Social Icons Block

Introduction to Social Icons Block

The Social Icons Block in WordPress allows users to add social media links to their website. This feature is particularly useful for connecting your site’s visitors to your various social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It’s a simple yet effective tool for increasing your online presence and audience engagement.

Adding the Social Icons Block

To add the Social Icons Block, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the post or page where you want to add the social icons.
  • Click on the ‘+’ button to add a new block.
  • Search for ‘Social Icons’ in the block search bar.
  • Click on the Social Icons Block to add it to your page or post.

Configuring the Block

Once the block is added, you can start configuring it:

Choosing Social Media Platforms

  • The block will initially display a few common social media icons.
  • To add a new icon, click on the ‘+’ button inside the Social Icons Block.
  • Search for the social media platform you wish to add.
  • Click on the icon to add it to your block.

Adding Links to Your Profiles

  • Click on the social media icon you added.
  • A field will appear where you can enter the URL to your social media profile.
  • Repeat this step for each social media icon in your block.

Customizing the Appearance

  • You can change the style of the icons by selecting them and choosing different options from the block toolbar or the block settings on the right-hand side.
  • Customize the size, color, and shape of the icons to match your website’s design.

Arranging Icons

  • To rearrange the icons, simply drag and drop them in your preferred order.
  • Ensure they are placed in a way that is intuitive and easy for your visitors to find and use.

Advanced Settings

For those who want to tweak the block further:

Spacing and Alignment

  • Adjust the spacing between icons if needed.
  • Align the block to the left, center, or right of your page or post.

Additional CSS

  • If you’re familiar with CSS, you can add custom styles to further personalize the appearance of the Social Icons Block.

Best Practices

To maximize the effectiveness of the Social Icons Block:


  • Only include social media platforms that you actively use and are relevant to your audience.


  • Place the block in a prominent location where visitors can easily see it, like the header, footer, or sidebar.


  • Keep the style of the icons consistent with your overall website design for a cohesive look.


The Social Icons Block is a versatile and essential tool for linking your WordPress site to your social media presence. With easy customization and straightforward setup, it’s an effective way to expand your reach and connect with your audience across different platforms.