GDPR options in Citadela

GDPR options in Citadela

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the strictest privacy and security law in the world. Is Citadela GDPR compliant?

We AitThemes are a company based in European Union. As our primary traffic and customers come from the EU, we need to comply with European regulations.

Before GDPR took effect in May 2018, we’ve had several meetings with local lawyers to make sure what it means for our business and our websites.

We ended up with dozes on changes we had to do to our online shop, support forum, and online presentation. As we use our themes on all our websites, we decided to build all these requirements and release them to our customers.

When we started making Citadela, we made sure that we follow all requirements that our lawyers proposed. Citadela is, therefore, GDPR compliant, and the Citadela Pro plugin includes essential features that are necessary to comply with all regulations.

Many features have been already implemented right into the WordPress core. Besides some under the hood stuff, I’ll mention the essential elements developed and included in the Citadela Pro plugin.

Comments Extension

This feature allows you to add comments to every single input in the default WordPress comment form. Comments Extension gives you the possibility to inform your visitors what you do with their data.


Infobar is probably the most annoying thing ever implemented globally, besides the “join our newsletter” popup 🙂 Infobar informs you that the website collects cookies and should point you to the document that describes which cookies are collected and why. 

I’m not a lawyer. Nobody in our company is a lawyer or has a degree in that field. We only do things the way we were told we should do by an external law firm. Please consult your requirements with your local lawyer. We won’t be able to help you with any law-related questions in our comments. Thanks for understanding, guys.

2 thoughts on “GDPR options in Citadela

  1. Hey Martin,

    in the Citadela customization, it is not possible to deactivate the GOOLGE FONTS and use a standard webfont.

    It will be great if you could change this.

    Also it is important not to load any google MAP before the visitor is not using the cookie opt-in.


    1. Hello,

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Denis. We can understand how that permission setting would work really well for your business. Unfortunately, it’s not something that’s in our future plans.
      In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy our service! If there’s anything else We can help you with, please let us know.

      Have a good day!
      AIT team

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