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Создание страниц в формате Drag & Drop
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Более 30 элементов для веб-сайтов
Инструменты SEO входящие в комплект
Менеджер боковой панели
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Directory Wordpress Theme & Business website

Everything started 10 years ago. Our first premium theme for business presentation was build. Since then we have released 70 themes. We have became a directory theme specialist. All our WordPress themes are always compatible with the latest WordPress version. Long-awaited WordPress 5.x is out. And now we are going to introduce brand new theme. All our knowledges have been incorporated into the great change named Gutenberg. We are excited about our latest theme which is coming soon.

Build successful websites with the right WordPress partner. Stand out of the crowd with unique theme features, powerful builder and advanced settings for all kind of businesses. Ready-to-use and localized to 28 languages.

Create Multilingual & Directory WordPress Themes

Citadela Theme

Multipurpose Gutenberg Directory Theme

We are working full steam on brand new directory WP theme for Gutenberg editor with our custom blocks and full support of WordPress Customizer. Citadela theme will be free for all Full and Lifetime Membership customers.


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Мы создаем WordPress темы с 2009 года и людям нравится наша работа. AitThemes — это одна из лучших европейских WordPress компаний. Мы всегда идем вместе с новыми инновациями WordPress тем, которые сосредоточены на качестве и удобстве, а внешне просто произведение искусства и дизайна.

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