Hosting Requirements

Updated: January 22, 2020

We always test our themes on most standard hosting set ups, however make sure your hosting match the following requirements:

  • WordPress 5.0 or later
  • PHP 7 or later versions are recommended
  • PHP Extensions:*
    • GD/ImageMagick extension
    • Reflection extension
    • SPL extension
    • PCRE extension
    • ICONV extension
    • PHP tokenizer
    • Multibyte String extension
  • PHP Functions:*
    • flock()
    • gzcompress()
    • gzuncompress()
    • curl_exec() – necessary for themes/plugins updates on WordPress 4.6 and newer
  • in php.ini file on your server have set up values:
    • memory_limit set up at least 96MB
    • upload_max_filesize at least 20MB
    • post_max_size at least 20MB, the best same value like upload_max_filesize
    • max_input_vars value is by default 1000 on most of servers – to prevent problems with saving too many elements in page builder, it is recommended to increase max input vars value min to 3000
  • displaying of Notices & Warnings turned off
  • we recommend mod_rewrite enabled
  • write permissions to wp-content/uploads folder

More information about permissions and how to change them you can find in WordPress Codex here.

* PHP extensions and functions mentioned above are available on most common hosting plans
Do you still have problems and your server meet all requirements? Take a look on our Troubleshooting article.

AIT Themes Requirements Checker

Before AIT Theme activation are checked all minimum requirements by our “AIT Themes Requirements Checker”, to make you sure you’ll have no problem use our theme!
If your server meet all necessary requirements theme with all necessary plugins is successfully activated.

If AIT Themes Requirements Checker screen with some warnings or errors appears, contact please immediately your hosting provider with shown message and ask to allow necessary extensions. They are available on most common hostings, but it’s possible that server administrator turn them off.
If you are hosting site on your own server, allow please all necessary PHP extension or made necessary changes on your server configuration to meet all requirements displayed by AIT Requirements Checker.

If you solve all issues displayed in AIT Themes Requirements Checker screen, go back to WordPress Admin and activate theme again.

AIT Requirements Checker is not available like standalone plugin or script that you can run manually. Checker starts automatically during theme activation to check all necessary information.

AIT Themes Requirements Checker display warnings, what should I do ?!

If you see during theme activation AIT Themes Requirements Checker with warnings, you can still activate theme and continue using theme, but keep in mind please that some theme functionality may be limited. In this case contact hosting provider to solve all these warnings and configure server to meet all basic requirements which theme require.

AIT Themes Requirements Checker display errors, what should I do ?!

If you see during theme activation AIT Themes Requirements Checker with errors, you can’t activate theme because theme will not work properly. Contact please hosting provider immediately, to solve all basic requirements of theme. After solving these problems you can activate theme from WordPress admin.

Example of AIT Themes Requirements Checker screen with low 64MB memory_limit in php.ini

AIT Requirements Checker

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