Listing Item Reviews

Item Reviews functionality allows website visitors to leave a review with a rating for Item Posts.


The feature doesn’t need any special options to set up, simply turn on the feature in Listing Item Reviews settings available via menu Citadela Listing > Item Reviews tab. In addition, can be defined also color for displayed rating stars.

All other options for Item Reviews are inherited from standard WordPress Comments where reviews can be approved or unapproved by the Administrator or Item Post owner. Navigate to WordPress Settings > Discussion page if you would like to set up for example pagination or order of displayed reviews.

Item reviews can be enabled/disabled per each Item Post too, simply enable or disable discussion on the Item Post edit page like for standard comments.

Once the Administrator or another user is owner (author) of the Item post-visit detail page of the post, the author can reply to received reviews right from the frontend.

Reviews on website frontend

Each item will have an average review displayed on the item detail page and inside of the item list.

All reviews can be commented on and managed by the website admin: