Similar items

Listing Similar Items block will display listing items similar to the reference item, based on predefined criteria. You can use this block on Item Detail Page which you can manage under the Citadela Special Pages section or on any post and page.

If you use the block on Item Detail Page, the reference item is the currently displayed item. For example, this is how the block looks in the WordPress admin:

If you use the block on the standard page, you need to select reference item manually:

After that, you can select criteria to filter similar items. For example, you can combine categories, locations, and authors. You can also specify the number of items you’d like to display if you want or don’t want to show a reference item. Finally, you can also select featured items only.

Next, you can select the order by option, e.g. Date, Title, Order number, Random, or Distance.

There are several layout options. For example, you can choose to display items in Box or List layout. There are also several options for a featured item. You can turn on or off individual data in displayed items. Carousel is also available:

Here is an example of the final carousel showing items from the exact location ordered by distance:

Citadela Listing plugin works nicely with Citadela Pro plugin. You can then control the colours of all parts of the box, e.g. text, item background, item border, etc.