How to create sidebar

Sidebar on standard pages

Citadela supports sidebars on the left-hand side and also on the right-hand side. On each page, you can choose a template:

  • Fullwidth page
  • Left Sidebar page
  • Right Sidebar page
  • Half Layout page

You can choose it in the settings on the right-hand side:

Sidebar on blog posts

Sidebar widgets are displayed on blog posts automatically, you don’t need to select template like you do with pages.

Inserting sidebar widgets

Sidebar widgets can be configured in Appearance – Widgets section. You can configure widgets for many different pages, including the homepage, standard page or blog posts:

Modern vs Classic sidebar

Citadela has 2 options to display sidebar. Modern and Classic way. It can be configured in Appearance – Customize – General Layout – Theme Layout:

Classic sidebar
Modern sidebar