Item Contact Form block

Updated: January 13, 2020

Block is available only on Item Detail Special Page.

Block displays contact form which send email directly to email address of specific directory Item Post. Contact form is displayed on the Item detail page if post has filled email address and use of contact form is allowed for specific post.
Inside block can be written title of block for frontend, you can name displayed section with custom text.

Block settings in sidebar

From sidebar settings of block you can customize the block per your needs.

Email settings tab

Sender Name:
The name used as sender in received email.

Sender Email:
Email address from which will be sent email to email address of Item Post.
By default is used WordPress email address like, to use your own custom email address, make sure the domain used in email address is the same like your website domain (hosting companies usually block sending of email from different email address than address related to website domain)

Email Message:
Text used in received email, can contain placeholders which will be replaced by text written in the form inputs before sending:

  • {user-name}
  • {user-email}
  • {user-message}

Example of email message: {user-name} with email {user-email} wrote the following message: {user-message}

Input Labels tab

Input Labels options allows you to write custom labels for form inputs and submit button.

Help Texts tab

Help texts are displayed with all text inputs in the form, for each text input you can display additional information per your needs. May be useful to show GDPR information.

Notification Messages tab

Notification messages can be changed to your own text. Form can show three types of notification:

  • success message when the form was sent successfully
  • validation error message if visitor fill wrong data in the form (for example not filled field or wrong email address format)
  • server error message is thrown when there are problems to send an email because of the problem on server side (usually can be caused by errors from third party plugins or theme)