Citadela Theme Installation

Installation instructions via standard WordPress admin panel

Please login to your account and download the .zip theme file.

For Safari users:  usually the browser is preset to Open “safe” files after downloading. It means installation file will be downloaded unzipped. Press “alt” key + download button you can download .ZIP file easily.

  1. navigate to Appearance > Themes in main WordPress menu
  2. click on Add New button
  3. click on Upload link to open file upload dialog
  4. choose zip file with Citadela Theme from your computer, and click “Install now” button
  5. after successful installation click on “Activate” link

After successful theme activation, you will Citadela theme active in the Appearance > Themes section.

Installation instructions via FTP client

Theme can be uploaded via FTP as well, open your favorite FTP client and upload unpacked theme folder into WordPress installation folder ./wp-content/themes/

Make sure that you’ve copied on FTP directly theme folder only with theme files inside.
The theme path should be ./wp-content/themes/citadela-theme/

Now, you can activate the theme in your WordPress dashboard. Via the main WordPress menu, navigate to Appearance > Themes.