a custom Announcements bar. In this case, you will display the fields for entering your HTML and CSS. In this section, it is also possible to time the display of the announcement bar using intervals from – to.

Citadela Pro plugin adds an announcements bar. It is not included in Citadela WordPress Theme.

Creating menus

Website navigation menus can be created and customized directly in WordPress Customizer. This is a standard WordPress feature. Therefore it is available to all WordPress users, and it’s included in the Citadela WordPress theme.

How to add a menu to WordPress website?

Follow the 3 simple steps:

1. Navigate to Menus and then click the Create New Menu button. Fill in the name of your new menu and choose its location.

2. Add items to the menu: Custom links, Pages, Posts, Categories or Tags

3. Tick Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu at the menu options section on the left-hand side – if you like.


New Customizer makes working with Widgets very straightforward. After clicking Widgets, you’ll see all available Widget locations or Widgets Areas to choose from. Depending on your WordPress theme, some pages might have more Widget areas than others.

Choose the widget area you want to add a widget to, then click Add a Widget. From WordPress 5.8, you can also use any WordPress block in the Widget area.

Each widget has its additional option. Play around and see what suits your needs the best.

Homepage settings

Depending on the purpose of your website, you can choose between 2 basic homepage settings in Citadela Pro:

  • Latest Posts
  • Static page

By default, Latest Posts are perfect for blog websites. However, you can use them on any website with dynamic content, which is regularly added in blog posts, such as company news, latest events etc.

A static page is more typical for a corporate website with a clear structure and proven sales funnels. You can add any page you want to be displayed on your homepage. Also, you can add more pages or remove them at any time.

Additional custom CSS

Finally, for more advanced users, there is room for additional CSS. You can add your piece of code, which can alter the appearance of your website.

As you can see, with Citadela Pro, your WordPress website is entirely customizable and flexible. Even though we’re still in the early days of WordPress, there’s enormous growth potential as well as room for improvement. There are many things you can do with Citadela Pro without any coding knowledge. And indeed, the excellent reputation of WordPress that says “You can do almost anything in WordPress” is still alive.

30 days money-back guarantee



More customization options for your website and attractive content. More advanced features for your business. More layouts and possibilities for comfortable work.

Custom header

Header design can be changed and customized on every page using Citadela Header Settings inside Inspector. That way you can achieve unique design using functions such as Transparent header or Header over content. You can also change logo on every sub page. Possibilities are endless.

Blog layout settings

To create attractive blog layouts Citadela Pro plugin offers options to customize blog page using WordPress Gutenberg editor. That way you have full control over design of you blog page. You can also use there all Citadela blocks such as maps or cluster to really create a page that you want. Blog posts can be displayed as List, Box or Simple Layout.

Blog posts anywhere on your website

New block called “Posts” allows you to display blog posts on any page. You can use many filter options to only display posts that you want.

Blog posts layouts


Infobar can be used to display cookies notification on top or bottom of your website. It is displayed to all new visitors that come to your website. They can click on the button to hide it. Infobar is then hidden for number of days set it “Cookie expiration” field.

Comments Extension

Comments extension

Comments Extension can be used to add help text to every single input in WordPress Comment form. It will help you to optimize your website to meet GDPR requirements.

Custom JS codes

Custom JS codes for header & footer

Insert custom JavaScript code into header or footer of your website. Use proper JavaScript including tags.

Google Analytics Code

Google analytics code

Insert your Google Analytics Tracking ID. Google Analytics tracking code will be added to your website. You website will be easily connected with your GA account to track website visitors.

WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce support

By activating Pro plugin you’ll get full WooCommerce support. Shop pages and all WooCommerce blocks will get Citadela styles including many Pro design features.

Layout Exporter

Layout exporter

You’re able to export your own Citadela Layout with Citadela Pro. You can prepare a website draft on your localhost or testing domain and then easily import it to the live URL. Layout Exporter feature exports WordPress pages, posts, images and all Citadela options and settings.

Layout Import

Layout import

Using import layout function you can import whole layout into Citadela within few seconds. Your website will look exactly as given layout including images, content and settings. It is a good starting base for your new website.

View Citadela Layouts

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates

Almost every week we release new features or bug fixes. To run a website on Citadela smoother, we have developed automatic updates for each product. You only need an API key for your domain, and everything runs smoothly.

Design Extensions for other Citadela plugins

Pro plugin adds new features and extends options for blocks included in our two other Citadela plugins: Citadela Blocks and Citadela Listing.

Cluster: Width settings

Pro plugins enables you to globally set custom width for blocks. Cluster block width can be set independently from these global settings. You have your subpage width fully under control. It can be set to content, wide or full width.

Cluster: Width settings
Design Settings

Design setting for other blocks

Attractive presentation can be achieved using different design styles and various color combination of blocks. Our blocks allows you to set different background & text colors, styles & colors of lines and main decorative color. These options are added into following blocks:

  • Listing items list
  • Listing search results
  • Listing search form
  • Item Extension
  • Advanced Filters
  • Similar Items
  • Posts Search Results
  • Blog Posts
  • Posts
  • Authors List

Half layout with Listing map

You can switch to Half layout with left or right listing map on any page. In the first half, you can display directory items grids, text, images or another standard content format. In the second half, you can display a listing map with items and markers or even show a route using GPX data.

Half Layout

30 days money-back guarantee