What’s new in Citadela Pro 4.0 and Citadela 3.0

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Updated: April 30, 2021
What’s new in Citadela Pro 4.0 and Citadela 3.0

New versions of the Citadela Pro plugin and Citadela theme are ready to download. Important update with a big future ahead.

You’re now able to export your own Citadela Layout with Citadela Pro. 

What does it mean? You can prepare a website draft on your localhost or testing domain and then easily import it to the live URL. 

Citadela’s export/import feature opens many new possibilities. Citadela theme and plugins are fantastic products. Fast, secure and limitless. Citadela is already the most popular Gutenberg blocks-based theme. With Citadela 3.0 and Citadela 4.0, it’s the beginning of a whole new era.

We will be launching our own Citadela Layouts Marketplace.

What will be Citadela Layouts Marketplace? It’ll be a website where you will be able to search and download Citadela Layouts from selected web designers all around the world.

I’ll not be writing too many details, but I guess you get an idea of where we’re heading. Citadela theme and plugins will be a core solution for many website layouts. Thousands of beautiful designs at your fingertips.

Are you a skilled web designer and would like to get promoted on our website? 

Would you like to participate in Citadela Layouts Marketplace? Please contact us via email for more details.