What’s new in Citadela Pro 4.0 and Citadela 3.0

What’s new in Citadela Pro 4.0 and Citadela 3.0

New versions of the Citadela Pro plugin and Citadela theme are ready to download. Important update with a big future ahead.

You’re now able to export your own Citadela Layout with Citadela Pro. 

What does it mean? You can prepare a website draft on your localhost or testing domain and then easily import it to the live URL. 

Citadela’s export/import feature opens many new possibilities. Citadela theme and plugins are fantastic products. Fast, secure and limitless. Citadela is already the most popular Gutenberg blocks-based theme. With Citadela 3.0 and Citadela 4.0, it’s the beginning of a whole new era.

We will be launching our own Citadela Layouts Marketplace.

What will be Citadela Layouts Marketplace? It’ll be a website where you will be able to search and download Citadela Layouts from selected web designers all around the world.

I’ll not be writing too many details, but I guess you get an idea of where we’re heading. Citadela theme and plugins will be a core solution for many website layouts. Thousands of beautiful designs at your fingertips.

Are you a skilled web designer and would like to get promoted on our website? 

Would you like to participate in Citadela Layouts Marketplace? Please contact us via email for more details.

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  1. bonjour j’utilise le thème event guide.
    Est ce que l’on pourra prochainement exporter ce thème vers citadela ?

    merci de votre réponse.

    Mr M

    1. Hei på dere,

      Thanks for asking.
      We are working hard on adding the new features in order to extend Citadela group pack. There is a plan that we are intended to implement CSV Expot Import features regarding Item custom post types and Item locations as well as Item categories. This option should be available within coming weeks…
      Takk for din forståelse og tålmodighet.

      Ha en fin dag!

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