Item Extension block

Block is available only on Item Detail Special Page.

Block displays labels and values of Item Extension inputs filled in the Item edit screen. In order to show some information using this block, there should be created some inputs in Citadela Listing > Item Extension settings.

Block offer following options:

  • Title – text displayed as header on the top of values from inputs,
  • Layout – in block toolbar can be selected Text, Box and List layout of displayed data,
  • Align – align displayed information to Left, Center or Right side.

Block settings in the sidebar

In the inspector sidebar settings are available options:

Show data tab

Show data option define which inputs will be displayed on the frontend, can be selected to show all inputs or pick just some of the inputs created in Item Extension settings page.

Options tab

Options tab offer the following settings:

  • Hide empty values – if turned on, on the frontend of Item page are displayed only information of inputs which store some value, empty values are not displayed,
  • Box width – available only for Box Layout – the width of boxes which show information from inputs,
  • Fix width – available only for Box Layout – force to show boxes in width defined by Box Width option, even the information displayed in box is longer than the width of box,
  • Label width – available only for List Layout – width of label text
  • Table style – available only for List Layout – information in List layout are displayed in table style with lines between them.

Design Options tab

Using available options can be customized colors for:

  • Title – color of heading title, in case of Text layout is color used also for separator displayed between inputs information,
  • Label – color for label text,
  • Value – color for displayed input value,
  • Lines – color of decoration lines in Box and List layouts.