Listing Search Form block

The search form allows visitors to search listing Item Posts by defined keyword, Item Category, or Item Location. Search results after form submit are displayed on the Listing Search Results special page.

Block settings in toolbar

Right in block toolbar can be defined alignment of the form to left, center, right side or justify to the available width.

Block settings in sidebar

Geolocation settings

Block offers functionality to search posts by geolocation. From block settings can be customized:

  • Units – distance defined in Kilometers or Miles
  • Step – step of control where visitors define distance in which will be processed search, value 1km/mi for larger distances or 0.1km/mi for smaller distances
  • Maximum distance – maximal available distance in which can be search processed
  • Text settings for labels used in geolocation popup.

Border settings

Can be customized:

  • choose width of borders, available are thin, thick or no borders options
  • color of borders
  • border radius

Shadow settings

Customize shadow under the form. Set no shadow, default shadow, or shadow with defined custom color and other shadow parameters.

Design options for alignment, borders and shadow are available only with active Citadela Pro plugin.