Demonstrate your work and show your customers a beautiful photo you took. Whether you’re a professional photographer or selling website content, you need an easy-to-manage WordPress photography theme.

Our Collection of Photography WordPress themes

Our portfolio includes 2 best WordPress themes for photographers:

  1. Citadela Photographer Layout
  2. Photographer WordPress Theme

We’ll have a close look at both of our themes and describe main differences between them. Our best WordPress photography themes are available to all AitThemes club members. Templates for photographers’ websites are updated regularly with new features and security updates.


1. Citadela Photographer WordPress theme layout

The latest Citadela WordPress theme can be extended with Citadela plugins that enhance the functionality of your photography portfolio or blog website. Then select a predefined photographer layout for the WordPress Citadela theme. Professional website ready in minutes. Instead, take care of your business and growing your content as though you must learn how to use a page builder.

The photographer’s website is the most important selling channel. The reason to use a predefined design is that it saves you time, money, and it looks professional. After you install a one-click layout package, you have precisely looking website as you see on our preview. You do not have to spend time with theme tuning and settings. It comes with all sections and contents. Images are also fully loaded. Maybe this is not the case you would use in stock images, but at least you can imagine how to replace them with your own.

WordPress Photography Theme

How to attracts visitors on photography website? 

Do you sell your services, digital products or photo-based content? Then read carefully. There are two main points when talking about how to bring website visitors. The first is website optimization, which helps to appear your website in the search results on the topic you want. The second most important thing is to keep visitors’ attention on your site.

WordPress themes have many features. When it comes to the content richness be creative and stand out of the crowd. Let say you do wedding photography then write a short case study and describe where and how did you realize it. People order wedding photography once a life usually. They pay attention to pick up the right photographer. Sell yourself through your website content based on WordPress photography theme, which gives you more than just a portfolio feature.

We developed a particular feature for this second point. We named it Blog posts on the map. In addition to your regular content blog, you can add more valuable information. Add map pointers to your text and image content. Write articles about your work, show where it happened. Get higher views and reduce bounce rate. Readers find it more interesting if they can interact with content. They will stay on your site longer. Thanks to that, your website get a better valuation.

Content format WordPress Photography Sites

Photography portfolio and new business ideas

With your website, you have your own channel and presentation. You can display all relevant work, describe as many details as possible. Web visitors and customers are looking for information. Use standard portfolio and display photo series. 

Also, make some unique work presentation format. Create a case study or a special post and map inside the content. Maps feature in WordPress Posts in cooperation with catalogue features open new ways for how the website can work for you.

Full Responsive Photographer layout

All Citadela layouts are tested on all modern devices. You customers can view your photography website on their desktop or laptop but they can also be on the go and view it on mobile phone or tablet. Every part of your photographer website needs to be clearly visible and looking nice.

Responsive photographer WordPress theme layout


2. Photographer WordPress Theme

It is built on AitThemes Page Builder. Has many features and we release regular security updates.

This theme has built-in multilingual support. An integrated multilingual system and language translation is part of the installation package. You can create a website in any language. Multilingual functionality is also available. The text of the front-end and backend is already translated.

Full-size photos are like a magnet: that means they attract your customers’ attention instantly. So why not show them directly on the main page in the background slider? Photographer WordPress Theme brings many features. An ideal place to present your photos, photo books and portfolio. This theme is suitable for the presentation of photographic art as it excludes all other distracting elements on the page. Choose minimalism.


Full screen Photographer WordPress Theme Homepage

Background Slider for a photo web page

Select the best and latest photos from your portfolio and add them in the background. If you add more photos, the background slider acts as a slider. Your photos will appear across the web, and visitors can use the arrows to switch between them. A single photo can be uploaded to the background slider. The image is then expanded to fill the width and height so that it can be used as a background for the selected subpage (e.g. About). You can only see the full width of an image when all elements on the web are turned off.

Responsive design

Many studies show an increasing percentage of mobile visits. We should not underestimate the strength of this power. Maybe your next customer is looking for family Christmas photos while waiting for his child to finish a hobby group.

WordPress photography themes respond 100% and work great on all devices. Websites load on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. WordPress themes have automatic responsive adjustment — no need to instal any plugin or different code. The templates have been tested on many different modern and older phones and tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

Responsive design WordPress Photography Sites

Best free WordPress photography themes

All active customers with Full or Lifetime Membership have free access to all released and new products. There are free themes and layout for photo templates under your account. The photography theme and websites layout have an unlimited license. There is no limit in number of websites, blogs or a portfolio presentations you can create with our photography WordPress themes. You may need to use all of our appropriate plugins to make it work correctly.

If you’re not a club member yet, create a free account and download the free version for testing. We do not require a credit card to create a free account. WordPress themes are free to use also for a commercial project.

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