Solitudo WordPress Theme

Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Solitudo theme is the most universal theme on the market. You can have it in multiple languages, unlimited color combinations & unlimited layout styles. Theme is multilingual right out of the box. Theme includes all great features you can find in themes such as Divi, Avada, Enfold, the7, X, u-design or Salient. Adding multiple languages to the mix you’re getting the very best theme out there.

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Last UpdateFebruary 23, 2021
Development803 hours
WordPress 5.x
WooCommerce 4.x
Translated Languages 28
Number of Sidebars 2
Compatible Browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Layout Responsive
GDPR Compliant Yes, with our GDPR plugins
v3.0.7 February 23, 2021
- Update: AIT API key settings updates
v3.0.6 January 14, 2021
- Fix: Fixed range input in admin settings
v3.0.5 December 17, 2020
- Update: WP 5.6 compatibility update
v3.0.4 August 20, 2020
- Fix: Contact form does not send some data after updgrade to WP 5.5
v3.0.3 August 14, 2020
- Update: WP 5.5 compatibility update
v3.0.2 August 13, 2020
- Update: WP 5.5 compatibility update
v3.0.1 July 10, 2020
- Fix: API keys & WP Multisite
v3.0.0 March 5, 2020
- New: Theme Activation
v2.135 January 9, 2020
- Fix: Sign Up page on multisite installation
v2.134 June 20, 2019
- Update: Updated deprecated Wordpress function login_headertitle()
v2.133 April 11, 2019
- Added: Theme package include marketing plugin "HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms, Popups, Live Chat" to grow your email list, generate leads, and manage all your contacts inside HubSpot’s free CRM. Plugin can be found in theme folder ./ait-theme/plugins/
v2.132 April 4, 2019
- New: Revolution Slider element offer selection of slider for each language on Special Pages in Page Builder
v2.131 February 14, 2019
- Fix: Corrected condition in AIT Requirements Checker for ICONV extension
v2.130 February 7, 2019
- Fix: Fixed special characters in website name displayed as attributes for logo
v2.129 January 17, 2019
- Fix: Fixed loading of select inputs and Google maps in theme admin
v2.128 December 20, 2018
- Fix: Fixed duplicated on/off buttons in Page Builder
v2.127 December 6, 2018
- Update: Wordpress 5.0 compatibility update
v2.126 November 29, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v2.125 November 23, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update in nette framework
v2.124 November 23, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v2.123 October 25, 2018
- Fix: Fixed decimal ordered list
v2.122 October 11, 2018
- Fix: Fixed showing of Post Featured Image in case just one post is created
v2.121 July 26, 2018

v2.120 June 14, 2018
- Improvement: Save button in Page Builder and Theme Options will be disabled until page has fully loaded to prevent unintended save with uninitialized inputs
v2.119 May 31, 2018
- Fixed: Comments form 
v2.118 May 24, 2018
- Update: Form fields reset styles in reset.css
v2.117 April 19, 2018
- Fix: Social icon widget
- Added: Helper input for all Inputs in Contact Form element (GDPR requirement)
v2.116 March 15, 2018
- Update: Updated product image cropping sizes for Woocommerce 3.3+
- Update: Allowed opening of Woocommerce Product images in lightbox in responsive design
- Update: Updated Colorbox jquery library to latest version
v2.115 March 8, 2018
- Fix: Woocommerce gallery detail
v2.114 September 7, 2017
- Fix: Captcha in Contact Form Element is regenerated after form submit and reset
- Fix: Shortcode unordered list
v2.113 August 11, 2017
- Fix: Fixed dropdown menus in WordPress visual editor
v2.112 August 3, 2017
- Fix: Fixed special characters escaping for categories title in portfolio filter
v2.111 April 27, 2017
- Fix: Woocommerce 3.0 update CSS
v2.110 April 13, 2017
- Update: Demo images are now downloaded via HTTPS
- Fix: Minor bugs in JS in Advertisements element
- Fix: Do not send full server directory paths to JS object in elements
- Update: Basic compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0 (resolved deprecated notices)
- Fix: Preview of Text element in Page Builder for other languages
- Fix: Missing names for sidebars in some languages caused widget administration to be unusable
v2.109 April 7, 2017
- Update: Year reange from 1900-3000 for datepicker in Theme Options / Page Builder
- Fix: Proccess shortcodes in promotion element's text area
- Fix: Show Page Builder button on Admin Bar only when user has permission to access Page Builder
- Fix: Enabled fuzzy search in jquery.chosen.js selectboxes in Page Builder - able to find nested items now
- Fix: Shortcodes Generator modal window failed to load in Page Builder for Text Elements
- Fix: Use HTTPS protocol for external services - Twitter, Mixcloud
v2.108 February 16, 2017
- Fix: Horizontal tabs responsive script
- Update: Bundled AIT Updater v5.0
v2.107 January 27, 2017
- Update: Support for free basic packages
v2.106 January 20, 2017
- Update: Demo content contains blured color images
v2.105 January 12, 2017
- Fix: Password protected pages works correctly with Page Builder
- Fix: Position of Columns Element On-off switch
- Fix: Max 4 rows in Element Content previews in the Page Builder
- Improvement: Allows users to register with Cyrillic usernames
- Fix: Problem with malfunctioned permalinks after importing Demo Content 
- Fix: Ipad menu hotfix
v2.104 December 1, 2016
- New: Content preview of Elements in Page Builder. You can have brief look what will Element look like on frontend when you are working in Page Builder.
- Update: Removed deprecated meta value target-densityDpi
v2.103 November 22, 2016
- Added: Locale based number formatting for price in WpLatte currency macro
- Fix: Carousel initialization conditions
v2.102 November 10, 2016
- Update: Demo content
- New: Option for enabling 'Anonymize IP address' feature in Google Analytics
- Fix: TinyMCE editor fullscreen in Page Builder
- Fix: Problem with searching in other languages than default
- Improvement: Sort Font Awesome icons alphabetically
- Update: Drag&drop ordering pages and custom post types is removed, it caused some serius problems. Can be enabled back with 'Simple Page Ordering' plugin
v2.101 October 10, 2016
- New: Redesigned Page Builder, Theme Options and other admin pages related to AIT theme features
v2.100 September 16, 2016
- Fix: sub, sup style was missing
- Added: Custom message in Google Map element if there is a problem with API key
v2.99 September 8, 2016
- Update: Bundled plugins updated
v2.98 August 30, 2016
- New: Compatibility with new membership system
v2.97 August 25, 2016
- Fix: Cases when Ait Toolkit plugin isn't active
v2.96 August 18, 2016
- Fix: Admin google map streetview initialization
v2.95 August 11, 2016
- Update: Updated mobile.js library
- Fix: Export function fatal error when revolution slider directory doesn't exists
v2.94 July 28, 2016
- Fix: Megamenu with Icon Image
- Fix: Fixed comment pagination links
- Fix: Mobile menu centering
v2.93 July 22, 2016
- Update: Updated Google Fonts list
- Fix: Potencial fatal error with AIT Get Directions & AIT Item Extension after their deactivation
v2.92 July 14, 2016
- Update: Updated TGM Plugin Activation library to v2.6.1
- Fix: When there are multiple version of same language like en_US, en_GB, en_CA, item search wasn't working
- Fix: Captcha in Contact Form element now works with cache plugins like WP Super Cache
- Update: Requirements checker now checks for max_input_vars param, it is recommended to set this PHP param to value at least 3000
v2.91 June 29, 2016
- New: In Theme Option you can insert Google Maps API key (requirement for all Google Maps since 22.06.2016)
- New: Added Greek, Canadian English, Turkish and Ukrainian languages to Google Maps Element
v2.90 June 23, 2016
- Fix: Woocommerce my-account pages
v2.89 June 16, 2016
- Update: Updated ajax return messages for contact form element
v2.88 June 9, 2016
- Update: Regenerated POT file for translations containing the newest text strings
- Fix: PHP error - Undefined var $parentTheme in AitUpgrader
- Improvement: Google Maps are loaded in the WP admin and on the frontend according to selected language
- Fix: Need for "double" save of Theme Options to invoke color/design changes is gone
- Update: Response notification when required fields for wp-mail are missing
v2.87 June 2, 2016
- Fix: Woocommerce checkout page wasn't displaying image for paypal payment option when progressive loading was enabled
- Update: Added response notification for wp_mail ajax in contact form element. Now there is also a notification if the mail wont send.
- Improvement: Export only images which are in media library and all their sizes. This results in reduced size of exported content.
v2.86 May 26, 2016
- Added: Possibility to order Events in Event Element by Event's date (requires updated Ait Toolkit plugin)
- Fix: SEO element on 404 page (and other spcial pages) is working again
- Fix: Better compatibility with Object Cache plugins and WpLatte engine
v2.85 May 19, 2016
- Fix: Allow language inputs for text controls on Blog special page in Page Builder
- Fix: Do not display commnets element on frontend on these special pages 404, search, archive, wc_product, wc_shop
- Fix: WooCommerce Style fix
v2.84 May 13, 2016
- Fix: Responsive Toggles
- Fix: Do not display comments element on irrelevant pages in Page Builder, such as 404, search page, etc.
- Fix: Post dates in Posts Element
- Fix: Responsive toggles display
- Fix: Woocommerce select display
- Fix: Dragging elements from/to columns in pagebuilder
- Fix: Problem with saving content in 2 Text Elements placed within the same Columns Element
- Update: demo content was updated
v2.83 May 5, 2016
- Fix: Clean up dead captcha files
- Fix: (Related only to all directory-type themes) Our AIT Shortcodes button in the editor can use even package users. There are no restrictions for that button (aka shortcodes generator) now
- Fix: Bug in Categories Widget with double title when categories are displayed as dropdown
- Fix: Disabled conflicting selectbox library on woocommerce pages
- Fix: Category option does not show "+ Add new category" text when user hasn't got the capabilities
v2.82 April 29, 2016
- Fix: Missing sidebars on frontend
v2.81 April 29, 2016
- Fix: Fixed map input "NaN" value breaking map in administration
- Fix: Some edge cases in Import/Export processing were fixed
- Fix: Detect correct locale for cloned item label in Page Builder
- Fix: Special edge case whean footer area has title "Footer 1"
- Added: OrderBy Title option for posts element
- New: WooCommerce breadcrumbs with categories on shop pages
- New: UI indication for delete theme cache and images cache buttons when deleting was finished
- Update: demo content
v2.80 April 19, 2016

v2.79 April 12, 2016

v2.78 April 6, 2016
- Fix: Some compatibility fixes for upcoming WordPress 4.5
- Fix: Compatibility fixes for upcoming AIT Languages v2.1 plugin
v2.77 March 31, 2016
- Fix: RSS widget title does not display 'h3' tags anymore
- Fix: jQuery Waypoint does not throw error anymore
- Fix: On special pages some elements with categories (e.g. advertisements spaces) didn't work correctly with translations
v2.76 March 17, 2016
- Fix: Quickfix for map input in the admin
- Update: New version of Slider Revolution - v5.2.2
v2.75 March 15, 2016
- Fix: Map input crashing javascript when no location is found
- Fix: Date input problem with different timezones
v2.74 March 9, 2016
- Update: Regenerated POT files
- Fix: Reset Layout Options functionality works again
- Tweak: CSS is now generating on "Theme/Page Builder Options" save instead on the frontend
v2.73 February 23, 2016
- Update: Reduced number of DB queries about 59%
- New: Custom CSS in Theme Options can be written in LESS syntax (it's disabled by default, intended for advanced users)
v2.72 February 12, 2016
- Fix: Problem with compilling LESS - exceeded max execution time
v2.71 February 4, 2016
- Fix: Official Revolution Slider, when you purchase it by yourself, not our custom bundled version, is supported by our theme framework (Page Builder)
- Fix: PHP error - redeclared class in WpLatte (occurred in Event Guide theme)
- Tweak: Compatibility tweaks for upcoming more performant AIT Toolkit plugin
v2.70 January 27, 2016
- Fix: Compatibility of comment form fields with WP 4.4 (Reverts the "comment" field position to below the other form fields.)
- Tweak: Minor internal tweaks of the framework
v2.69 January 13, 2016
- Fix: Responsive Shorcode List Fix
v2.68 December 9, 2015
- Fix: (Critical) Theme Options couldn't save changed values, there were still default values after page refresh
- Fix: Reset button on Default Layout admin page works correctly now
v2.67 December 8, 2015
- Fix: Advanced search on directory themes when polylang is enabled
- Fix: PHP Notices in Shortcode Generator Modal Window
- Fix: Amongst some categories (e.g. Portfolios) there was incorectly listed language name from AIT Languages
- Fix: Blog page menu item highlighting, if blog is currently opened page
v2.66 December 1, 2015
- Fix: Corrected behaviour of WP custom queries (mostly in Elements) when some CPT is set as non translatable in AIT Languages settings
- Update: Font Awesome v4.5.0
v2.65 November 25, 2015
- Fix: In some cases scrollbar showing in Website Elements, whan user zoomed Internet Browser
- Fix: Submenu in last-child of menu was not reachable on hover
- Fix: Fixed all dates where they were displaying current date and time
- Fix: Issue with missing texts in widgets after updating to AIT Languages 2.0 is now fixed
- Fix: Fullscreen option for youtube video element
v2.64 November 10, 2015
- New: Google Street View in Google Map Element
- Update: Various updates for upcomming new AIT Languages 2.0 plugin
- Fix: Improved compatibility of Advertising Spaces Element vs. Ad blockers
v2.63 October 21, 2015
- Fix: When adblocker extension in a browser blocked Advertising Spaces Element whole web page was broken
- Added: Added streetview functionality to google maps element
v2.62 October 13, 2015
- Update: Contact form element form submit button disabled while form submitting
- Fix: No more huge amount of old cache files (mainly old .css) in uploads/cache/ folder
- Fix: Some forgotten text are now included in POT file
v2.61 September 22, 2015
- Fix: Map input verification
- Update: Ajax emails formatting
v2.60 September 16, 2015
- Update: Updated facebook element
- Update: Font Awesome v4.4.0
- Update: Framework compatibility with upcoming improved AIT Languages plugin
v2.59 September 8, 2015
- Fix: Typo in variable name in jquery.portfolio.js
- Tweak: Theme Admin: if switched section contains map preview trigger resize to re-render map
- Update: Font Awesome icons v4.4.0
- Update: Updated condition to show / hide item description in services element
- Update: Updated google map element
v2.58 August 25, 2015
- Fix: When Visual Editor is disabled in user settings, Text Element in Page Builder doesn't work.
v2.57 August 18, 2015
- Fix: Allow special characters in Member custom post type Title
- Fix: Video element - fixed some PHP errors
- Fix: Posts element - fixed some PHP errors
- Fix: Added Sender parameter in Contact Form - some hostings didn't send emails from Contact Form
v2.56 August 12, 2015
- Fix: 'Notice:  Array to string conversion'
- Fix: Missing some text elements on non-english WP installs after demo content import
- Fix: PHP notice on 404 page
- Fix: One letter of text string displayed in metabox text fields
- Update: Removed "Dev mode:" menu in Admin Bar and dev mode is disabled
- Update: Updated javascript for content element on woocommerce pages
v2.55 July 22, 2015
- Fix: When datepicker bundled with WP was used by some plugins (eg. Easy Reservations) that calendar was displayed in zh-TW language
- Fix: Move "Languages" menu item back under "Theme Admin" item
v2.54 July 15, 2015
- Fix: Datetime picker in admin was not working properly in Firefox
v2.53 July 7, 2015
- Update: Improved compatibility with recent stand-alone AIT Languages plugin - this plugin is no more required and pre-packed with the theme, so there is no need to display "install required plugin" admin notice
v2.52 July 1, 2015
- New: AIT Languages plugin is no more pre-packed with theme. And also all translations from theme are moved to AIT Languages plugin. Theme package has smaller size in MB. Just update the AIT Languages plugin and the theme and everthing will work as previous.
- Update: Minimum requirements for our themes and plugins are PHP 5.3.1 and WordPress 4.0. It's time to use modern and secure technologies.
- Fix: Datepicker on the backend and frontend is translated properly now
v2.51 June 9, 2015
- Update: Updated all translations - translated some new strings
- New:  Added new Ukrainian (uk) translation
- Fix: Fixed login screen tooltip on logo - it displays correctly text from "Theme Options -> Admin Branding -> Login Screen Logo Tooltip"
- Fix: Load Facebook Likebox in current language
- Fix: Woocommerce product review form colorbox height
- Fix: Woocommerce product variations form selects clear
v2.50 June 2, 2015
- Tweak: Updated portfolio colorbox widths
- Fix: Fixed responsive Toggles (double text in selected tab)
v2.49 May 26, 2015
- Updated: Ajax mail reply-to headers (Contact Form element)
- Updated: YouTube video embedding (Portfolio element)
v2.48 May 19, 2015
- Updated: WooCommerce styles and responsive styles
- Updated: TGM Plugin Activation class v2.4.2 - security update
- Updated: JavaScript datetime picker compatibility for Firefox (Countdown element)
v2.47 May 12, 2015
- Added: New 'AIT Updater' plugin for automatic updates of AIT themes and plugins
- Update: Time picker available for Count Down element
- Added: 4 new social icons for Font Awesome
- Fixed: Made "Activate map" button text translatable right after page load
v2.46 May 5, 2015
- Fixed: WP SEO by Yoast compatibility
- Update: Woocommerce 2.3.8 compatibility
- Fixed: empty url in css 'background' property caused longer website load
- Update: Updated Revolution Slider to v4.6.92
v2.45 April 29, 2015
- Fixed: Responsive Menu/Cart displaying fix
- Updated: All other languages were updated
v2.44 April 23, 2015
- Fixed: AIT plugins are not activated on first theme install (problem with updated TGM-Plugin-Activation library)
v2.43 April 22, 2015
- Update: Important security fix
v2.42 April 8, 2015
- Fix: Content Import - Optimization of fetching attachments from remote location
v2.41 March 31, 2015
- New: Added Turkish language (tr_TR)
- New: Font Awesome icons v4.3
- Update: Updated Russian language (ru_RU)
- Fix: WordPress 4.2 compatibility with new handling of shared terms - implemented split_shared_term hook
- Fix: Images with caption are not loading
v2.40 March 24, 2015
- Fix: 320px responsive issue
- Fix: Login screen custom css
- Fix: WooCommerce reviews not showing up
v2.39 March 13, 2015
- Fixed: Carousel JS for Job Offers element
v2.38 March 10, 2015
- Fixed: typography settings remember selected option on page refresh
- Fixed: red color for new created counter element
- Updated all language files (mo/po files)
v2.37 February 26, 2015
- Fixed: Woocommerce 2.3.5 compatibility
 - Added Greek translation
 - Fixed: compatibility of our AIT Languages plugin with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin
v2.36 February 6, 2015
- Fixed: JavaScript for new simplified Import UI.
- Fixed: WooCommerce - if shipping address is unchecked, hide fields
- Fixed: Localised date in Twitter Widget
- Fixed: woocommerce css and responsive
v2.35 January 27, 2015
- Fixed: Menu display on mobile devices
v2.34 January 27, 2015
- Fixed: Some problems with AIT Languages plugin and non-english WordPress installs. Please update AIT Languages plugin.
- Improved: Simplified import/export UI. (There were added two filters for enabling old UI: ait-enable-old-export-ui, ait-enable-old-import-ui)
v2.33 January 21, 2015
- Added: Croatian language
- Added: Default en_US PO/MO files - if you want to change som english texts, but you don't want to change php/latte files
- Improved: Allowed to load MO files from child theme. Just copy them from parent theme to /ait-theme/languages in child theme
- Fixed: Compatibility between WooCommerce and our AIT Languages plugin, product search is working now. Please update AIT Languages plugin.
v2.32 January 12, 2015
- Updated: Revolution Slider to v4.6.5
v2.31 January 12, 2015
- Added Romanian language
v2.30 December 17, 2014
- Added: support for wp-signup.php. Prior to this additional support, design of that page was broken
- Fixed: Google Maps are now translated according to your frontend page language in which is page viewed
- Added: Portuguese, Brazilian (pt_BR) language
- Added: Bulgarian (bg_BG) language (Not fully translated yet, you can help us with translation)
- Added: Albanian (sq) language (Not fully translated yet, you can help us with translation)
v2.29 December 16, 2014
- Feature: Compatibility with upcoming WordPress 4.1
v2.28 November 25, 2014
- All other changes related to framework are now in framework-changelog.txt file
v2.27 November 24, 2014
- Added: Google Fonts in typography
- All other changes related to framework are now in framework-changelog.txt file
v2.26 November 20, 2014
- Improved theme SEO: do not use theme SEO in case another SEO plugin is active
v2.25 November 4, 2014
- Improved Google structured data: updated and entry-title
- All other changes related to framework are now in framework-changelog.txt file
v2.24 October 13, 2014
- Updated: demo-content
v2.23 October 10, 2014
- Updated: All languages
- Improved: Import/Export
  - No more infinitely showing loading icon when something go wrong during import, it will be reported what happen
  - Added checkbox, whether to import all attachments or not
- Fixed: minor changes for compatibility with IIS 7.5
- Fixed: Width in Mega menu in css
- Fixed: Box shadow in menu in css
v2.22 September 29, 2014
- Updated: Woocommerce templates
- Fixed: Language switcher responsive
- Updated: Members element

Built in Multilingual Support

First multilingual WordPress themes with integrated multilingual system and language translations. You can have your website in any language or create a multilingual website in multiple languages. Theme is ready to use right out of the box. Everything is already translated. Just type in content in your language and it’s done.



Sell your products online using best e-commerce WordPress plugin out there. You can install the WooCommerce plugin for free and create your online store in few moments. Insert your products, upload images and you're done. Everything that you need to create e-commerce website is included in the theme.

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You can display featured products or most recent right on the homepage. Customers can access product details or insert products right into the shopping cart.

Shopping cart can be accessed from every page. Your customers will never get lost on your website. They can go to the checkout page any time.

Responsive Design

WordPress Theme is 100% responsive and works great on all devices. Customers can shop online using their mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop. Whole website will adapt to screen size automatically. Theme was tested on many different modern and also older phones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices.

Works on all devices



Website elements are designed to make your work as simple and fast as possible. You can pre-define settings in Default layout section and use them anywhere. Information you set in Custom Types can be easily re-used on any page, no need to type it again and again.


Several ready to use header types you can choose from.

Revolution Slider Included

Multi-dimensional Responsive slider comes free of charge with all our themes. You already saved $19!


Simple text element that can be used to create blocks of text.


Promote services, goods or display any info within boxes in a nice form. Quickly.


Allow you to add easily any reviews by your customers. You can group them into categories.


Eye catching parallax effect created using text element. You can copy & paste any embed codes as well.


You can define a number of visible items, number of items in one row, portfolio layout and many others …


Here you can add logos, group them into categories and link to your partners, as many as you like.

Footer Widgets

You can easily configure footer widget area columns, change color, add copyright message and even copy&paste javascript code via theme admin.

Who made it happen?

This item was created, developed and prepared for you by the following team of great designers and developers:



Position: Support staff


Position: Designer & Front-end Developer


Position: Programmer




Position: Founder & Senior Designer

And Many More Amazing Features

Each theme includes specially developed features and elements for it's specific segment. Apart from that you will get all amazing standard and business features you can use anywhere on your website. Have a look below for more details.

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Advertising Spaces








Easy Slider


Contact Form










Google Maps


Job Offers




Opening Hours


Page Title










Price Tables


Revolution Slider



















All themes are Responsive and work perfectly on mobile devices. All our themes come with built in multilingual support. Admin panel & Page Builder is fully translated to many languages. All themes also support WooCommerce plugin.

More details read more about theme features

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Comments (158)

  1. Denis

    I love your Solitudo theme. I have not purchased it yet but I want to know if it’s possible to create a one-page-site with this theme?


    1. Martin Kotys

      Thanks Denis for your message. Sure you can create a one page site. You can make it as long as you wish. There’s also a parallax effect available 😉

  2. Alex

    Hi, is it possible to change font in this theme?

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Alex, sure you can. Theme includes over 200 Google Fonts you can choose from 🙂

      1. Zoran

        hey martin, where can i change the font family for my solitudo website? can´t find it

        1. Zlatko

          Hey Zoran,
          please have a look at theme option in WordPress dashboard or check our documentation at:
          Should you have more questions, please kindly post your theme-regarding issue at our support forum which will enable answer you to most efficiently. You must have registered the product’s purchase code /in the section My Account -> Subscription/.
          In the meantime feel free to check also our documentation.
          Best, Zlatko

  3. Jason

    Hello….Is this theme (solitudo) discontinued? I noticed I can not update it from Themeforest.

    Just curious.


    1. Martin Kotys


      Thanks for your message. You can access updates and support via following url:
      You can also upgrade to business membership for only $110 and get access to all our WordPress themes on the club site.

      If you purchased the theme more then a year ago you’ll need to renew your purchase as we offer updates and support only 1 year after purchase.
      You can read the following blog post for more details:


  4. Isabel Hortal

    I want to create a multilingual site with your solitudo theme. Can I do it in Catalan as main language? (and then translation into French, Spanish, English and Russian).
    Many thanks

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Isa,

      Thank you for your message. All our themes in the club are multilingual out of the box that means you can use them in one language or run a multilingual website in several languages. You can have Catalan language as main language and then others as secondary. Catalan translation is not included in the package, but there’s no problem to add it.

      Have a great day,

  5. Steeve

    Hello, I have a question.

    If I buy the “Business Membership”, can I use a theme to several different website? Or it’s a theme per website?



    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Steeve,

      Thank you for your message. Sure, you can use themes on unlimited websites and for unlimited time. No problem with that.

      Have a great day,

  6. Katty Alejandra

    Congratulatoions for the theme looks great! Please I am not sure if I get it well. When u buy one theme after a year u have to buy it again or how it works your sistem.
    And other questions how good is the quality of the translation, if u believe u can change some part for more suitable one. Is possible to do it?? Thanks!!!

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Katty,

      Thank you for your message. We’re glad you like our work. If you purchase our theme or any of our memberships you can use themes for unlimited project and unlimited time.
      Technical Support a updates are limited to 1 year after your purchase. You can still use our theme after that period. If you wish to receive new updates and support, you can renew your account for the same amount you purchased it previously.

      All our translations were made by translation company, you’ll get all sources that means you can change any wording as you like. We can help you with that on our support forum.

      Have a great day,

  7. gustavo

    Hi. I am interested un this theme to have a site in two idioms. I have no clear how it works. Your theme supports multisite or wplm?
    My web will be a tech web and I want to write each page in two idioms by my own.


    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Gustavo,

      Thank you for your message. Solitudo theme is multilingual out of the box. You can create a website in 1 or several languages. You don’t need to purchase WPML plugin for this theme.
      Theme also supports WPMU – multisite.

      Have a great day,

  8. Laila


    I was wondering if this theme is also good for a spa website which needs booking online.

    Thanks, Laila

  9. Emilia

    Hi Laila,

    Solitudo does not support easyReservation plugin. In case you need booking online, please have a look on these themes.


  10. Linda Kristiansen

    Hi – I bought this theme through themeforest, but now it is removed from there? We have trouble with the mobileversion – it kind of zoom in… It looks fine when you have zoomed out, but when you enter the site it looks not good… How can I get an updated version and/or support on the theme now that you are no longer at themeforest?

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your message. Theme has been moved from Themeforest to our own website. You can access updates and support via following url:

      If you purchased the theme more then a year ago you’ll need to renew your purchase as we offer updates and support only 1 year after purchase.
      You can read the following blog post for more details:


      1. Linda Kristiansen

        Oh… Purchase Date: 2014-02-12 08:25:18 🙁

  11. Dmitry

    I bought this theme through themeforest less then year ago. How i can download them from your site?
    I can’t download it on this page , because it offers to buy theme.

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Dmitry,

      Thanks for your message. Theme has been moved from Themeforest to our own website. You can access updates and support via following url:

      If you purchased the theme more then a year ago you’ll need to renew your purchase as we offer updates and support only 1 year after purchase.
      You can read the following blog post for more details:


  12. Ruy Renau

    Hello i have downloaded the theme of solitudo from themeforest, and i wanted to download the last versión, is there any way i can do this

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Ruy,

      Thanks for your message. Theme has been moved from Themeforest to our own website. You can access updates and support via following url:

      If you purchased the theme more then a year ago you’ll need to renew your purchase as we offer updates and support only 1 year after purchase.
      You can read the following blog post for more details:


  13. Yannis Pittakidis

    Hi Martin

    I believe you must translate all themes in Greek 🙂


    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Yannis,

      All our recent themes come with Greek translations included in the package.

      Have a great day,

    2. Zlatko

      Hello Yannis,

      we really appreciate that you like all of our themes. But, we do not plan the translations for WPML ready themes. Please note, each new theme we create and release includes Greek. It’s ongoing process for some months and we’ll never stop it :).

      Thank you for understanding,

  14. Elena

    demo is not work
    Демо-страница не работает.

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Elena,

      Thank you for your message. One of our servers run out of disk space. It’s sorted now. Sorry for the issue.

      Have a great day,

  15. loreto

    I find very disappointing your policy of 1 year service, I bought this theme on themeforest and this policy should be highlighted in the theme specifications.

    1. Zlatko

      Themeforest terms and policy regarding products can be accessed at . There are stated at 18.c. …”we and the authors do not promise that any particular item will continue to be available on Envato Market so you should download and save the item as soon as you buy it;”
      1 year service policy is related to our products sold via Please read more info at:
      Thanks for understanding. Zlatko

  16. Nicole

    I like the look and feel of the Solitudo theme. Can you confirm that in additional to multi-lingual features and Ecommerce it is possible to have a service price list and it is compatible with a widget to book appointments. This would be for a beauty salon.

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Nicole,

      Thank you for your message. Theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin, you can also install various WooCommerce extensions to this theme. We haven’t tested book appointments widget, but it should work no problem. Price lists element is included directly in the theme.

      Have a great day,

      1. Nicole

        Hi Martin
        Thanks for the reply. I also notice you have a section for Price Plans – how modulable is this if we want to have a Price list (as opposed to plans).

        1. Martin Kotys

          Hey Nicole,

          Please check the following two documentation page for more information about Price tables:

          You can basically define your Price tables and then use anywhere on your website using Page Builder:

          Have a great day,

  17. Jesse

    I have a custom post type that I want to include inside the search results. I have looked inside search.php and it’s showing code that isn’t PHP. Can you tell me how I can do this.



    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Jesse,

      Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we really appreciate it 🙂
      Please kindly post your technical questions on AitThemes Support Forum.
      This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently.

      The Support Forum can be accessed at:


  18. Richard Green

    Many of these types of themes look great, but I need to fully customize the header. I need to be able to place the logo in the center, have the header any height I want (about 200 or so for this project) and have the menu below it. As well as control the color of the header and footer. Is this possible with Solitudo theme?

    1. Zlatko

      thank you for your feedback. In fact every theme can be customizable, and if you need to change the header height you can do it by changing CSS code. Logo in the center is possible by choosing Header two: -> main menu -> Features -> Multiple Headers. You can change the color of heater and footer in Theme Admin: and
      Have a nice day!

  19. Claude

    Do you have some models like divi give ?

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your question. Yes, we have specialized themes with translated page builder and front-end. Please have a look at:
      Have a nice day,

  20. hashkey

    I installed Solitudo, it’s an amazing and beautiful theme. But I added a language and now I have this bug : wp-content/plugins/ait-languages/include/mo.php on line 55
    Because I bought this theme more than 1 year ago I can’t download an update… OK, it’s fine. But why I can’t submit this bug to your support ? I need to suscribe to submit a bug and I don’t understand why.
    Can you tell me how to fix this bug ?

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi hashkey,

      I’d suggest you to update Solitudo theme to the newest version in order to fix the issue you have.

      Have a great day,

  21. john

    hi there – great theme – is it possible to make it boxed and have a background image? Cheers! J

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi John,

      Thank you for your message. Yes this is possible, you can set it up in the admin panel.

      Have a great day,

  22. Tony

    I purchased this amazing theme from theme forest and am having issues with it. How do I get the upgraded version as Im sure that will fix my problems

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Tony,
      you have probably purchased Solitudo theme more than one year ago, therefore if you plan to get the latest updates you need to purchase the license which is valid for a one year:
      Should you have more questions, feel free to contact us.
      Have a nice day,

  23. Michelle

    Is it possible to view how to create the site? I’m afraid to purchase without seeing how to build. Simple to one person may not be simple to me. I had someone build a me a sight on a Salient theme and I cannot figure it out. Shortcode shortcuts is still to above my webgrade. Please respond. Thanks

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Michelle,
      thanks for contacting us. We have free documentation included some video tutorials at:
      Simply, scroll down and look upú for detailed information you are interesting in or simply write key word in search bar. Solitudo theme uses page builder, theme options where you can set up colors, seo, categories, etc … and 30+ elements which mean you do not need to use code to create website. If you are not a beginner with a WordPress you definitely manage it very easy and quickly. Anyhow, our support forum is always ready to help you with any theme issue.
      Best regards,

  24. NELSON

    Dobrý deň!
    – Chceme si vytvoriť stránku, ktorá by bežala na nejakej šablone WP, aby sme si ju mohli sami jednoducho editovať.
    – Nakoľko v tomto smere nemáme žiadne skúsenosti chceli by sme sa informovať na nasledovné:
    1 – Potrebujeme stránku v slovenskom jazyku (SR), to značí, aby sme mali do slovenčiny preloženú kompletne i administráciu. Máte také stránky?
    2 – Ak si u Vás zakúpime niektorú zo šablon napr. “SOLITUDO”, zaplatením jej ceny už nemusíme platiť žiadne iné poplatky a hlavne licenciu danej šablony máme na stálo (teda nie je časovo obmedzená)?
    3 – Zakúpenú šablonu aj nainštalujete a za akú cenu ?
    4 – V prípade, že by sme mali záujem o vytvorenie úvodných bannerov do zakúpenej stránky a prípadne i iných obrázkov aký je tam postup a hlavne aká je cena?
    5 – Máte osobu s ktorou je možné komunikovať v slovenskom jazyku? Ak áno akým spôsobom sa dá s ňou spojiť?

    1. Zlatko

      Dobrý deň,
      ďakujeme za prejavený záujem a za otázky:
      1 – áno, zoznam tém, ktoré priamo podporujú AIT Languages plugin:
      To znamená, že po nainštalovaní pluginu a jeho aktivácii je možné zvoliť v nastaveniach slovenský jazyk následovne:
      2 – zakúpením balíčku (možnosť získať tému s pluginom za zvýhodnenú cenu) máte k dispozícii produkty s licenciou dokonca aj pre viac stránok, nie iba pre jedno použitie, cena zahrňuje aj prístup k zákazníckej podpora a k updatom počas jedného roka. V prípade, že sa nerozhodnete predĺžiť licenciu o ďalší rok, šablonu můžete aj naďalej používať. Žiadne iné skryté poplatky.
      3 – Pred tým, než sa rozhodnete pre našu službu “inštalácia témy”, pozrite si prosím bližšie informácie na stránke: . Máte aj možnosť si svojpomocne vykonať inštaláciu, viac info v
      4 – v takomto prípade, máte možnosť vychádzať z demo nastavenia (t.j.:, najskůr je potreba vykonať import podľa: , službu ohľadom modifikácii šablony a nastavenia neposkytujeme. Avšak v prípade akýchkoľvek dotazov ohľadom témy, máte k dispozícii našu zákazníck podporu, kde Vám radi a ohotne poradíme.
      5 – komunikácia s potenciálnymi zákazníkmi prebieha buďto formou komentárov alebo privátnych emailov, registrovaní klienti majú prístup k zákazníckej podpore na: , je možné komunikovať aj v slovenčine.

      Prajem pekný deň,

      1. František

        Dobrý deň!

        – Ďakujem za komplexnú odpoveď.
        – Daná téma by nám vyhovovala na našu novú firemnú stránku.
        – Ešte by som sa chcel spýtať, ktoré z Vami ponúkaných tém sú vhodné pre zriadenie “plno-hodnotného” e-shopu?
        + Či je k týmto týmto témam potrebné ešte “dokupovať” nejaké iné “platené” moduly naviac – ak áno aké?
        + Či e-shop zriadený na takejto platforme dokáže riadne spolupracovať s vyhľadávačom tovaru (teda čí má kompatibilný XML feed kód, na import tovaru pre porovnávač).


        1. Zlatko

          Zdravím Vás,
          ďakujeme za doplňujúce otázky:
          – Solitudo vrátane ďalších šablon sú plne kompatibilné s WooCommerce pluginom /dizajn, funkčnosť, jazyková podpora/
          – Na slovenskom či českom trhu existuje niekoľko dodávateľov platených rozšíriteľných pluginov, v tom čísle aj pluginy pre XML feed, Meranie Konverzii, Overenie zákazníkmi, atď. Všetko závisí na Vašich požiadavkach: Skúšali ste už bezplatnú službu/plugin dostupnú na stránke: ?
          Prajem pekný den,

  25. Marc

    When will the themes be compatible to the most current wordpress version? I have tried Solitude and typo – and they fail to load

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Marc,
      all of our themes are fully compatible with the latest WordPress version, we are checking WooCommerce compatibility with our the themes. But Solitudo i 100% and fully compatible and ready to use.
      Anyhow, when you encounter any theme issue, you should contact our support forum which will enable answer you to most efficiently. Thanks for understanding.
      In the meantime i would advise you to check your hosting parameters. Here are the requirements:

  26. loreto

    does it comes with ecomerce ready?

    can i see a demo of the admin?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Loreto,

      thanks for asking. Yes, theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin:
      – styling /CSS code/
      – functionality /all WooCommerce ad-ons/
      – miltilingual support

      Demo admin is not available, but you can have theme at no risk as we offer 30 days of money back guarantee if you buy SINGLE theme /not Business, nor Premium membership/. You can play around with the theme, you can contact our support forum where we help you to solve any theme-regarding issue, and if you are not satisfied you can ask for money refund – no problem.
      During mentioned period you can also upgrade your subscription to a higher package thanks to which you can get an access to all of our themes (+49), plugins (17) and graphics (141) for a unbeatable price $225.00.

  27. Amelia

    Hi, I purchased this theme from themefores tbefore and didn’t come with the ecommerce (even though it says it would) and now i’m not sure on buying it again since I don’t know if the $75 dollar version has it.

    I need the shopping cart, or can i buy the ecommerce and then just install the plugin?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Amelia,

      Solitudo theme comes with integrated WooCommerce plugin. After theme installation and activation you can install also WooCommerce plugin – and the most of add-ons you can get for free. As you can see, you are able to create on-line store by purchasing one theme – no additional costs. Please have a look at the following article as it might be interesting for you:

      Best regards,

  28. Victory

    Good day,

    I am interested in your drag n drop wordpress theme for designing website and I want to know if you people offer plans like ‘developers license’ so that I can buy it and customize and then resell it as a derivative product. Please reply urgently because am on a research for a custom developer or something I can buy, modify and resell. Thanks

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Victory,
      yes, you can under the following conditions – as stated in License page:

      Customer is only allowed to sell Template if they modified it pursuant to these License Terms.
      Customer is allowed to perform modifications to the Template that are covered by the GPL license. Customer is also allowed to perform modifications to the Template that are not covered by the GPL license and that are related to the Template design such as color, layout of Template features, size of Template parts and/or font, in order to customize the Template for their client.
      Customer is not allowed, without approval of the Company, to modify or delete the information stating author rights in the Template source code.
      Customer must not offer the Template to other persons after modifications under the GPL license nor under any other license.

      Hope this will help!

  29. Lambert Bollen


    Any idea when the doctor theme will be in the AIT Club?

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for asking. We are just working on it. Supposing by the end of this week.

  30. David


    I purchased your theme Solitudo in 2014. I’m now having some issues and I need to get support from you. How can I renew my subscription without paying 150 dolllars?

    Thank you,

    1. Zlatko

      Hello David,
      there is not other way. The price includes:
      – product updates – we continuously add new features/languages, keep theme/plugin compatible with WordPress and the other plugins that are implemented with the theme, security updates, fixing the bugs
      – access to premium customer support, where our Ait-Themes team is ready to help your with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      – unlimited license usage – for as many as you like domains or web projects
      – access to all new products /themes, plugins, graphics/ that we are going to add on http://www.ait-themes.CLUB during validity of Business or Premium membership
      after the period of 12 months you can still continue using our products – no restrictions

      The price doesn’t include:
      – theme customization or modification (due to capacity reasons)
      – the following services:

      Kind regards,

  31. Kai

    can i change the woocommerce catalog image link in the elements theme?
    i like to use it with datafeedr.
    thanks for answer
    greez from germanie

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Kai,
      well, we did not test it, moreover we do not have a feedback from our clients, but feel free to try it.
      Although the demo admin is not available, you can have theme (from http://www.ait-themes.CLUB) at no risk as we offer 30 days of money back guarantee if you buy SINGLE theme /not Business, nor Premium membership/. You can play around with the theme, you can contact our support forum where we help you to solve any theme-regarding issue, and if you are not satisfied you can ask for money refund – no problem.
      After purchase SINGLE theme you can also upgrade your subscription to a higher package during 30 days. You will get an access to all of our themes (+55), plugins (+17) and graphics (+141) for a reduced price – you will be prompted to pay the difference between prices of Premium and Single. Please have a look at the following article for detailed info:

      Best regards,

  32. Dmitriy

    Hi. I have question for solitudo theme. How to set excerption in posts element(posts list), where be allowed html tags. Is it really?? Ho to do this? Default excerption has a text only, without html tags.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Dmitriy,
      thanks for your message. Please kindly post your theme-regarding question at our support forum which will enable answer you to most efficiently.
      Thanks for understanding.

  33. Bridget

    I can’t login. My accounting department purchased the Premium Membership and the login they gave me is not working. Can you please help me login so that I can download our theme.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Bridget,
      your account is active at:, your email is a login name.
      Best regards,

  34. Bradley Clampitt

    Hey guys, it has been awhile since I paid attention to it but I noticed that on my ‘Page Builder’ for any given page it no longer shows “Products” as one of the elements that can be added to a given page. Did I miss something or was it removed for some reason. I am just now starting to use Woocommerce and I am trying to set things up to function as a store for us.


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Bradley,
      thanks for asking. Obviously, there must be installed WooCommerce plugin to get your website working as online store /further configuration and content inserting is needed/. Secondly, we have created element “Products” and designed with some of our themes like SPA, COFFEEBAR wordpress themes etc, but did never extended Solitudo theme with:
      It could be possible in the future within one of coming updates.
      Best, Zlatko

      1. Bradley Clampitt

        Hello Zlatko, I installed the WooCommerce plugin already and I thought maybe it would go from being “greyed” out to green like the other elements, but when I went to look it wasn’t there anymore. I noticed that as well when I went into FTP and seen all of the elements except for that one. But I will tell you it was there along time ago, I bet I could pull out an old backup with the element there. So you guys must have removed it or killed it off in this theme. But the theme does say it is WooCommerce compatible, which it is … it just doesn’t have the depth of integration as some of your others it appears. Still works just fine for me, I just have to do some work arounds to make it work which is fine.

        thanks for the reply!

        1. Zlatko

          Hey Bradley,
          thanks for reply. Should you have further theme-regarding issues, please contact our support forum.
          Best regards,

          1. sdalex

            Hello! What about product elements on home page? Why it not included in solitudo?

            1. Zlatko

              Hey there,
              Solitudo theme doesn’t use Product element, but you can find mentioned element at Gourmet or SPA theme for example.
              Best, Zlatko

  35. Bradley Clampitt

    Hello, is there any way I can add “Add to Cart” and related to the “Shop” Home Page, as well as the Product Category pages, by default I thought it was listed with WooCommerce but with the them it hides it either by remove/disable or by CSS and I cannot find the code that does this.

    thanks in advance for your assistance!

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Bradley,
      theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin /design, functionality, multilingual ready/. For more info how to set on-line e-shop, please have a look at:
      Best regards,


    I want to buy Solitudo Theme. I want to use this theme multilangual. Do I need to buy “Ait Languages” ?

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for interesting in our products. For multilingual purposes we have Multilingual theme offer that comes with a discounted price /125.00 USD excl.VAT/ and includes Theme+AIT Languages plugin. The plugin helps to set theme /front-end, back-end/ in any of available languages in a few steps, please kindly check video tutorial:
      Best regards,

  37. Piotr

    I bought your subscription, but it was valid to february 2016. Now I need to make an update. Do I have to buy new subscription or have I possibility to make update free like on themeforest?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Piotr,

      thanks for asking. After 1 year, you are free to decide to prolong your subscription, so you can renew for the same price. The price of product includes:
      – in case of Premium membership: all the themes, plugins and graphics /icons, PDS’s,…/ on
      – product updates – we continuously add new features/languages, keep theme/plugin compatible with WordPress and the other plugins that are implemented with the theme, security updates, fixing the bugs
      – semiautomated updates thanks to our AIT Updater plugin /free/:
      – access to premium customer support , where our Ait-Themes team is ready to help you with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      – unlimited license usage – for as many as you like domains or web projects
      – access to all new products /themes, plugins, graphics/ that we are going to add on http://www.ait-themes.CLUB during validity of Business or Premium membership
      – after the period of 12 months you can still continue using our products – no restrictions

      The price doesn’t include:
      – theme customization or modification (due to capacity reasons)
      – an additional service:

      Best, Zlatko.

  38. Åsa Grundén

    I find your theme Solitude interesting and have some questions regarding some features:
    – Can I chose fonts
    – can I have the headlines and images to the left
    – can I choose image sizes for example hight
    – can I have fullwidth text

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Åsa,
      thanks for asking:
      – yes, you can in theme option:
      – i am sorry, it is not available – it require CSS theme customization
      – images on single page have predefined size in which are cropped by default – to change that I’d recommend you modify file at places where size of cropped image is predefined, for example at parts like:
      {imageUrl $picture[‘image’], width => 1000, crop => 1}
      – you can set theme fullwidth in theme option again.
      Best, Zlatko

  39. Ahmet

    i want to make a website with two language English and Turkish. Does solitudo support Turkish language?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Ahmet,
      thank you for interesting in our products. Solitudo theme is fully compatible and ready made with AIT Languages plugin, therefore you should consider PremiumX package:
      Best regards, Zlatko

      1. Ahmet

        Hi thanks for replying.
        I have another question for you.
        is there any other way to purchase your product instead of paypal?
        paypal closed their services in my country(TURKEY).
        How can i purchase your themes instead of using paypal?

        1. Zlatko

          Hello Ahmet,
          Except a standard payment way /PayPal gateway/ we have an another option how to proceed the purchase – via bank transfer. It must be proceed manually, therefore it takes some time.
          Firstly, it’s required that you register in our club for free /needed your initials/ by downloading any of available free plugins/products, for example: AIT Updater plugin for semiautomated upgrades of our themes/plugins at:
          Secondly, provide us of your user name /email used for registration or the link to your account with the name of the product you have decided to purchase – you can place an order directly to my email: Please use subject name: “PROFORMA INVOICE”

          Consequently we’ll send you a pro-forma invoice. Once we’ll receive the payment your account will be upgraded from free to a chosen product in your order.
          Please kindly note, it’s a manual operation that might takes some hours/days.
          Thanks a lot for understanding and for your patience.
          Kind regards, Zlatko

  40. Vicente Perez

    Buenos días, quería saber si es posible la traducción al árabe.. gracias

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Vicente,
      pleas kindly have a look at the list of all supported languages: Arabic languages is not available, theme doesn’t support RTL design.
      Thank you for understanding.

  41. anna

    Am I allowed to use it for multiple sites?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Anna,

      yes, you can use any of our products for unlimited web projects, domains, etc.


  42. Michael

    How would I go about removing the shopping cart on the right hand corner of my woocommerce website and have it say: “Shop Now” or something along those lines?


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Michael,
      Thanks for your message.
      Yes you can use css code to hide it.
      For example put next code to custom css area in theme options.
      .home div#ait-woocommerce-cart-header {

      display: none;

      as it is described at:
      For more info please have a look at:
      We don’t offer an additional service related to websites of themes users except the following ones: . In general, support covers mainly finding of solutions for problems in theme and help users use the product, if there is a bug we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are not capable working on user’s custom websites.
      Thanks for understanding and Regards

  43. Marcel Heemels

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if your themes Solitude and/or Anchor will work together with PageBuilder?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Marcel,
      yes, both themes come with built-in page builder:

  44. Egle Spadavecchia

    Hello, I have a big doubt: I need to create a site in Italian and that people who visit can choose between some languages and to translate… with this theme is it possible? Do I need to add a plugin to translate the blog posts? Thank you.

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for interesting in Solitudo theme. Template comes as compatible with AIT Languages plugin thanks to which you can have translated theme into any of available languages in a few steps: Please kindly note, the plugin doesn’t provide the translations of the content – it’s must by translated manually.

  45. Javier

    I want just one theme. Is there any way for doing a single payment for a single theme, instead of having a per year payment?


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Javier,
      thanks for your message. You can have any of our Single themes or plugins -> you should be logged in your account -> theme is available in folder “Download Themes”. If you have still no account registered in our system, you can proceed it by downloading AIT updater plugin (it’s free): The documentation how to set the plugin for semi automated downloads:

      After purchase you are free to decide to upgrade to a Full membership by paying the difference between the prices:
      Full Membership price includes access to the product updates valid for a 1 year (as well as an access to support forum). After this period you can still continue using our products or you are free to decide to get an access to further product updates (renewal possible for the same price at any time). For detailed info please visit:
      Have a great day,

  46. Albert Chan

    SSL problem, Browser says “Your connection to this site is not fully secure”. After activate this theme. It’d be normal if switched to other theme.

  47. Albert Chan

    SSL problem. I fixed by clear browser data. Thanks

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Albert,
      thanks for your feedback.
      Have a great day!

  48. Amelia

    If I buy full membership is for 1 year only? will I be able to download all plugins also?

    Its annoying to renew every year for something i bought on themeforest and never said I will have to buy the theme year over year till the end of time 🙁

    1. Emilia

      Hello Amelia

      All our products selling on Club website have only 12 months validity so we can provide continual support and updates for all our products. Purchase on Themeforest does not guarantee lifetime theme availability. Thank you for co-operation.

  49. translation companies

    We worked with them on a contentious matter involving documents in the Chinese language.translation companies

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your comment. Currently we use services and do not have a plan to change translation company.
      Have a great day,

  50. leonor

    I´m interested in buying Solitudo. Since i am a nerd on this things, could you tell me how do i costumize this template? Do i have to buy any other program to admin this template? Thank you!

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Leonor,

      thanks for interesting in Solitudo theme. Theme uses page builder, theme options functionality and many useful pre-made custom post types and elements. For more info, please have a look at the documentation, knowledge base and video tutorials:


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