Importing Layouts

Layouts for Citadela products allow you to import demo data for your website as they are presented on our presentation websites. You can see available layouts on the following page.

Automatic Layout Pack import

Layouts can be imported simply by clicking on one button in Citadela Pro settings. Please navigate to Citadela Pro > Layouts to see available layouts. Click on the “View Demo” button to see a live preview of the selected layout. Clicking on “Import Layout” will automatically import the selected layout. The layout includes everything you see on the demo site.

Citadela will also automatically install and activate required plugins such as WooCommerce.

Please bear in mind that import layout feature will delete everything that you already have on your website.

The following video shows how easy it is to import a new layout with Citadela. You can start creating your new website in a minute.

The layouts section is always up-to-date. If we release a new layout, it will automatically appear in your Citadela installation.

Layout exporter

Citadela Pro plugin allows you to export your own layout. You can work on your website on your laptop or testing server and then simply migrate it to a production server. Please note that Citadela Pro Import/Export feature will only migrate Citadela content and WooCommerce. It is not a migration tool that will migrate all 3rd party plugins.

Importing layout from file

You can use Citadela Pro to import your own layout from the zip file you created before. This process will also delete all your website content.

Importing free Citadela layout

In case you’re using the free Citadela theme without the Citadela Pro plugin, please use the default WordPress Importer tool via menu Tools > Import > WordPress to import a single file content.xml. XML file is included in the downloaded Layout Pack zip file.


Citadela plugins and layouts are downloaded in a ZIP file from our server. This can be blocked by some hosting providers, causing the layout import to never finish. There can also be other blocking limits, such as maximum file size or execution time, that can also cause the error.

Every hosting error is stored on the server for troubleshooting. Please check the following documentation on Where to find PHP error logs.

Your hosting provider will be able to assist you by enabling the missing library or removing the limit. Please do not hesitate to contact your hosting support if you encounter issues with the Citadela Layout import. Please check the Citadela hosting requirements.

PHP Warnings and Notices can be generated by WordPress plugins immediately after installation. Please refer to the following documentation on how to turn off PHP Warnings and Notices.