How to get Google Maps API Key

A full tutorial on how to obtain an API key is described in official Google documentation here:

Create Google API Key

In your, Google Cloud Platform navigate to APIs & Services to find your Credentials. The new API key can be created after clicking on the button “Create credentials”, the selection offers you the option “API Key”.

We strongly recommend you pay attention to restrictions. You should restrict your API key using HTTP Referrers only for your websites that will use the Google Maps API key. This way no one else can steal and use your API key.

Enable Libraries

Which APIs do I need?

Because Google doesn’t explain clearly which APIs do you need to activate, here is the list of required APIs for all Google Maps features:

  • Google Maps Directions
  • Google Maps Distance Matrix
  • Google Maps Elevation
  • Google Maps Geocoding
  • Google Maps JavaScript

You have to enable these APIs in the Library section.

Save API Key in Citadela Listing plugin

Where to insert my API key? If you login to your WordPress as an administrator, you can insert an API key in Citadela Listing -> Integrations

Debugging issues

If you encounter any issues with your Google Maps API key, you can easily debug them using the Console in your browser. To open the Console, simply right-click anywhere on the webpage, select “Inspect” or “Inspect Element,” then navigate to the “Console” tab. Here, you’ll find error messages and warnings that can help identify and resolve any issues with your API key configuration. Keep an eye out for any error messages related to the Google Maps API, and use them as clues to troubleshoot and fix the problem.