Secret of the Content your Visitors want to read

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It is very difficult to attract website visitor’s attention, because there is so many distracting factors. Even more challenging is to keep the visitor’s attention. See below the following useful advices so that your visitors do not leave your web page. Simple content The key to success of the text is its simplicity – communicate […]

Universal design – how to correctly understand customer needs

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When creating websites, designers must take into account the wide spectrum of potential site visitors. Universal design is a design created by following the standard principles and simultaneously taking into account individual needs of users with limited abilities. Often the universal design is associated with accessibility and that’s a mistake. The reasons for this are […]

Why to use Cinemagraphs on your websites

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One of the latest trends in the web design is use of cinemagraphs. What are cinemagraphs? Cinemagraphs are moving pictures inserted to the webpage. It is an eye-catching graphical element that is constantly in motion thanks to the repeating sequence (loop). Practically it’s something between gif picture, photo and video. The most important is the […]

10 reasons why customers are choosing AIT Themes

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There is quite a significant competition in selling multilingual WordPress themes, because there is lot of developers and lot of clubs in the online world. Competitiveness however brings along added value – we are constantly improving and offering even better products, so that our customers find what they are looking for. Which AIT features can […]