Step-by-step Tutorial for creating Directory & Listings website

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Updated: November 20, 2018
Step-by-step Tutorial for creating Directory & Listings website

Did you know you don’t have to waste your time reading documentation for Directory themes? Watch the video tutorial instead!

This guide will help you understand how to proceed if you want to build your very first business directory website. Every step necessary for website development is explained through Business Finder+ Theme but it fits our other directory themes too.

Start creating an online list of businesses that will bring value to broad range of web visitors.

Such directory listing website will turn into source of passive income once it becomes more popular within your targeted users as you can allow free registration of items followed by claim listing by its owner.

Create your own directory portal

What you’ll learn?

This is a step-by-step tutorial for building online business directory in WordPress.

You’ll learn how to install theme, how to add Items (listings), enable Claim Listing plugin for your customers, create different types of Pages, work with Special Offers, Featured Items, ad banners etc.

In this video, there is a detailed information for building and running your own Directory website from scratch.

Video structure:

  1. Getting started: Intro, Hosting, WordPress installation & settings (fist 30 mins)
  2. Business directory WordPress theme installation (around 41 mins)
  3. Getting API key for Google maps (around 51 mins)
  4. Creating categories & locations (around 55 mins)
  5. How to enable claim listing (around 1h 13 mins)
  6. Website customization & design tips (starts at 1h 30 mins up until the end of the video)

When you become a member of our Ait-Themes club, alongside with our specially designed directory themes, you’ll get a set of WordPress business directory plugins.

Comments (10)

  1. DEV

    Hi, I’m nearly ready to start my directory + site for selling, after 11 months 3 rebuilds, wanting to break everything, learning things I never thought I’d learn, fixing so many problems and issues I almost gave up 100 times, but I kept going and now I’m nearly there, nearly. I am a newbie to AIT and web building, but my last issue is the registration form MX settings, I’m with Cloudflare for their free CDN and SSL, but they don’t have a very supportive CS, I have no idea how to set up the MX in DNS??? Every tutorial or guide I find conflict one another in many ways, I tried all their suggestions, but it never works. When you register, the email goes nowhere? Do you have any tips or video clips to help with MX server settings? Would be great if you did.



    1. Zlatko

      Helo Dev,
      thanks a lot for interesting in our products. We are very sorry, we have no experiences with MX server settings, anyhow please consider to contact an experienced wordpress developer/designer who will help you to create unique website, for example at some market place like “”
      Full demo admin is not available, but you can have any of our products (from http://www.ait-themes.CLUB) at no risk as we offer 10 days of money back guarantee. You can play around with the themes, plugins etc, and once you are interesting to upgrade your subscription into Full Membership – no problem, you can do it within 30 days by paying the difference between the prices.
      In addition – all of our products – themes, plugins are kept always compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.
      Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards!

  2. bourne

    This is so informative and helpful for new bloggers like me. I’m gonna start my new blog soon and your work will help me a lot way more than before. You’ve made things so easily for everyone and so nicely done your job.

    I would like to say that what can we do with free templates that we found? Like I found free templates on revglue(.)com/affiliate-website-templates when I was looking for a best blog theme. But I don’t have enough knowledge about this site and its templates. So if you have any better info about this site then do share your feedback to make it easy for me to decide what to do next?

    Hope you’ll help me to figure this out. Thanks.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Jason,
      thanks for your compliments.
      Free version of the theme doesn’t use AIT Toolkit plugin as well as AIT Shortcodes and can be used for non commercial purpose for unlimited time:
      (which means: no pre-made custom post types, no Elements to show them in Page Builder, search form without some functionality, no sidebars etc). All you can do with free theme version is setting of colors and some basic functionality, in fact theme is suitable for personal use only (not ready for commercial purpose, no technical support).
      Therefore, feel free to have a try our framework – administration of the theme -> i hope you’ll find the following article as useful.

      If you are interesting in the differences between the directories themes, please have a look at the article:

      we are sorry, we have no info about the marketplace revglue …
      Thanks for understanding.


  3. softnwords

    webmasters need directory listing very quick for their website without much effort.This is made simple at our directory network and easy in two to three steps right away

    1. Zlatko

      Hi there,
      thanks for your compliments. Please have a look also at the following instructions and articles as you might find them useful:
      After creating registration form:
      or you should set the user’s packages:
      Once users are registered you give them an access to create and manage Items custom post type: or even in Events Pro posts (if they you are using Events Pro plugin):
      You can help to all of your users when you introduce a nicer design of the WP administration by using Easy Admin plugin: you can create an user friendly admin’s feel of look and comfortable navigation, which helps especially to all non-wordpress users in order simplify their work in WordPress administration. Please have a look at documentation files also at:
      Should you be interesting to give your users the more ability in order to manage even the more custom post types, elements etc, please consider Permission Manager plugin:
      If you are interesting to learn a little bit more about how to run directory business, please have a look at the following articles:
      Last but not least – Claim listing plugin was designed to give users ability take control over their listing:
      Hope it will help.

  4. Tarnia

    I have bought a membership, I thought this was cloud-based. I am not a developer, however, have managed to design and create a website with neto.
    Questions: I need basic instructions on how to get this to work, I thought this was cloud based, I need basic information how to download and edit for example business finder for a new website.
    Questions: I have a mac, can I use this AitThemes on a mac? Again, confused as I thought this was cloudbased.

    thanking you for your understanding.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Tarnia,
      thanks for asking.
      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation with video tutorials: |
      Or feel free to post technical question directly in our dedicated support ticket system. Please login into your account at
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few working hours). Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      If you have bought Ait Themes product on Themeforest you should register on our Club to get support. First of all the purchase code from Themeforest should to be validated in our system. If you have not created Ait Themes Club account yet, please use this form:

      Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards!

  5. Scottie

    So, where are the step-by-step tutorials for Directory+ and EventGuide???
    Wordpress 5 is out, with Gutenberg, things MUST have changed.
    You NEED to do step-by-step guides for your most popular themes.

    1. Zlatko

      Hi there,
      thanks for your feedback. We’ll definitely solve this issue. Estimated time of arrival has been set up by the end of this month or from the beginning of March.
      Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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