Multi-Segment GPX Support in Citadela Directory plugin

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Updated: July 22, 2021
Multi-Segment GPX Support in Citadela Directory plugin

Citadela Directory plugin is the best directory solution for WordPress to work with GPX. With the most recent update, we added more features that you were asking for.

GPX track files can include one or multiple segments. You can use this if the path contains crossroads or continues in some different place. Each part of the path is called a segment.

Citadela Directory allows you to specify how you would like to display beginning and end markers. You have the following options:

Start and end of the track: beginning and end markers will be displayed on the very first and very last point of the path

Every segment of track: Markers will be displayed at the beginning and end of every segment.

Do not show endpoints: no markers will be added to the path

We have tested many different GPX files, and each requires different settings. You can play with it on your website. If you’re missing an option, you think we should add. Please let us in the comments below. We will be happy to make this feature even better.