Why should I update WordPress theme? Is it really necessary?

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Regular updates are being issued and customers often ask if there’s any good reason to install them. Why do we issue small updates every week? Wouldn’t it be better to issue one “big” update once in a while? Why there are so many changes in their WordPress themes? Update WordPress theme for security reason The […]

Get to know AitThemes team better: today interviewing Jozef

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Eye catching look is the key to success. It’s true in almost every industry but in WordPress world, it applies twice! That’s why at AitThemes, we only cooperate with great, highly professional designers. Designers, who not only have necessary education and rich experience, but also the irreplaceable designer eye. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jozef. Great […]

Color Inspiration Secrets that Designers and Photographers must know

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Choosing the right color palette may be a huge step towards the success of your brand. With some catchy motives, your online projects will get way more recognition. Sight is the most important of senses when it comes to evaluating the newly visited website. You have to make sure that your guests are going to […]