Details Block

The “Details Block” in WordPress refers to a block element that you can add to your posts or pages when using the Block Editor (also known as Gutenberg). It’s a part of WordPress’s rich set of tools for creating and editing content. The Details Block is particularly useful for creating collapsible text, often used for FAQs, additional information sections, or any content you want to keep compact until a reader chooses to view it.

Here’s a simple guide on how to use the Details Block:

  1. Access the Block Editor: When you’re editing a post or a page, you’re typically in the Block Editor.
  2. Add the Details Block:
    • Click on the “+” button to add a new block.
    • Search for “Details” in the block search box.
    • Click on the Details Block to add it to your post or page.
  3. Customize the Block:
    • You’ll see a field to add a summary or title. This is the part always visible to your readers.
    • Below the summary, there’s a space to add the content that will be hidden until the user clicks on the summary.
  4. Add Content:
    • Inside the collapsible area, you can add text, images, or even other blocks.
    • Format this content just as you would in any other part of your post.
  5. Preview and Adjust:
    • Preview your post to see how the Details Block behaves.
    • Adjust the summary or the collapsible content as needed.
  6. Publish or Update Your Post/Page: Once you’re satisfied, publish or update your post/page.

The Details Block is a great way to organize content and make your pages look cleaner. It helps in improving user experience, especially if you have lengthy or detailed information that not all readers may want to see immediately.