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Arctica is a Adaptive theme designed for Desktop and Mobile phones. Comparing to other adaptive themes on the market you’ll get a beautiful modern design, full set of shortcodes, portfolios, widgets, sliders, icon menu, localisation support and other great features. We’ve also implemented unique Icon Menu that can be used on any page. It’s perfect for service presentation purposes.

CreatedApril 28, 2012
Last UpdateSeptember 8, 2016
WordPress 4.5.x, 4.6.x
Number of Sidebars 1
Widget Ready yes
Compatible Browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Layout Adaptive
Number of Sidebars 1
v2.44 September 8, 2016
- New: Plugins AIT Updater and AIT SysInfo are now bundled with the theme
v2.43 August 11, 2016
- Update: Removed old timthumb resizer
- Update: Updated google maps api
v2.42 June 30, 2016
- Update: Compatibility with the newest WordPress and PHP
- Update: Removed 'AIT Dashboard'
v2.41 February 1, 2016
- Update: Updated theme info in style.css
v2.40 January 19, 2016
- Fix: Adaptive menu, contact form and another small bugs in responsive css fixed
- Update: Updated jQuery libs
- Update: Updated demo content
v2.39 December 9, 2015
- Fix: Overlapping White Borders in the Footer Widget Area, when Home Page has no Post Content
v2.38 August 14, 2015
- Update: Improved compatibility with AIT Updater plugin (
v2.37 June 3, 2015
- Support for AIT Updater plugin
v2.35 April 23, 2015
- Important security fix
v2.34 September 25, 2014
- Revolution Slider responsive fix
v2.32 April 24, 2014
- additional fix for AIT shortcodes buttons not displaying in editor in Wordpress 3.9+
v2.31 April 24, 2014
- Fixed AIT shortcodes buttons not displaying in editor in Wordpress 3.9+
v2.30 April 15, 2014
- revolution slider updated
- fixed css issues
v2.29 February 11, 2014
- modal window shortcode fix
v2.28 December 5, 2013
- Fixed share button displaying wrong info
v2.27 October 4, 2013
- tp-caption in revolution slider fix
v2.26 September 17, 2013
- responsive fix
v2.25 July 17, 2013
- responsive fixes
v2.24 July 4, 2013
- Fixed woocommerce product page
v2.23 June 14, 2013
- WooCommerce support
- Fix for special characters on theme folder
- CSS fixes for Iconmenu
v2.22 June 7, 2013
- icon menu responsive fix 
v2.21 May 29, 2013
- Fixed post categories template
- Fixed responsive for icon menu
- Fixed search results page
v2.19 April 24, 2013
- Background fix for iPad
v2.17 January 23, 2013
- Timthumb 403 fix
- Icon menu width fix
v2.16 January 22, 2013
- Revolution slider fix
v2.13 January 10, 2013
- Updated templates for translations and generated POT file, which is in languages directory
- WooCommerce Shop page can now use local settings (those in metaboxes). You can disable slider and testimonials and even change order of content, testimonials and icon menu.
v2.11 December 18, 2012
- menu fixes
v2.8 December 14, 2012
- wpml bug fix
- revolution slider version 2.1.1
v2.7 December 13, 2012
- icon menu warning fix
v2.6 December 7, 2012
- responsive fix
v2.5 December 6, 2012
- icon menu fix
v2.4 December 5, 2012
- wisiwyg bug fix
v2.3 November 23, 2012
- Revolution Slider update (v2.1)
v2.1 November 17, 2012
- Revolution Slider update
v1.19 October 30, 2012
- javascript url fix
v1.18 October 18, 2012
- twitter widget fix
v1.16 September 12, 2012
- Added settings for background and hover background colors for Icon menu (Appearence -> Individual sections colors)
v1.15 September 6, 2012
- Slider description bug fixed
v1.14 September 4, 2012
- Portfolio fix
v1.13 September 3, 2012
- Tabs & accordions shortcodes fix
v1.12 August 2, 2012
- WooCommerce support
- Jigoshop support
- Buddypress support
Please note that theme supports the plugins mentioned above, but none of these plugins are styled. You need to style them accordingly if you wish to use these plugins.
v1.11 August 1, 2012
- Bug with phone numbrer fixed.
v1.10 August 1, 2012
- Resolved bug with phone number
v1.9 July 28, 2012
- Resolved bug of featured image in adaptive design
v1.8 July 27, 2012
- Featured image fix in adaptive design
v1.7 June 21, 2012
- CSS Fixes
- Adaptive design Fixes
v1.6 June 18, 2012
- Sidebar fixes.
v1.5 June 14, 2012
- Fix for Android devices
- Wordpress SEO plugin fix
- Theme updates notifications
v1.4 June 1, 2012
- CSS fix for iPhone
v1.3 May 17, 2012
- CSS and Javascript fixes for contact form and blog
v1.2 April 30, 2012
- Few CSS fixes for mobile devices
v1.1 April 28, 2012
- Icon Menu administration fixes
v1.0 April 28, 2012
- Theme release

Other features worth to mention:

  • You can easily Backup all your data and admin settings
  • Easy Translation to any other language using WPML plugin
  • Over 200 Fonts that can be also easily selected in our admin panel
  • Many portfolio layouts that can be used on any page
  • Widgets ready sidebar & footer
  • Image & Template caching for better performance
  • Google Analytics & Google Maps integration
  • Custom CSS field for your own styles
  • Documentation and recent updates accessible directly from our WordPress admin panel
  • Theme is built on our robust MVC framework that means that HTML design is completely separated from other PHP. Making updates cannot be easier.
  • Everything is styled – tables, headers, paragraphs, images, lists, etc. You won’t need to fix it yourself!
  • Many many Shortcodes for professional looking pages in no time
  • Shortcodes generator directly from WYSIWYG editor
  • AIT Dashboard - Documentation, FAQ and recent updates accessible directly from your WordPress admin panel

Adaptive Design

Theme has adaptive design that looks perfectly on major mobile devices and tables. Theme will adapt to your smaller screen automatically. Theme is only styled for mobile phones, it is not responsive all the way down to mobile.

And Many More Amazing Features

Each theme includes specially developed features and elements for it's specific segment. Apart from that you will get all amazing business features you can use anywhere on your website. Have a look below for more details.

Who made it happen?

This item was created, developed and prepared for you by the following team of great designers and developers:



Position: Founder & Senior Designer


Position: Webdeveloper


Position: Designer & Front-end Developer

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Comments (5)

  1. Hi,

    I am helping a friend update and secure her site. The web developer has used your ARCTICA theme but has since dropped out of contact. Thus we do not have login details required to access the updates.

    Is there any way to identify her ownership of the theme and again get updates?


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Graham,
      thanks for contacting us. I am sorry, there is no such a possibility. Moreover, theme Arctica was removed from the market place recently and now is available in our club, as you probably has noticed. Now, it comes with unlimited license usage and much more bonuses for all of our clients that subscribe their license /valid for a 1 year/.
      Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards,

  2. Philip Jordan

    I have Arctica from themeforest and it is no longer available for download and my website is down because of the theme. I need the latest version and need to know if it is corrupt again or vulnerable to the hacks in which it has had past problems

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Philip,
      Theme is now available only at as the theme has been removed from Themeforest market place.
      If you plan to update theme you have an option to subscribe for any of available packages /single theme, business, premium …/ in our club:
      After subscription you can download new updates when you are logged at: You’ll get all the benefits from our services – getting free updates, access to support forum, use theme for unlimited domains or projects. You can search through our knowledge base, access online documentation and video tutorials.

      The price includes:
      – product updates – we continuously add new features/languages, keep themes/plugins compatible with WordPress and the other plugins that are implemented with our templates, security updates, fixing the bugs
      – semiautomated updates thanks to our AIT Updater plugin /free/:
      – access to premium customer support, where our Ait-Themes team is ready to help your with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      – unlimited license usage – for as many as you like domains or web projects
      – access to all new products /themes, plugins, graphics/ that we are going to add on http://www.ait-themes.CLUB during validity of your membership /basic, premiumX or directory/
      – after the period of 12 months you can still continue using our products – no restrictions

      The price doesn’t include:
      – theme customization or modification (due to capacity reasons)
      – an additional services:

      Kind regards, Zlatko

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