How to create photo gallery in new WordPress block editor

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Updated: August 6, 2019
How to create photo gallery in new WordPress block editor

You have certainly noticed that WordPress editor now looks completely different. Building a website has been dramatically changed since WordPress version 5.0. Building the gallery in WordPress changed as well.

In this blog post we will cover:

  1. How to add WordPress photo gallery
  2. How to add images into text or create blog photo gallery
  3. How to edit and format photo gallery
  4. How to change gallery position on your website
  5. Extra tips at the end

In new blog post series we will bring you tutorials on how to work with new WordPress editor. If you still use old version of WordPress or outdated theme we recommend you to install newest versions to be able to work with the new block editor.

Add WordPress Gallery block quickly

Adding gallery in the new WordPress editor is way simpler that it used to be. You can create gallery easily using Gallery block. It’s a block implemented right in the WordPress core and you get it automatically in WordPress version 5.0 or later.

1. Gallery can be added to Posts and Pages. As a first thing you decide where you want to add WordPress Gallery block.

2. Click on “+” in the top bar or right in the content. Then select “Gallery block”

Add gallery by clicking on “+”

Adding WordPress gallery block by clicking on “+”

You can also find any block using search bar. Just write “gallery”.

Add gallery via search bar

Adding WordPress gallery block via search bar

Blocks can be also found using slash “/“. You’ll get a list of available blocks, just start writing “gallery”.

Add gallery using slash

Adding WordPress gallery block using slash “/”


How to add images

Insert images – after creating Gallery block you can upload new images, select multiple at once or use Media Library.

Image upload options screen

All available options for image upload

Media Library works the same as in previous WordPress versions. You can find there images that you have already uploaded in the past.

3. It’s done. Your new gallery is ready.

Completed WordPress gallery on frontend

Showcase of created gallery


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Edit your gallery

WordPress 5.0 and later made not only adding but also editing galleries better. New WordPress editor looks completely different comparing to the old editor. If you want to edit a gallery block, select it with mouse. You’ll get top toolbar and side menu for Gallery Settings.

Part of the settings can be found in the Gallery block toolbar and other settings on the right hand side in sidebar. At first it can sound a bit complicated, but after short time playing with the new WordPress editor you will find all the possibilities. You can insert Gallery block and then edit easily. Advantages are mainly in various settings and simplified administration of gallery images.

Adding, erasing and reordering images is way smoother. Simply click on Edit Gallery icon and the pop-up window will show up. Now you can drag&drop images to reorder images position.

Reordering images in gallery

Easy reordering images in gallery via drag & drop


Right sidebar Settings Images

Choose number columns for your gallery. Image can be linked to Media File that will result in opening image in lightbox. If you have images in different dimensions, you can use Crop Images function to make them look the same. Dimensions for Crop Images function are taken from the smallest images.

Changing number of columns in gallery settings

Changing number of columns using slider

Image administration in Gallery block in easier and faster than it was in older WordPress versions. Gallery block can be also ordered that means you can drag and drop it anywhere in the content between other blocks.

Position and alignment of the gallery

Images and gallery can be align. On the top of Gallery block there is a toolbar with various options. You can change there for example gallery alignment or make the gallery visible on full content width. Play around with the settings. Add more text or images to make your website look nicer.

Alignment of the gallery

Changing position and alignment of gallery


How to add caption in WordPress Gallery block

Adding captions for gallery images was never simpler. If you remember in older WordPress versions you had to edit each caption separately in edit image settings. Now you can add captions right in the Gallery block. Simply click on the bottom part of the image and write a caption. That’s it.

Captions for images in gallery

Fill captions directly in your images


Extra tip: How to add a gallery into columns

As we already mentioned above, you can add WordPress image Gallery block into posts and pages. You can create Gallery block stand alone. You can also add it into Columns block together with other WordPress blocks.

Be careful when playing with numbers of columns. Downgrading their count is going to delete created gallery.

Final tip: switch photo gallery to images simply. Navigate to upper toolbar menu and click on first icon. Gallery images is going to be split to one image under another.


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