A powerful marketing tool. FREE in Citadela

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Updated: April 27, 2021
A powerful marketing tool. FREE in Citadela

Citadela is a complete solution for your business. It allows you to present all information easily. It also includes many options that will help you sell more.

Top of the website is the very first thing your visitors see when they get to your website. It also covers a considerable part of the screen on mobile devices, which is very important for any business.

Citadela includes a tool to display any information in the top bar, above header and top navigation. It’s called the Announcement bar. You can use this tool in simple mode or advanced mode.

Simple mode

Simple mode is accessible for users of any level. You type in the message and CTA button text with URL. And you’re done.

Advanced mode

Expert users love this feature. Advanced mode allows you to use ANY HTML and CSS code to create your message or something more complex.

Colour customization

Colours can be customized in a standard WordPress way using Customizer. You see all the changes right away on your screen.

Citadela can automatically turn the announcement bar on and off by setting up dates and times. Very handy if you’re running a special offer, let’s say till midnight. Citadela will automatically hide the bar for you.

What are some other marketing tools or options you would like us to include in Citadela? Please let us in the comments below.