We’re merging Citadela Pro and Blocks plugins

We’re merging Citadela Pro and Blocks plugins

Important notice: Today we’re abandoning the Citadela Blocks plugin. From now on Citadela Pro plugin will include all blocks and features from Blocks plugin.

The only thing you need to do is to update Citadela Pro to the newest version. It will automatically deactivate Citadela Blocks. You can delete the Citadela Blocks plugin afterwards.

Your Citadela website will continue to work without any distractions.

We have also implemented some Gutenberg-like styles to Citadela Pro and Citadela Listing. Feel free to let us know how you like it 🙂

New admin styles

6 thoughts on “We’re merging Citadela Pro and Blocks plugins

    1. Hi, for all technical help questions, please use our support.

      WP websites are created thanks to all parts, the theme, plugins, and settings. The business idea must adapt to what the system and each piece allow. Otherwise, you need to hire a development company.

  1. Hi there,
    could we use citadela pro (and blocks) with other themes? Or we have to use it only with citadela theme?
    We use citadela blocks (cluster, responsive spacer and text) with Divi theme too!
    How we could continue to use citadela pro plugin with Divi or other themes?

    1. Hi, Citadela Pro can’t be used with 3rd party plugins. I believe you can find other solution for these couple of blocks.

  2. Please AIT WordPress Themes is it possible to separate Website link from Contact and put it on totally separate row on its own in Citadela permissions manager? In my current directory I have given my customers different permissions what concerns Contact (phone, email, contact form) and Website link. In the new Cidadela directory I would also like different subscriptions have same permissions, so less explanation needs to be done for the customers who need to be moved from the old directory to the new. I asked the same question in FB group, but I never got the answer from you. Please give me an answer even if it is no, then I know what to do next, I want to migrate my website to Citadela asap.

    1. Hi Lea

      Please have a look here, so you can familiar how permissions work here. https://www.ait-themes.club/permission-manager/

      The easiest way for you would be if you test Citadela solution. You have unlimited package, so you can do it for free.


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