Last UpdateMarch 25, 2021
WordPress 5.x
Translated Languages 28
Compatible Browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Layout Responsive
GDPR Compliant Yes, with our GDPR plugins
v2.0.11 March 25, 2021
- Fix: Better image quality with header image on portfolio
v2.0.10 February 23, 2021
- Update: AIT API key settings updates
v2.0.9 January 14, 2021
- Fix: Fixed range input in admin settings
v2.0.8 December 17, 2020
- Update: WP 5.6 compatibility update
v2.0.7 September 10, 2020
- Fix: WP 5.5 compatibility update
v2.0.6 August 20, 2020
- Fix: Contact form does not send some data after updgrade to WP 5.5
v2.0.5 August 14, 2020
- Update: WP 5.5 compatibility update
v2.0.4 August 13, 2020
- Update: WP 5.5 compatibility update
v2.0.3 July 10, 2020
- Fix: API keys & WP Multisite
v2.0.2 June 4, 2020
- Fix: Removed email addresses from html source code in Contact Form Element- security fix.
v2.0.1 May 28, 2020
- Fix: Missing sender email address in contact form element.
v2.0.0 March 5, 2020
- New: Theme Activation
v1.20 January 9, 2020
- Fix: Sign Up page on multisite installation
v1.19 June 20, 2019
- Update: Updated deprecated Wordpress function login_headertitle()
v1.18 April 11, 2019
- Added: Theme package include marketing plugin "HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms, Popups, Live Chat" to grow your email list, generate leads, and manage all your contacts inside HubSpot’s free CRM. Plugin can be found in theme folder ./ait-theme/plugins/leadin.zip
v1.17 April 4, 2019
- New: Revolution Slider element offer selection of slider for each language on Special Pages in Page Builder
v1.16 February 14, 2019
- Fix: Corrected condition in AIT Requirements Checker for ICONV extension
v1.15 February 7, 2019
- Fix: Fixed special characters in website name displayed as attributes for logo
v1.14 January 17, 2019
- Fix: Fixed loading of select inputs and Google maps in theme admin
v1.13 December 20, 2018
- Fix: Fixed duplicated on/off buttons in Page Builder
v1.12 December 6, 2018
- Update: Wordpress 5.0 compatibility update
v1.11 November 29, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v1.10 November 23, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update in nette framework
v1.9 November 23, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v1.8 July 26, 2018
- New: Load Google Map in Google Map Element on request after click on button
v1.7 June 14, 2018
- Improvement: Save button in Page Builder and Theme Options will be disabled until page has fully loaded to prevent unintended save with uninitialized inputs
v1.6 May 31, 2018
- Fixed: Comments form 
v1.5 May 24, 2018
- Update: Form fields reset styles in reset.css
- Added: Support for AIT Comments Extension plugin
v1.4 April 19, 2018
- Added: Helper input for all Inputs in Contact Form element (GDPR requirement)
v1.3 March 15, 2018
- Fix: Image element centered
- Update: Updated product image cropping sizes for Woocommerce 3.3+
- Update: Allowed opening of Woocommerce Product images in lightbox in responsive design
- Update: Updated Colorbox jquery library to latest version
v1.2 February 1, 2018
- Fix: Fixed blog pagination
v1.1 January 11, 2018
- Fix: Fixed submenu dropdown in main menu
- Fix: Fixed translation for "All" text in Portfolio filter
- Fix: Fixed list styles for testimonials and post
- Fix: Fixed custom type services and testimonials
v1.0 December 5, 2017
- Theme released

Make it fresh. Make it clear. Go for Denko.

Denko changes the look of most of the stereotyped WordPress elements. Less settings, less time and better result.

Smart design. Clean, huge imagery, always good looking.

It creates a professional website regardless of the amount of content. Less worries about a template setup. Responsive design looks great on any device.

Brand color & light or dark on click.

Elegant look thanks to the right color scheme. We have found a balance in the variety
of color versus its usability. Choose your corporate color. Template setup takes a few seconds.

Typography for readability.

The primary reason for any webpage visit is information. We have carefully selected fonts and typography to make your website readable. Symbiosis of art and technology.


Website minimalism is primarily in terms of its components. The clarity and the finding of answers to the questions of a visitor is what matters most. Navigation and the whole website layout improves the user experience. That’s why this template provides only what your successful website really needs.

Valuable and systematic. The selection of the best.

The purpose of the website is to support your business. That’s why we focused on all the important functionalities versus the time spent with its creation. When building a website, there are business elements and page builder available. All the settings and functionalities are aimed to create a professional presentation. Simple administration and content adding. Even via a mobile device.

Perfect presentation
at your fingertips.

Your website cannot be without presentations of projects and case studies. They show your qualities and exceptionality. But the volume of them significantly affects the website look. That’s why Denko template focuses on their variability. It must look good with one, as well as with dozens of photos.

Show what you are doing.

Best to describe services and products. This is the main goal of the website. Images make your
website look nicer and more engaging.

and informative articles.

Articles are a way to highlight your credibility and expertise. It’s an approach to build authority and audience. Precious information is best to keep with you. Your knowledge and know-how are safe. The management of website and expert articles is comfortably under one roof.

Built in Multilingual Support.

First multilingual WordPress themes with integrated multilingual system and language translations. You can have your website in any language or create a multilingual website in multiple languages. Theme is ready to use right out of the box. Everything is already translated. Just type in content in your language and it’s done.


Learn more

Intuitive for beginners, powerful for advanced users.

Everything was made to make your life easier. Write your content and focus on your core business. You don’t need to be a web designer to compose a nice looking website. We’ve done this work for you.


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Who made it happen?

This item was created, developed and prepared for you by the following team of great designers and developers:



Position: Founder & Senior Designer


Position: Webdeveloper


Position: Designer & Front-end Developer

Do you have a pre-sale question or suggestion?

Feel free to write us your comment.

Comments (50)

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Antonio,
      yes, theme comes with built in Page Builder, Theme Options and with the following pre-made custom post types:
      – Members, Portfolio, Services, Testimonials and the elements that you can find on demo preview page:
      – Members, Portfolio, Services, Testimonials, Contact Form, Facebook, Google Map, Image, Text, Twitter and Columns.
      Best regards!

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Pedro,
      thanks for asking. Each of our products comes with an access to support forum and product updates valid for a 1 year (except Lifetime membership package). After this period you are free to decide to prolong your membership for the same price.
      Best regards!

  1. Alex Buta

    Wow, I almost finished my website with the most minimalistic theme from the whole multilingual pack, and now comes this.
    Well, time to redesign it again. Great job!!! Thanks for this theme, it is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    1. Zlatko

      Denko theme has not implemented Revolution slider nor any module for online sell. It uses the following custom post types only: Members, Portfolio, Services and Testimonials. Them options uses the less functionality https://prntscr.com/hmei9a by comparing with the rest of our translated and multilingual themes: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-themes/#translated-multilingual-themes
      Kind regards!

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for asking. The main difference is in the design. The product you select should meet your demands also on functionality that offers built-in features like custom post types and elements. You can find them in demo preview page.
      Best regards!

  2. Станислав

    Здравствуйте! Тема отличная! Один вопрос. Она имеет ораниченное количество записей? Импортировал записи блога, но на странице блога всего 10 статей и нет постраничной навигации…
    P/S Сделайте возможность автоматической смены цвета темы в зависимости от времени суток) Днём светлая, ночью тёмная))) Очень круто будет!

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your comment. Indeed, there are no limits for displaying the blog posts, no side navigation.
      Regarding your interesting idea – as mention in previous answer – we’ll consider it and make decision.
      Thanks for your understanding.
      Kind regards!

      1. Станислав

        Вы меня не правильно поняли. Более 10 статей не показывает Блог!!! И постраниная навигация не появлется! Это ошибка. Исправляйте.

        You understood me wrong. More than 10 articles do not show Blog !!! And paging will not appear! This is mistake. Correct.

      2. Станислав

        Сделайте постраничную навигацию с возможностью настройки количества отображения статей на одной странице.

        Make page-by-page navigation with the ability to adjust the number of articles displayed on one page.

        1. Zlatko

          Hi there,
          thanks for getting back on this: you can set the number of displayed posts in common wordpress settings. Secondly, page navigation is not available as it was not in the plan.
          Thanks for understanding.
          Kind regards!

          1. Станислав

            Вы не правы. Техническая поддержка уже призналась что это ошибка и будет исправленно в следующем обновлении.

            1. Zlatko

              Hi there,
              thanks for getting back on this. I apologize for my misunderstanding. Indeed, the bug we’ll fix it as soon as possible.
              Kind regards!

          2. Станислав

            Да, отобразить можно в настройках WordPress. Но если статей 10-20 это ещё нормально. А если их под 100 и более? Станица может попросту у некоторых не загрузиться от такого количества постов и изображениями. Нужна постраничная навигация…

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Mikhail,
      after 1 year you can still continue using our products and once you decide to get the access to theme/plugin updates and/or get an access to support forum, you should consider to renew your membership for the same price.
      Kind regards,

  3. Mario Scire

    I had download the free version to evaluate the theme; switching from the previous theme to the denko one, the menu options only show the first level. Any suggestion? can you please point me to the documentation. Thank you

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Mario,
      thanks for your message. The documentation page is available at: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation where you can find video tutorials and knowledge base as well.
      Free version of the theme doesn’t use AIT Toolkit plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-elements-toolkit/ (which means: no pre-made custom post types, no Elements to show them in Page Builder, search form without some functionality, no sidebars etc). All you can do with free theme version is setting of colors and some basic functionality, in fact theme is suitable for personal use only (not ready for commercial purpose, no technical support).
      Therefore, feel free to have a try our framework – administration of the theme -> i hope you’ll find the following article as useful. https://www.ait-themes.club/how-do-the-best-free-wordpress-themes-work/

      If you are interesting in the differences between the directories themes, please have a look at the article:
      Thanks for your understanding.
      Have a great day!

  4. Станислав

    Здравствуйте! Столкнулся с такой ж проблемой в меню. https://yadi.sk/i/RjeZyHa53RBbVc
    В меню установлено в административной части https://yadi.sk/i/U38AIkXk3RBbVz
    А на сайте нет этого. https://yadi.sk/i/p4gp8GCb3RBbWp

    Мега меню при этом тоже активировано https://yadi.sk/i/O91nYQDR3RBbXM

    1. Zlatko

      Zdravstvujte Stanislav,
      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation with video tutorials:
      https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/ | https://www.ait-themes.club/knowledgebase
      Or feel free to post technical question directly in our dedicated support ticket system. Please login into your account at https://system.ait-themes.club/support/.
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few working hours). Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      Once you have bought Ait Themes product on Themeforest you should register on our Club to get support. First of all the purchase code from Themeforest should to be validated in our system. If you have not created Ait Themes Club account yet, please use this form: https://system.ait-themes.club/join/tf

      Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards!

  5. Ed

    Hi, i’m interested in your Denko theme.

    Question: Would I be able to use it with my Divi theme? What would happen to my Divi theme if I installed Denko?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Ed,
      thanks for asking. You can have activated one of mentioned themes at once. Denko theme comes as a single template based on WordPress CMS. It’s impossible to run both themes at the same time.
      Best regards!

  6. Pablo

    I own a small business that offers consultancy and marketing strategies for customers.
    I want my site to be shown in several languages.
    I need to know how difficult this will be and whether I would own a multisite page or not.
    I want to build the typical place where a visitor can change from one language to anotherwith just a click on the right flag/name.
    I know I will have to traslate all my contets (which is fine).
    Will I be able to use the theme for other sites?
    Will I have a lifelong product?
    I am now using DIVI, which is great, but it is difficult to build a multilingual site with it.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Pablo,
      thanks a lot for interesting in our products. You can extend Denko theme with AIT Languages plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/multilingual-support/ . How to work with the theme and the plugin in order having multilingual localization is described in the documentation at: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#multilingual-options with all features that you have asked for.
      You can re-use any of our products for unlimited times, for as many domains or web projects as you want, no problem.
      Full membership or any single product of ours comes with an access to support forum and product updates valid for a 1 year. After this period you are free to decide to prolong your subscription for the same price.
      Best regards!

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for interesting in City Guide theme. How could we help you?
      Documentation and video tutorials are available at: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/

  7. oredlom

    is there a way for this theme to use the original uncompressed (not re-sized) image for portfolio featured image (located at at the top of a portfolio item)?
    the theme compresses the image then makes it small, but yet renders it out at 100% width making it look really bad, other than that the theme is great

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for asking. We are sorry, we are not allowed to provide original images due to copyrights.
      Thanks for understanding.

  8. Carlos

    Can you please explain the avdanteges of DENKO???
    For me its just a simple theme, and i like it simple, but what its new for developers!?
    We scroll down an the menu gets mixed with the content!? Shouldnt we get a real upgrade!?
    Please explain why this is better for us, because slimply we get it any where

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Carlos,
      thanks for asking. Theme was not designed for designers. There is stated detailed description on page presentation:
      Websites for small businesses, professional consultants and freelancers contain little amount of text and images. Common WordPress templates are designed for extensive presentations and portals. They provide the widest possible use. They’re bundled with many default WordPress widgets, display options, elements and settings. Business websites do not need content in such a big extent. When built via common templates, they look unfinished and far-apart from the demo version of the template. Smart WordPress template solves this very essence. The philosophy of a Smart WordPress template is to create always professional looking website.
      Best regards!

    1. Zlatko

      Hi Lesley,
      thanks for interesting in Denko theme. Unfortunately it is not possible. But both themes are WP Multisite compatible…

    1. Zlatko

      thank you for your interesting idea, we’ll consider it and make decision. Please stay tuned ;).
      Kind regards!

  9. Sam


    I just saw your offer of $99 package for one year. I have some questions for this option related to copyright. I have already initiated for live chat option but still no response. Can you please respond to my mail so that I can ask my queries. I have lots of queries and I am serious about the package so better if you answer ASAP.


    1. Zlatko

      Hi there,
      thanks a lot for interesting in our products. We are sorry, we do not offer live chat room.
      A common way we provide communication /in English/ to our audience can be performed by posted pre-sale questions via comments or private emails only on http://www.ait-themes.CLUB. To all of our subscribers we offer an access to our dedicated support forum where we are ready to help with any theme kind of issue during website building. Customer Support is provided Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Central European Time. The ticked system offer ajax search during writing the words throughout our video tutorials, knowledge base and documentation.

      Therefore, feel free to post your idea or any request here or via private email. We’ll be glad to hear from you again.
      Thanks for understanding.

  10. Fernando


    I updated the Denko theme to version 1.9 (2018-11-22).
    Now the “Services” don’t work, neither do the “Text” elements.

    Where can I download the previous version?


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Fernando,
      thanks for contacting us back. Please update to the latest theme version v1.10 as the issue from 1.9 version has been fixed.

    1. Zlatko

      Hi there,
      thanks for asking. We are sorry, Denko is not compatible with WooCommerce plugin. Templates that comes with integrated plugin for on-line sell are available at: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-themes/#woocommerce

    1. Zlatko


      thanks for contacting us back.
      Please, check your theme/plugin versions with the latest ones if you can: You should be able to get an access to the latest supported theme/plugin version by using AIT Updater plugin for free -> https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-updater/ , the documentation you can find at https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#updater-plugin

      If it doesn’t help, I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/ and filter the results by using the proper keyword.

      Should your issue still persists, please provide our Ait-Themes team with AIT SysInfo report: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-sysinfo/. Our technicians are ready to help you with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time. If you have not created Ait Themes Club account yet, please use this form: https://system.ait-themes.club/join/tf and post your technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account https://system.ait-themes.club/support/ . In general support covers mainly finding of solutions for problems in theme and help users use the product, if there is a bug we’ll fix it as soon as possible and once everything is double checked we release the new theme for the market. Unfortunately we are not capable working on user’s custom websites.
      Our technicians are ready to answer you most efficiently even as quick as possible if you decide for the “priority question” service /you’ll get an answer within a few working hours/.

      Thanks for understanding.

      AIT team

  11. John

    I see this when trying to view the “Denko” demo:

    “Please enter a valid API key for this domain. You can configure it in Theme Options.”

    1. Zlatko

      Hello John,

      thanks for writing in. Please follow the instructions posted at: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/theme-activation/

      Should your issue still persists, please contact us back.

      Kind regards!
      AIT team

    1. Zlatko

      Hello there,

      Thanks for asking. We are sorry, Denko theme uses own build-in page builder, therefore it is not compatible with Elementor. Please have a look at Citadela product pack as it comes compatible with Divi and/or with Elementor builder: https://www.ait-themes.club/citadela/

      Have a good day!
      AIT team

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