Gutenberg editor on Item Posts

The Classic Editor is set as the primary editor for editing Item Posts. You can decide to use Gutenberg editor instead.

Using option in Citadela Listing > Item Detail settings can be turned on editation of Item Posts using Gutenberg editor.

Posts content which you build using Gutenberg blocks will be displayed in place of Item Content block which is available on Item Detail Special Page, thus make sure that the place of Item Content block in Item Detail Special Page is correct to display all blocks inserted in Item Post.

Unique layout for each Item Post

Using Item Detail Special Page all Item Posts use the same layout defined in the special page, but you can also build absolutely unique layout for every one Item Post. On the edit page of Item Post can be enabled option to do not use Item Detail Special Page settings, it’s available under the settings tab Citadela Item Page Layout.

Once this option is enabled for Item Post, you are free to build completely unique layout of a post. Content of this post will not get the layout from Item Detail Special Page.
All additional options in sidebar options like Custom Header, Half Layout page with map, Content Width, or disable default Page Title and other options that are available if used is Citadela Theme and Citadela Pro plugin are available for Item Post to build its page per your needs.

Editor for subscribers

Registered subscribers have access to Gutenberg editor too, once it’s enabled in Citadela Listing > Item Detail settings tab. They can build the content of Item Post using Gutenberg blocks.

Unlike administrators, they cannot completely modify the layout of the Item page. They do not have access to additional options like Custom Header or Half Layout. The layout of Item Posts added by subscribers uses a predefined layout from Item Detail Special Page.

Administrators and registered subscribers have still access to options related to Item Posts via Item Options meta box or Item Reviews meta box available under Gutenberg editor.