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Brilliant creative design that can be easily changed to your needs using our premium admin panel. What more, we’ve created dozen of free skins, that can be downloaded from our website. Skins can be uploaded directly via our admin panel and you have differ ent look and feel in seconds! More gorgeous new skins to come! Theme is very universal, can be used for both commercial or personal use.

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Last UpdateNovember 22, 2018
Development417 hours
WordPress 5.x
Number of Sidebars 1
Widget Ready yes
Number of Sidebars 1
Compatible Browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Layout Fixed
GDPR Compliant Yes, with our GDPR plugins
v1.27 November 22, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v1.26 May 31, 2018
- Fixed: Comments form 
v1.25 April 7, 2017
- Fix: Solved problem with multi-site installation with overriding settings in generated CSS for given theme from another site. LESS is now compiled to CSS file stored in wp-content/uploads/<sites>/<id>/css/<theme> directory.
v1.24 September 8, 2016
- New: Plugins AIT Updater and AIT SysInfo are now bundled with the theme
v1.23 August 11, 2016
- Update: Removed old timthumb resizer
- Update: Updated google maps api
v1.22 June 29, 2016
- Update: Compatibility with the newest WordPress and PHP
- Update: Removed 'AIT Dashboard'
v1.21 May 19, 2015
- Added: New 'AIT Updater' plugin for automatic updates of AIT themes and plugins. It replaces old updates notifications system in AIT Dashboard
v1.19 April 22, 2015
- Important security fix
v1.18 April 8, 2015
- Fix: admin branding enabled by default again
- Fix: updated capabilities for multisite admins vs single site admins
- Update: New pre-packed plugin 'AIT WordPress 4.2+ Compatibility Fix' for compatibility of the theme with upcoming WordPress 4.2
v1.17 February 11, 2015
- Fixed: woocommerce support
v1.16 February 3, 2015
- Fixes: bug in contact css
- Updated default content
- Fixed modal windows
- Updated jquery scrollTo library
v1.15 November 21, 2013
- fixed jquery issues in wordpress 3.7.1
- fixed search not to display html tags
- added new default content
v1.14 December 14, 2012
- wpml bug fix
v1.13 October 18, 2012
- twitter widget fix
v1.11 August 6, 2012
- slider height fix
v1.8 June 18, 2012
- New version notifications.
- Sidebar updates.
v1.7 April 18, 2012
- Shortcodes related WYSIWYG buttons can be turned off via config.php
v1.6 March 26, 2012
- General settings fix when using config.php
v1.5 March 20, 2012
- Admin tweak for Hostgator hosting provider
v1.4 & 1.5 March 19, 2012
- Admin dashboard can be removed using config file – small fix.
- Sections order reset.
v1.3 March 17, 2012
- Admin dashboard can be removed using config file.
v1.2 January 26, 2012
- Validation fixes
v1.1 January 20, 2012
- Small slider fix
v1.0 January 17, 2012
- Theme release

Other features worth to mention:

  • Skins that can be easily created, uploaded and reused. We’re preparing a set of free skins you can use with our theme straight away.
  • You can easily Backup all your data and admin settings
  • 100% Translation Ready. Easy translation to any other language, gettext PO file is also included. Just have a look at our demo site. Theme is WPML Ready
  • MVC templating engine. HTML templates are completely separated from PHP files, you just have to see it
  • Easy administration only with options you really need
  • Slider with custom built modifications – check our demo site for preview
  • HTML 5 Cluster effect check our demo site, and move your mouse over Netspace text
  • Many portfolio layouts check it out here
  • Unlimited color settings for almost everything using our admin panel settings
  • Everything is styled – tables, headers, paragraphs, images, lists, etc. You won’t need to fix it yourself!
  • Many many Shortcodes for professional looking pages in no time
  • Shortcodes generator directly from WYSIWYG editor
  • Facebook Comments on any page or post
  • Widgets ready sidebar & footer
  • Image & Template caching for better performance
  • 70+ custom build admin options it’s possible to change them globally or locally per page
  • Google Analytics & Google Maps ready
  • AIT Dashboard - Documentation, FAQ and recent updates accessible directly from your WordPress admin panel
  • Admin branding allows to you to upload your own logo, colors & texts into admin

Theme Skins Available

You can change theme look & feel simply by activating skin you like. We’ve created a set of nicely styled skins you can download from our website. You can also create your own skins, save them and use on different website you’re making. Unique and powerful tool you can use only in Ait WordPress Themes.

Download Skins

And Many More Amazing Features

Each theme includes specially developed features and elements for it's specific segment. Apart from that you will get all amazing business features you can use anywhere on your website. Have a look below for more details.


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Position: Founder & Senior Designer


Position: Webdeveloper

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Comments (8)

  1. Tomislav Negulic


    I would like to use this theme for one of my project. But i want to know is it possible to have some demo theme to use it on my site, so i can see how it will fit on my content there. Ih everything goes ok and my client will be satisfied i will buy it very happily.



    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Tomislav,

      Thank you for your message. Feel free to purchase our theme and test it. If you won’t be happy with your purchase we’ll refund you full amount within 30 days.

      Have a great day,

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Andrew,
      Thank you for your message and question:

      Theme is now available only at as the theme has been removed from Themeforest market place.
      If you plan to update theme you have an option to subscribe for any of available packages or products in our club -> it’s possible when you are logged in our system.
      After subscription you can download new updates when you are logged at: You’ll get all the benefits from our services – getting free updates, access to support forum, use theme for unlimited domains or projects. You can search through our knowledge base, access online documentation and video tutorials.

      The price includes:
      – product updates – we continuously add new features/languages, keep themes/plugins compatible with WordPress and the other plugins that are implemented with our templates, security updates, fixing the bugs
      – semiautomated updates thanks to our AIT Updater plugin /free/:
      – access to premium customer support, where our Ait-Themes team is ready to help your with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      – unlimited license usage – for as many as you like domains or web projects
      – access to all new products /themes, plugins, graphics/ that we are going to add on http://www.ait-themes.CLUB during validity of your membership (in case when you decide for Full Membership)
      – after the period of 12 months you can still continue using our products – no restrictions

      The price doesn’t include:
      – theme customization or modification (due to capacity reasons)
      – an additional services:

      Hope this will help.

  2. miendo

    Same situation for me.
    I’ve purchased the Netspace theme on ThemeForest, and now, just to update it, you want me to pay for it a second time?
    Do I really have to purchase a membership here (more expensive than the price of the theme alone when I bought it), just because YOU decided to leave ThemeForest?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello there,

      thanks for contacting us back.
      We understand that you have paid for the product/item license via Themeforest marketplace and you might think that “it is unfair” to pay again.

      We are so sorry about your misunderstanding:
      Please, have a look at the point 18.3 that was stated on when you have purchased the license to the product (not the theme itself):

      18. Terms of buying: When you buy an Envato Market item you’re doing so on the following terms:
      1)you promise to us and the author that you have carefully considered the suitability of your chosen license, and that you have chosen appropriately;
      2)you cannot cancel a completed purchase of an item;
      3)we and the authors do not promise that any particular item will continue to be available on Envato Market so you should download and save the item as soon as you buy it;
      4)once you purchase an item and you pay the item price, you acquire a non- exclusive license to use the item under the terms set out in the license (non-exclusive means others might also license the same item);
      5)the author retains ownership of the item;
      6)your relevant details may be provided to the author of the item in order to facilitate the transaction, for example for invoicing and item support services;
      7)we have the right to enforce against you the terms of the license that you have acquired from an author.
      It is important that you understand the terms on which you are making a purchase. Please take the time to review this section carefully.

      I hope I have put your mind somewhat at ease. If you have any more questions feel free to contact our Ait-Themes Team.

      Have a good day!
      AIT team

      1. miendo

        Hi Zlatko,

        Thanks for your answer, unfortunately it’s not helpful in any way.

        Yes, I know I have bought a LICENCE for the theme, and yes, I still think it’s totally unfair to pay twice for it just because you decided it.

        Of course this doesn’t make me want to buy anything more from AIT. If you do this to your customers now, I can’t be sure you won’t do something similar in the future… I can’t trust AIT and I find it disappointing.

        1. Zlatko

          Hello Miendo,

          thanks a lot for getting back on this.
          Please kindly have a look at the following article from beginning of 2015 where we have explained in detail our decision etc.:
          our core business is keep our products up-to-date. Therefore we’d like to assure you that, thanks to this decision, we have secured the ability to keep our products compatible with latest WordPress CMS, PHP, etc. (please also note that this service is requested by Envato group – owner of to be done for free for life).

          Thanks a lot for your time and understanding and your time.
          Kind regards!
          AIT team

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