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Start building your website today, for free, without lowering your expectations or restricting your future opportunities. Citadela Free WordPress theme offers you everything that a high-quality theme from renowned developer should. Furthermore, it’s a free template for WordPress that you can download right away. UNLIKE many other free themes out there, Citadela is well coded, responsive, compatible, secure, regularly updated and, of course, beautifully & professionally designed.

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Best Free WordPress Theme

of all times?

Citadela is not just “any” free WordPress theme. Citadela is a tool in your hands that will help you build extensive, elaborated WordPress website with everything you might ever need. Your website built with Citadela will boost your growing business and also adapt to your future needs.

Web visitors come first

Useful, fast, user friendly, well arranged. That’s what your web visitors want, indeed. So build your website with them in mind. Citadela Free WordPress Theme helps to achieve great readability. Moreover, it allows you to organize content in a way that makes sense for ordinary people who read your website.

Fully Responsive

Citadela is fully responsive free WordPress theme. It adapts to screens of all sizes. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and of course, all kinds of mobile phones. Remember, that your website could be getting more than 50 % of all visits from mobile devices. Therefore responsiveness is not optional. It’s a MUST. Luckily, Citadela will make sure your website looks great anytime, anywhere, on any screen and now it is available for you to download for free.

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Tested with all standard browsers

Still coming across websites that look good in one browser and terrible in the other? Build your website with Citadela free WordPress theme and your website will look and work perfectly everywhere. We’ve tested Citadela and made sure it works with the latest version of all modern browsers. Download it and try for yourself.

Supported & regularly updated

It’s our pride and duty to take good care of Citadela. We know it is a foundation of your website. And that’s why it is so important to us. We want to keep your site secure, fast and up-to-date. Regular updates are available to all Citadela users and support is provided to all our paying customers during business hours.

SEO Friendly

Free WordPress theme compatible with Yoast SEO plugin – that’s Citadela. No matter how tricky the Search Engine Optimization could be, Citadela won’t let you down. Your new website will be ready for SEO: lightweight, well coded and fast. This free WordPress template is scoring all points from Google’s point of view. All that’s left to do is to add your brilliant content.

Multilingual ready

Creating website in multiple languages? “No hay problema!” Citadela, thanks to its outstanding compatibility, is a free WordPress theme perfect for your multilingual website. Use TranslatePress or PO files. Add translations and reach more web visitors worldwide by having a multilingual website full of useful information.

Highly Compatible

Getting the right WordPress template is just the beginning of building a stunning website. Possibility to add any features you want via plugins is the reason why WordPress is so popular. Standard WordPress code in Citadela Free WordPress theme is the key to great compatibility, further customization and the amazing result – your superb website.


Citadela has been made by WordPress developers with a decade of experience. Our team has created dozens of premium WordPress themes and follows a strict protocol for ensuring the highest level of security. All the checks are in place, therefore it’s safe to say that Citadela is a secure free WordPress theme.

E-commerce ready

Do you plan on selling physical or digital products online? Great! You’ve just found free WordPress theme compatible with WooCommerce as well as other great e-commerce plugins. That’s Citadela WP theme. Whether you want to start building an e-shop right now or consider selling goods, e-books or content later: It’s great to know that your theme is compatible with all the components you need.

Simple – Lightweight – Fast

No heavy page builders, thus nothing to slow you down. Citadela Free WordPress theme is dressing up your website in a neat design while keeping it fast. It’s truly lightweight, that means there are no unnecessary bulks of data installed with your free template. High website speed will certainly be much appreciated by your web visitors as well as search engines.

Citadela Free WordPress Theme is

Easy to Work with

Everyone enjoys working with Citadela. If you’re new to WordPress, you’ll get the hang of it really fast. Just download our free website template Citadela and start working with it. Customizer and WordPress blocks are so intuitive that you won’t get lost. Developers and seasoned users will certainly appreciate the standard WordPress code and no individual framework.

WordPress Block Editor

Citadela is a fresh, newly developed free WordPress theme specially built for WordPress Block Editor. It benefits from the fact that WordPress itself has become more user-friendly than ever with a foresight of replacing individual page builders. Clearly, it’s vision is to unify the website building process which should result in faster and better websites.

Citadela Free WordPress theme works with WordPress block editor and Elementor

Wonderful WordPress blocks

Use WordPress Blocks to add, style and organize your website content. At the moment, there are more than 40 blocks available for you to create website you always wanted. Thanks to WordPress blocks, you can insert different types of content into a page or to blog posts. You can also move them around and style them.

Elementor Compatibility

Citadela is a free WordPress theme compatible with Elementor. This advanced website builder provides users with real time preview and also very convenient interface. Elementor offers pre-designed blocks and lots of widgets to use on your website. Feel free to use Citadela with Elementor, it’s compatible.

Free WordPress Theme of your Dreams

Ready for more?

Further customization available at extra costs

Now that you’ve set a cornerstone of your website, let’s dig in some more. Improve, enhance, extend, augment and advance further… Customize your website, add blocks that highlight the value of your content. Then use colors and fonts to emphasize your branding message.

Citadela Free WordPress Theme is extendable with plugins that will turn it to the premium WordPress theme with a click.