New Feature: Blog Posts on the Map added to Citadela Directory Plugin

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Updated: February 4, 2020
New Feature: Blog Posts on the Map added to Citadela Directory Plugin

As you may already know, Citadela Directory Plugin is a universal WordPress plugin suitable for any website. It’s compatible with all the latest WordPress themes, and you’ll find an excellent use for it on your site, no matter what kind of a website do you run.

Because the website’s success depends on the useful information it provides, you should be looking for ways to improve your content all the time. One great example of how to do it is described in our post Create a micro portal website in your blog post.

Today, we’d like to present you with the newly added feature of Citadela Directory Plugin, Blogposts on the Map.

Why blog posts on the map?

There are so many reasons why would a blogpost be related to a specific place. Perhaps you’re writing about places you’ve visited or areas that are important for your business.

  • Do you write about the sights? Cafes? Restaurants? Surfer’s paradise? Nature viewpoints? Playgrounds?
  • Do you publish company news related to a certain local branch?
  • Are you selling all-natural products from nearby organic farms?

When you define the location for each blog post, you’ll be able to show them on the map. Display all blog posts or choose only posts from some location or category. See example on demo Photographer Citadela Layout Pack presentation.

Added value, better user experience, longer time spent on your website

Map with displayed blog posts is a visual element that interacts with your web visitors. It instantly shows them not one, but a whole lot of posts they might be interested in.

Using Gutenberg Block Editor, you can create a separate page dedicated to a certain category of your blog posts. Nicely organized content – into a map – will be that extra added value your web visitors will certainly appreciate.

After reading one blog post, web visitors will see that there’s another post related to the same or nearby location and dive right into it. As a result, they spent a long time on your website.

Hotel and accommodation website blog posts ideas

How to get new Blog Posts on the Map feature?

To use Blog Posts on the Map feature, you would need to install and activate Citadela Directory Plugin and Citadela Block Plugin. Both of them are available in our memberships.

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