WordPress Funeral Home Theme and Memorial Plugin

WordPress Funeral Home Theme and Memorial Plugin

A funeral home’s website is one of the first places people will go when looking for information about a funeral. The site should be easy to navigate and have all the information a person would need.

The WordPress funeral theme “Citadela Memorial” is an excellent starter layout for funeral homes. It is easy to use and has a clean, professional look. The theme comes with pre-made pages, including an Obituaries, a Services page, and a Contact Us page. It also includes a blog to keep your visitors up-to-date on what’s going on at the funeral home.

Let’s look at how to choose a WordPress funeral home theme. What everything you need and why the Gutenberg editor is most suitable to build a decent funeral home website design. Citadela Memorial Layout is a quality solution and offers you an easy to use one-click setup. The website is ready right after theme, plugins and layout installation. Only the content has to be changed. You can customize the layout for the funeral home website

3 essential factors make your website outstanding

Consider the most important factors when creating a website for funeral homes to get the required marketing results.

  • Quick launch thanks to starter layout automatic import
  • Unique elements for the purposes of funeral homes, memorials and obituaries
  • Easy to manage by funeral home administrative workers

The funeral website must be compassionate, reliable, organized, always up-to-date. Furthermore, the funeral home must pay close attention to copywriting and be a good communicator. Therefore we know the most important is the easy-to-edit website. The funeral home website is a vital communication tool for the business. It is the first impression potential customers have of the funeral home, so it is important to make sure the website is up-to-date and informative.

The web administrator is responsible for keeping the website content fresh and accurate. This includes updating the news section with current obituaries and funeral service information. The administrator also works with the funeral home staff to ensure that all content on the website reflects the high standards of the business.

And the decent design makes the whole picture of a trustworthy funeral home. Memorial WordPress plugin and theme give a strong base for funeral home websites.

What is required to run a funeral home website

  • Website basics: domain, hosting, WordPress installation
  • WordPress funeral home theme or layout 
  • WordPress memorial plugin
  • Text, images, and other media files

Our Citadela Memorial Layout is number one solution for the WordPress funeral home website. It comes with Listing plugin that serves as memorial and obituary plugin. Citadela Memorial layout is fully customized, responsive, and mobile optimized. It is an all-in-one solution with no technical skills requirements. You can manage the content easily, thanks to Gutenberg blocks.

Citadela Memorial Layout for admirable website

Memorial WordPress theme is a premade design dedicated to funeral homes. A memorial website template is a general design proposal that meets funeral homes’ visual and functional requirements and similar institutions’ websites.

Citadela Memorial Layout is built for WordPress and the Gutenberg editor. It comes as a premade layout that you can import, including images and sample text. The whole structure is ready in a couple of minutes. The funeral WordPress theme can be adjusted and customized if needed. It is a compatible solution with most other WP standard plugins. 

To create a funeral home, you only need WordPress, Citadela theme, and three premium products. You don’t need any extra page builder. We use only Gutenberg editor with its blocks and our premium theme features and obituary plugin to build a professional-looking funeral service website. Sign up for membership, and you get unlimited access to all products and updates.

Website functions for funeral home marketing

A website has a vital role in funeral home marketing. It facilitates communication in the complicated life situation of customers. Our obituary WordPress theme and the memorial plugin have many features that help run a reliable funeral home website. 

The website helps manage the reputation of the funeral home. With articles on the topic and news, you are optimizing your website for search engines. And paid advertising can have a better reach in online form than classic billboards or print flyers. No matter how the online strategy is composed, the obituary website with a memorial plugin is the core.

Citadela Memorial WordPress funeral home theme

We have prepared a guide about creating a funeral website from our memorial template. You find the feature description, tools explanation, and a list of the content types you need to prepare. It helps you publish the website.

Our solution for the memorial website template consists of 

  • Citadela WordPress theme free
  • Citadela Pro plugin to upload premade funeral home template
  • Citadela Listing plugin to display obituary data
  • Citadela Memorial Layout – premade design especially for memorial website template
  • Citadela Blocks plugin to customize the memorial website template

What is a funeral home website template

WordPress funeral home theme is a website template to create an online presentation for funeral homes and services companies. Our Citadela Premium has Memorial Layout built with all components to create a solid base for your website. It is fast solution thanks to Citadela Layout import. You can import layout directly from WP administration. Building a website is quick because the page is ready to insert content after the layout is loaded. No programming or designer intervention is required. Upload your content, customize details like logo, and your website is ready to publish.

Thanks to our premade memorial template for the funeral home website is ready in one click. The funeral home website is created 1:1, as seen on our preview website. You get the exact website template for funeral service, as you see on our demo website. It includes site structure, blocks, images, and sample text. Once it is uploaded, the content (text, images) can be replaced by your own.

For further information, please check our online documentation on how to import Citadela layouts.

Memorial WordPress plugin for obituaries

It is a public list of the funeral of deceased persons. Each of them has a profile page that contains all the necessary information for the public. You can easily adjust and change the type of data you want to display – only thanks to Gutenberg editor and our premium Citadela plugins. You can modify the layout of this particular page. Built-in search form features let site visitors easily search obituaries according to categories, locations, or keywords. People can express their condolences to the family.

Obituary plugin feature explanation

Technically it is a special section that consists of a list of data. It is processed by adding data to the database and then displaying it according to the defined blocks anywhere. You can display obituaries on any page or more subpages. You can place it into a blog post also. Everything is made using the obituary WordPress plugin – Citadela Listing. The WordPress memorial plugin makes an online obituary space a special place where people can express their condolences. Place the list of obituaries on the homepage, blog post, or any subpage.

WordPress memorial plugin with obituary feature offers a practical solution and easy to administrate the content. Funeral home administrative workers can edit the content anytime. Set up and running a website on WordPress requires some minimum technical knowledge, and we provide support to help you go through that. 

Set up obituary plugin

You can manage items and set them into categories and locations. Inform the public about the date and place with a map of the funeral. You can add a memory text of the deceased. People can send private condolences through the form. You can connect it to WooCommerce, and visitors can purchase mourning and commemorative goods.

Item Extension feature allows adding much information that can be shown, such as name, birth and death date, motto, funeral location, and picture gallery.

You can display an obituary only on one subpage or on multiples. In the funeral of a publicly known person, where it is appropriate to write a blog post about it, you can insert a block in the text.

Obituary WordPress plugin data entry

Obituary items manager features

  • responsive and mobile-optimized design
  • Search form block
  • obituary snippets block
  • multiple funeral home locations
  • condolence contact form
  • customizable obituary items details
  • categorizable and localizable entries

Compatibility of the memorial WordPress plugin

Our solution is based on the latest WordPress version. We update Citadela to meet all requirements released in the new WordPress version so our customers can update their website and keep them secure and access the latest features.

Memorial website theme design and customization

The WordPress theme is built on the Gutenberg editor. It is fully customizable. With a premade memorial template for WordPress, you can create a website for funeral homes and service companies, communities, or churches. Also, it can be used by pet cremation facilities, newspapers, funeral notice sections, and international funeral homes.

Decent design 

Our design for a memorial website template is professional designer work. It delivers a modern solution to cover online communication with your visitors and customers. We have chosen a more classic style with neutral colors. You can amend colors in WordPress memorial theme settings. Citadela Gutenberg blocks have responsive settings, which is another great feature you will welcome. 

The layout of the memorial website

The funeral website requires a decent layout and much content. Besides the design, a page structure has an important role. Citadela layout for WordPress funeral home themes comes premade with whole subpages structure, sections, and images. You can adjust it to your needs. We recommend a rather clean design and no fancy scrolling.

Obituary WordPress plugin - block on homepage

Funeral website settings

WordPress memorial plugin, theme, and layout come preset and ready to use right after layout import. However, you may want to change typography, colors, or other appearance. You can customize site identity, general layout, menus, widgets. Other essential adjustments can be saved in the Citadela Pro plugin, also included in the membership package. You find info bar features, comments extension, announcement bar for important notifications, and layout importer.

How to prepare content for funeral website

The best way is to prepare your texts in a document. Write company and service descriptions. You can present your team and describe the process of how you work. Put together photos and images you would like to add to your website. Define obituary’s items details. Then copy all content on your website into premade areas inside the memorial website template. We recommend learning essential SEO practices and keeping recommendations to get as many organic visitors as possible.

The Citadela Memorial layout is carefully designed for funeral homes. It is available for download to all our customers. Please have a look at the demo presentation.

We’re already working on new Citadela layouts. Feel free to post your new layout ideas in the comments below.

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