Migration from other directory themes

One of the good rules for all web development work is to have a development environment. It means there is a (sub) domain dedicated to playing and trying process, development, and preliminary work.

Another most essential rule is always to have the latest backup before any changes on site. The easiest way is to choose a hosting provider with this feature to reload the site from a backup file.

Automatic data migration

Automatic data migration is a basic migration. The whole process runs on a live website. Please read the following steps carefully and try it on the development URL to ensure that you are happy with the result.

Who is it suitable for?

Ideal for a small website that wants to change the whole look. If you have a basic directory website with only Items you can use an automatic migration process.

What data will be migrated?

Automatic migration will only migrate basic data structures. Due to the complexity and divergence of the old Framework 2 themes and Gutenberg, it’s practically impossible to fully migrate everything from Framework 2 to WordPress Editor.

Only these data will be migrated: items, categories, locations.

Manual work is, therefore, necessary for a more complex data website.

Citadela Listing plugin migrates data from the following legacy AIT Themes:

  • DirectoryPro
  • Business Finder +
  • CityGuide
  • FoodGuide
  • EventGuide

How to use automatic migration:

  1. Ensure that you have a full website backup.
  2. Install and activate Citadela theme and Pro, Blocks, and Listing plugins.
  3. The automatic migration will initialize right away. The system will notify you once the process has been done.
  4. Customize design settings and set up whole pages. You cannot import Citadela Layout now because it overwrites migrated content. Manually copy individual pages blocks from the second development environment.

In some cases, the migration process can fail because of unexpected problems. For this reason, you can find the button in Citadela Listing settings under the “Data migration” tab. Click on the “Restart Migration” button. If you can’t see the Migration tab in settings, it means that migration has run and finished successfully on your website.

Tips for migrating your website from Legacy themes to Citadela

Each project and website is different. It’s, therefore, pretty hard to write what exactly you need to do to migrate your existing website to Citadela.

However, the best way is to:

  1. Install Citadela and plugins on a development server or development URL
  2. Prepare your new website on the development URL
  3. Backup your live website
  4. Move everything from the development URL to a live URL

You can use various available import/export plugins and also our Layout Export/Import features. Please bear in mind that our Layout Export/Import feature will not export 3rd party plugins. It will also not import users as it is mainly focused on migrating small websites.

Importing the layout package will delete everything in your WordPress installation. 

The reason behind this is the complexity of WordPress references between pages, custom post types, categories, and other parts. If you would like to use Citadela’s predesigned layout, you have two options:

Option A:

  • Let Citadela automatically migrate items, categories, and locations
  • Manually copy individual pages blocks from the second development environment

Option B:

  • Install Citadela layout on a new WordPress installation
  • Manually migrate items, categories, and locations you want using CSV import/export plugins
  • Avoid adding new content on live the website till the development is in progress. Otherwise, you would need to copy new content separately

Option B is the safer and more straightforward way of migrating your old website to a new one. 

Citadela is not a “new version” of the old theme. It’s an entirely different theme with a completely different core, database, and settings.

Good news is, that Gutenberg does a pretty good job when pasting your content into WordPress Editor. Please check the following documentation for more information.

Migration from 3rd party directory themes

Please use CSV import/export plugins to migrate your data from other themes. Citadela Listing plugin uses only standard WordPress code and data structures. It’s therefore pretty easy to migrate your data from other themes and plugins. To learn more please read the following documentation about CSV import/export.