Last UpdateJuly 25, 2019
Development610 hours
WordPress 5.x
Number of Sidebars 1
Widget Ready yes
Compatibility WPML, WooCommerce
Compatible Browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Layout Adaptive
GDPR Compliant Yes, with our GDPR plugins
v2.35 July 25, 2019
- Update: Woocommerce templates update
v2.34 November 29, 2018
- Fix: Featured products dont work with woocommerce 3.0 + 
v2.33 November 22, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
- Update: Added Revolution Slider v5.4.8
v2.32 May 31, 2018
- Fixed: Comments form 
v2.31 October 19, 2017
- Update: Woocommerce templates
v2.30 May 4, 2017
- Fix: Social Icons could not be removed
v2.29 April 7, 2017
- Update: defaultcontent-export.xml
v2.28 December 5, 2016
- Update: Solved problem with multi-site installation with overriding settings in generated CSS for given theme from another site. LESS is now compiled to CSS file stored in wp-content/uploads/<sites>/<id>/css/<theme> directory.
- Update: WooCommerce templates
- Update: Compatibility with the newest WooCommerce
v2.27 September 8, 2016
- New: Plugins AIT Updater and AIT SysInfo are now bundled with the theme
v2.26 August 11, 2016
- Update: Removed old timthumb resizer
- Update: Updated google maps api
v2.25 June 29, 2016
- Update: Compatibility with the newest WordPress and PHP
- Update: Removed 'AIT Dashboard'
v2.24 May 19, 2015
- Added: New 'AIT Updater' plugin for automatic updates of AIT themes and plugins. It replaces old updates notifications system in AIT Dashboard
v2.22 April 22, 2015
- Important security fix
v2.21 April 8, 2015
- Update: New pre-packed plugin 'AIT WordPress 4.2+ Compatibility Fix' for compatibility of the theme with upcoming WordPress 4.2
v2.20 April 8, 2015
- Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce
- Fix: admin branding enabled by default again
- Fix: updated capabilities for multisite admins vs single site admins
v2.19 February 5, 2015
- Fixed: Columns width in woocommerce
- Updated: Demo content
v2.18 September 16, 2014
- Updated prepacked Revolution Slider to v4.6.0
v2.17 May 23, 2014
- Compatibility fix for WordPress 3.9+
v2.16 April 10, 2014
- New revolution slider version
v2.15 April 9, 2014
- small css fixes
v2.14 March 4, 2014
- fixed bad products slider height
- fixed products widget when placed in narrow widget area
v2.13 February 18, 2014
- fixed compatibility with WooCommerce 2.1+
- small css fixes
- properly loading price slider in shop filter section
v2.12 November 21, 2013
- fixed search not to display html tags
v2.11 October 24, 2013
- [rule_top] shortcode fix
- form labels fix
v2.10 July 26, 2013
- product buttons css fix 
v2.9 July 16, 2013
- css fixes
v2.8 July 1, 2013
- Updated twitter widget to work with new API 1.1. See our FAQ for help with setting up.
v2.7 June 7, 2013
- IE8 fix
v2.5 March 15, 2013
- Fixed: "Related products" columns issue
v2.4 March 8, 2013
- Compatibility updates for WooCommerce 2.0
v2.3 February 5, 2013
- carousel fix
v2.2 January 22, 2013
- Updated POT with new strings for translation
- Optimized AIT WordPress Framework for speed. And also it has been compacted. We recommend you to delete whole AIT folder (but do not forget to backup it before deleting if you made some changes in it) and upload it again from this update.
v2.1 January 18, 2013
Shop pages are now using woocommerce_breadcrumbs() template tag for breadcrumbs. Other pages are using our own breadcrumbs macro.
v1.2 December 14, 2012
- wpml bug fix
- revolution slider version 2.1.1
v1.1 December 13, 2012
- icon menu warning fix

Main features are:

Powerful admin allows you to change look&feel of the website, colors and backgrounds. Our unique custom built features and unlimited layout and color options will help your shop to stand out from the crowd Theme can be also used for standard corporate or business websites. Simply turn off the shopping cart and you’re ready for the future demands. Theme includes Multi-layer Revolution Slider and Anything slider, unlimited colors, different portfolio layouts, custom post types, custom widgets, tons of Shortcodes, SEO optimized. It’s all ready to build your own website.

  • Many admin panel options really tells you can customize everything! No need to know HTML or CSS
  • You can easily Backup all your data and admin settings
  • 100% Translation Ready. Easy translation to any other language, gettext PO file is also included. Just have a look at our demo site. Theme is WPML Ready
  • Easy administration only with options you really need
  • Many portfolio layouts
  • Shortcodes generator directly from WYSIWYG editor
  • Widgets ready sidebar & footer
  • Image & Template caching for better performance
  • Google Analytics ready
  • AIT Dashboard - Documentation, FAQ and recent updates accessible directly from your WordPress admin panel
  • MVC templating engine. HTML templates are completely separated from PHP files, you just have to see it


Sell your products online using best e-commerce WordPress plugin out there. You can install the WooCommerce plugin for free and create your online store in few moments. Insert your products, upload images and you're done. Everything that you need to create e-commerce website is included in the theme.

Using WooCommerce shopping cart plugin you can sell anything you want. It’s the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. You can sell physical products, services or affiliate products. You can also sell virtual or downloadable products if you want to. Administration panel allows you to manage your stock, shipping options, taxes or payment methods. It’s an easy to use and very powerful tool. There are many free or paid add-ons that you can install to extend your online store.

Your products can be categorized into categories. You can use widgets to add special offers or adverts to your subpages. You can easily show top selling products, top rated or recently viewed products. Filters come as standard. Watch statistics and other marketing tools to reach your business goals. You can also connect your shop with your blog, show your company insights or upcoming new products. All these things will help your visitors decide whether they’ll buy or not. Give them all what they want.

This WordPress Theme together with WooCommerce are making your online delivery business come true.

Make the shopping process easier. Less steps to finish the order will help you increase your sales.

Customers on your website can quickly add the product to shopping cart right from the list of products. They don’t need to click on product detail anymore. Shopping cart content is shown on any page after you click on cart icon. You can also show it on it’s own dedicated page where you can add or delete products. You can also go right to Checkout page.

Each product can have:

  • It’s own custom attributes
  • Category with custom image
  • Shipping classes
  • Custom Tags

While adding your products to the system you can use handy “Duplicate” feature. It’ll save your time significantly. Each product can have it’s own main presentation image, image gallery, detailed description and also product reviews. Useful can be also up-selling and cross-selling your products that will allow you to offer your customers additional products that are related to selected ones. Each product can also have it’s own Inventory, notes or menu order.

Adaptive Design

Theme has adaptive design that looks perfectly on major mobile devices and tables. Theme will adapt to your smaller screen automatically. Theme is only styled for mobile phones, it is not responsive all the way down to mobile.

And Many More Amazing Features

Each theme includes specially developed features and elements for it's specific segment. Apart from that you will get all amazing business features you can use anywhere on your website. Have a look below for more details.


Who made it happen?

This item was created, developed and prepared for you by the following team of great designers and developers:



Position: Webdeveloper


Position: Designer & Front-end Developer


Position: Designer & Front-end Developer

Trusted by amazing people

We build WordPress themes since 2008. See what are our clients say about our themes and after purchase support.


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Comments (19)

  1. Aytugan

    How should we update theme (lorem ipsum e-commerce) now?
    We bought it at envato for our site in version 2.14, but now we can\’t update, because it\’s unavailable there.
    Where and how we can download a new version of theme?

    Thank you.

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Aytugan,

      Thanks for your message. You can access updates and support via following url: https://system.ait-themes.club/join/tf

      If you purchased the theme more then a year ago you’ll need to renew your purchase as we offer updates and support only 1 year after purchase.
      You can read the following blog post for more details: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-themes-removed-from-themeforest/


  2. Emilio

    i have
    wordpress 4.2.2
    WooCommerce 2.3.11
    LoremIpsumVersione: 2.24. I ask if this version is compatibiloe with 2.4.0 of woocommerce, also point out that it does not work payment cash, and bank transfer

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your question. The theme is compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce. Regarding the issues you have encountered with the WooCommerce plugins you should contact their support team. Thanks for understanding.
      Kind regards, Zlatko.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Gary,
      thanks for asking. All of our themes and plugins are based on WordPress CMS. I am sorry, theme LOREM & IPSUM can not be used with Magento platform.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Philip,
      thanks for asking. It’s a functionality available by using WooCommerce plugin which is integrated (compatible) with the following themes: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-themes/#woocommerce
      Best regards,

  3. Kaspar Lavik

    Hey, this was a great read. Thank you for sharing. I found something interesting on these lines, you should take a look http://bit.ly/2nbQug2

  4. Shanelle

    I currently have the Solitudo design but am changing direction. Would I be able to change my site from solitude and incorporate this theme?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Shanelle,

      thank you for asking. We are sorry, it is no possible by default as both themes use different framework. Moreover we do not have such a migration plugin.

      Best regards!

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Rave,
      thanks for asking. We are sorry it is not possible as the theme doesn’t have such a market place functionality.
      Thanks for understanding.
      Kind regards,

  5. Vince

    I tried to create a child theme as per instructions given in your documentation but it gives me a following error.
    Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet.

    I follow all the below steps
    What are the most important parts in child theme?

    1. ait-cache folder
    2. Templates folder
    3. style.css file
    Let’s explain whole process on example with Directory theme.

    Step 1.
    In your themes folder ( ./wp-content/themes ) create folder with for your child theme, for example folder with name DirectoryChild ./wp-content/themes/DirectoryChild

    Step 2.
    From your parent theme folder ( ./wp-content/themes/directory ) copy folder ait-cache, or create this folder yourself in folder with your child theme:
    Be sure that this folder have write permissions (777) same as folder in parent theme. This folder is empty.

    Step 3.
    From your parent theme folder ( ./wp-content/themes/directory ) copy folder Templates with all files and subfolders inside into your child theme folder:

    Step 4.
    Create file style.css inside your child theme folder or copy from your parent theme folder ( ./wp-content/themes/directory ) file style.less.css and rename this file to style.css

    Open this style.css file from child theme to edit, and leave in this file only commented header, all styles below commented header you can delete.

    In this header make changes:

    write your child theme name into parameter Theme Name:
    add Template: parameter which contains the name of parent theme folder
    include style.css file from parent theme
    Example with changed “Theme Name” parameter and added “Templates” parameter with imported style.css file from parent theme:

    Theme Name: DirectoryChild
    Theme URI: http://preview.ait-themes.com/directory/wp1
    Author: AitThemes
    Author URI: http://design.ait-themes.com/aitthemescom-v2
    Description: Follow us on Twitter
    Version: xx
    License: GNU General Public License
    License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
    Template: directory
    @import url(“../directory/style.css”);

    url of imported style.css file is in format: url(“../parentThemeFolderName/style.css”)

    Step 5.
    Your child theme DirectoryChild is ready and you can activate this theme in admin.
    You can make your own changes inside php files in Templates folder and add own custom css changes in style.css file.

    Do you want your own image as thumbnail for child theme? Just add image with name screenshot.png into child theme folder (example path: ./wp-content/themes/DirectoryChild/screenshot.png)

    Many thanks for your help in advance!!

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Vince,

      thanks for contacting us back. I’d like ask you to post technical question directly in our dedicated support ticket system. Please login into your account at https://system.ait-themes.club/support/add-question.
      Our technicians are ready to answer you most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few working hours). Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.

      Feel free to provide our technicians with AIT SysInfo report which should help to manage your issue asap: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-sysinfo/

      Thanks for your understanding.

      Kind regards!
      AIT team

  6. Michael


    I’m wondering if this theme is still being kept up to date and is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and Woocommerce?
    Specifically WordPress version 5.6.1 and Woocommerce 5.0.0?


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Michael,

      Thanks for writing in. Yeah, we keep each of our template up-to-date on regular basis. If there is a bug, please provide us of some detailed info or screenshots and our development team will have a look asap.

      Kind regards!
      AIT team

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