Step-by-step Tutorial for creating Directory & Listings website

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Updated: July 22, 2021
Step-by-step Tutorial for creating Directory & Listings website

Did you know you don’t have to waste your time reading documentation for Directory themes? Watch the video tutorial instead!

This guide will help you understand how to proceed if you want to build your very first business directory website. Every step necessary for website development is explained through Business Finder+ Theme but it fits our other directory themes too.

Start creating an online list of businesses that will bring value to broad range of web visitors.

Such directory listing website will turn into source of passive income once it becomes more popular within your targeted users as you can allow free registration of items followed by claim listing by its owner.

Create your own directory portal

What you’ll learn?

This is a step-by-step tutorial for building online business directory in WordPress.

You’ll learn how to install theme, how to add Items (listings), enable Claim Listing plugin for your customers, create different types of Pages, work with Special Offers, Featured Items, ad banners etc.

In this video, there is a detailed information for building and running your own Directory website from scratch.

Video structure:

  1. Getting started: Intro, Hosting, WordPress installation & settings (fist 30 mins)
  2. Business directory WordPress theme installation (around 41 mins)
  3. Getting API key for Google maps (around 51 mins)
  4. Creating categories & locations (around 55 mins)
  5. How to enable claim listing (around 1h 13 mins)
  6. Website customization & design tips (starts at 1h 30 mins up until the end of the video)

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