Hosting Requirements

We always test our themes on most standard hosting setups, however, make sure your hosting match the following requirements:

  • WordPress 5.0 or later
  • PHP 7 or later versions are recommended
  • PHP Extensions:*
    • GD/ImageMagick extension
    • Reflection extension
    • SPL extension
    • PCRE extension
    • ICONV extension
    • PHP tokenizer
    • Multibyte String extension
  • PHP Functions:*
    • flock()
    • gzcompress()
    • gzuncompress()
    • curl_exec() – necessary for themes/plugins updates on WordPress 4.6 and newer
  • in php.ini file on your server have set up values:
    • memory_limit set up at least 96MB
    • upload_max_filesize at least 20MB
    • post_max_size at least 20MB, the best same value like upload_max_filesize
    • max_input_vars value is by default 1000 on most of servers – to prevent problems with saving too many elements in page builder, it is recommended to increase max input vars value min to 3000
  • displaying of Notices & Warnings turned off
  • we recommend mod_rewrite enabled
  • write permissions to wp-content/uploads folder

More information about permissions and how to change them you can find in WordPress Codex here.

* PHP extensions and functions mentioned above are available on most common hosting plans

Do you still have problems and does your server meet all requirements? Take a look at our Troubleshooting article.

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