Events for listing items

Learn about the feature for connecting listing items with the event. Citadela products offer more complex compatibility and connection with The Events Calendar plugin that manages the events. The Citadela solution extends this plugin in design and linking elements. Each Event can be linked to an Item.

Citadela listing and events solution

You can connect Items with Events to create content about events. To do that, you need to install:

Right after The Events Calendar plugin activation, a new tab, Events, appears in the left side navigation menu in WordPress. Below is the list of recommended steps for setting up before adding any data.

We modified the Event Calendar plugin and expanded its functionality to promote the Item’s event. The event connects to the Items. The connecting function is available for each Event. The Item can have its events widget that can be part of an Item Detail Page. We created a new block to display the event. This block is only available in the Citadela Special Pages because it only works in conjunction with a specific Item.

Recommended steps

Settings in Citadela Pro plugin (Citadela Pro → Events)

We made our styles for complete compatibility with the Citadela theme and plugins with The Events Calendar plugin. They are not mandatory, but we recommend them for proper operation.

The Events Calendar plugin settings

The basic assumption for the correct functioning of the Events Calendar plugin is a suitable time zone setting in the main WordPress settings (Settings). It is recommended to select a city-bound time zone as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Editor and layout settings for event management

Additional settings allow for better customization.

General tab

Activate Block Editor for Events – You can decide whether to use the classic or Gutenberg editor to manage the content of the event. Event administration with Gutenberg can be a bit more complicated, but you can customize the layout more. It offers a combination with our other blocks, and you can create events as paid content for website users (paywall).

Set the number of events per page on “List View.” You can enable maps and comments on the event page. Define your URL slug, currency. Decide what to do with the old events.

Display tab

Choose a template for the detail event subpage. You can choose with or without a sidebar. If you select a template with a sidebar, then define its appearance in the Widgets → Pages widgets area.

You can enable another appearance also. List, Month, and Day view. Date formats are also set here.

Adding events

The administration of events is done in the Events tab. You can have various events on the site. Use categorization and tags for better crawling.

Link event and item

The connection between the event and the item is set in the Events section when adding a new event. It is possible to connect each event with the item. One Item can have more than one event.

In the classic editor:

Inspector dropdown menu in Gutenberg editor in the right sidebar:

Event detail page

The Event Detail page is generated automatically. Data that can be entered and showed for events:

  • Date and time of the event (from, to, all-day events)
  • Ticket price
  • Featured image
  • Long description of the event
  • Short description of the event (Excerpt)
  • Event website
  • Event category
  • Tags

There is a link to the connected Item In the header if the Citadela theme is used. If not, it is only displayed in the detailed information of the event.

In addition to the Item, other organizers can be added to the event. It is good for events that are held at someplace by an organizer who does not have an operation at that place.

The event can take place in different places and can be arranged by various organizers. In this way, there are many options for creating a database of events. You can define the structure of how to use Items and Events according to your own needs. Thus, one Item can have several events in several places. The event is not tied to the physical address of the Item.

Display events on Item’s page

To display the event on the Item page, it is necessary to edit the Item Detail Page in the Citadela Special Pages section. The Item Events block displays lists of all related events.

Displaying events on the front end

Add navigation links into menus, as usually in the Appearance → Menus section.

Events plugin adds custom tabs:

  • Event categories
  • Events

Or add an Events subpage via Custom Links. It contains a list of all events with the search bar. The events page is automatically generated. As well as archive pages of categories and tags.

Extra feature available

Paid add-ons features for the Events Calendar plugin give another tool for websites and portals.

We have chosen this plugin as the solution with many add-ons that help you create an even better listing and directory portal. They offer many features like events on the map and photo displaying, selling tickets, and premium service around them. Also, community submission and editing. You can control the publishing process.