There are tens of thousands of Free WordPress Themes, so why should you buy a Premium WordPress Theme?

Because premium WordPress Themes have been professionally designed and coded, include advanced features, functionalities, additional services and much more. They look great and you don’t need a huge knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress code to manage them. Premium Themes can be a great way to build a good looking website.

There are many good reasons for choosing Premium WordPress Theme instead of Free WordPress Theme.

Crucial advantages of using Premium WordPress Themes

Theme functionality

Users who are not very technical savvy can spend hours and hours adapting a Free WordPress Themes to meet their requirements and expectations. Best Premium Themes have a lot of pre-prepared (built-in) features with very intuitive usage. For example functionality, which allows you to insert your website Favicon in a few clicks or set-up Google Analytics Tracking ID by simple copying the unique Tracking ID code to the one field in wp-admin. Fast and convenient, no need for programming anything!

Premium Themes offer more useful features for end users, who don’t have high knowledge of PHP, CSS and HTML, usually required by working with Free WordPress Themes. If you want to have some of the above mentioned functionalities, but don’t want/or know how to code, in Free Themes you can install various extended plugins – that means additional work and spending extra time and money. So your Free WordPress Theme wouldn’t be for free anymore.

Quality of WordPress Theme

First of all, we highly recommend choosing the theme from reputable sources. Only from these sources, you can expect and get a product of quality. You have to consider who has developed your chosen theme.

How can you find out, if the theme was coded by a skilled professional?

Good quality Free WordPress Theme you can find e.g. in Despite some complications you might have with Free Themes, this website doesn’t publish any Free Theme, which doesn’t meet rigid criteria in demanding review process. So that’s why you can rely on standard quality of WordPress Theme (quality of the code, security …).

On the other hand, be careful by choosing a Premium WordPress Theme too, because many themes were built with a poor code. You should find a reliable WordPress Theme developers, who guarantee, that their themes follow all current web standards. This includes (except of code quality of course) 100% responsive design, compatibility with the most common extended plugins, SEO optimization, etc.

free vs premium theme

Unique design

The best Free WordPress Themes are downloaded and used by thousands of people. Premium WordPress Themes are paid and therefore used by far less people and are more unique. Premium WordPress Themes usually offer greater ability of customization to ensure that you can create a uniquely looking website.

SEO Benefits

Free Themes available in have basic level of optimization in comparison to the Premium Themes. Premium WordPress Themes developers can afford a huge research in SEO trends. In addition they have a lot of real-life results provided by their customers, which they can work with. Developers also listen to customer’s requirements and comments about SEO improvement and customize their Premium Themes to meet all these needs.


If you would like to install a Free WordPress Theme, bear in mind you should download it from verified websites like If not, you risk your new website will have insufficient security, contain malicious code or may face potential XSS injection. If you decide to buy Premium WordPress Theme, a security depends on theme developer again. But what’s the most important to remember, you should always download your Premium Theme from original theme developer. It’s necessary to avoid downloading it from any warez or any shady source, because of high risk of security issues and malicious code content.

Support and updates

Another great reason to purchase a Premium WordPress Theme is the support you receive. All good Premium Themes include support from the developer usually in the form of a support forum, email or ticket support where you can get help in regards of your theme.
Premium WordPress Theme developers are continually receiving feedback from users allowing them to fix bugs and add new features. On the other hand Free Themes don’t offer a support and theme updates are based on developer’s decisions and not on users needs. However the best Free Themes have a support forum at least. There you can find experience and help from other users.

Unencrypted Footer

This is something what you should consider before using any WordPress theme. Most of Free WordPress Themes has encrypted footer with lots of good and bad links. And website with an advertisement in the footer doesn’t look very professional. Encrypted WordPress theme footer mostly contains paid links, which is a big problem in terms of SEO and you should avoid it. Premium WordPress Theme has clean codes and there is nothing hidden in it.

Disadvantages of Premium WordPress Themes

Robust content

Premium Themes are designed to cover a great range of customer requirements and therefore contain many features and elements. It requires bigger system and networks parameters and it can lower the speed of your website. A lot of various elements, features and settings is sometimes confusing and that’s why we recommend to choose Premium Theme, where you can find simple tutorials and documentation to understand the usage of this theme for better outcome.


Premium WordPress Themes usually cost between 25 – 100 USD (it depends on developer who offers only single product or whole membership), but it isn’t disadvantage in fact. Using Premium Theme is much more affordable than hiring a web designer to build you a website. If you want to use an easy Free WordPress Theme, you can spend hours adapting it to your needs and if you are not a professional in web programming the result will still look poor. You can utilize your time in a much more effective way and get better look and functionality. Only by using premium features and elements.

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