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Transfer your bulk data of directory items, item categories and locations quickly. Plugin allows you to import data from CSV file to your directory theme. You can also export data from your website in CSV format to do local changes in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. Plugin will automatically generate sample CSV file for the current theme.

One click Items Transfer Directory Product
Compatible themes: Categories: BusinessFinder+ City Guide Directory+ Event Guide FoodGuide
CreatedDecember 10, 2014
Last UpdateNovember 21, 2016
WordPress 4.7.x
Translated Languages 26
Compatible Browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
v2.9 November 21, 2016
- Fix: Problems with export/import of featured images
v2.8 October 10, 2016
- New: Redesign of plugin admin page
v2.7 September 8, 2016
- Fix: Compatibility with CityGuide Theme v2.75
- New: Now you can update existing Category or Location if you use existing 'slug' or 'name' column in CSV file
- New: Plugin will announce user if required 'name' column is missing in CSV file
v2.6 June 23, 2016
- New: Ability to export/import additional information for item categories and locations
v2.5 June 2, 2016
- Fix: New items were not searchable by subtitle or features
v2.4 May 5, 2016
- Fix: New items didn't display on taxonomy pages in recent Directory2 version
v2.3 March 2, 2016
- Fix: Problem with importing 'draft' items
v2.2 November 24, 2015
- New: Export items with "publish" and "draft" status
- New: Date validation
- Update: POT file
v2.1 November 5, 2015
- Fix: Problem with missing GPS coordinates
- New: Confirmation message on successful import
v2.0 October 29, 2015
- New: Settings moved to Theme Admin sections (read more in the documentation)
- New: Language support - you can import/export items with any of available languages
- New: Bulk import - now you can import bigger files without server failures
- New: User friendly reporting
v1.20 September 25, 2015
- Fixed: Error causing empty page on php5.4 and below
v1.19 September 16, 2015
- Fixed: Items with the existing slug will not be duplicated but updated (read more in documentation)
- Fixed: PHP notices during importing
v1.18 September 8, 2015
- Fixed: Now you can export items and re-import exported csv file
- Fixed: Socials and Features are included in exported csv file
- Info: Updated documentation (
v1.17 September 3, 2015
- Fix: Categories/Locations with the existing slug will not be duplicated but updated (read more in documentation)
- Fix: category_featured field wasn't added in exported csv if the taxonomy wasn't selected as 'featured'
v1.16 August 25, 2015
- Fix: php syntax error while importing taxonomies
v1.15 August 19, 2015
- Added: Possibility to use "image name" for item's featured image (more details in the documentation)
- Added: Improved after-import reporting
v1.14 August 11, 2015
- Fixed: Items with same Title but unique Name/Slug were considered as the same item
- Added: Admin field desrciptions
- Updated: POT Translation file
v1.13 July 21, 2015
- Update: Added custom fields to import export functions
v1.12 July 7, 2015
- Update: Updated pot translation files
v1.11 July 1, 2015
- Update: All translations are now handled by AIT Languages plugin
v1.10 June 9, 2015
- Update: Updated all translations - translated some new strings
- New:  Added new Ukrainian (uk) translation
v1.9 May 19, 2015
- Added: New language - Turkish (tr_TR)
- Updated: All other languages were updated
v1.8 April 20, 2015
- Tweak: Internal changes for better maintainability
v1.7 March 20, 2015
- Fixed: Taxonomy import for Items
v1.6 March 10, 2015
Added languages
v1.6 February 11, 2015
Fixes (thumbnail, update old item etc.)
v1.5 February 9, 2015
- Fixed thumbnail import
- Added update existing posts
v1.4 January 16, 2015
- added language files
- some fixes
vv1.4 January 12, 2015
- Fixed: featured image import
- Fixed: exported only terms with assigned post types
- Changed: Import reporting shows count of succesfully imported posts, shows only not imported posts
v1.3 January 6, 2015
Fixed: missing a line from importType.php (empty import)
v1.2 December 30, 2014
Fixed: multisite import, empty import, import page showing duplicated tables, added better error reporting
v1.1 December 12, 2014
- Fixed: Some PHP errors
- Renamed WP admin menu labels for this plugin
v1.0 December 10, 2014
- Plugin release

Plugin Features

  • Bulk data import from CSV (Microsoft Excel) file
  • Export data from your directory website to CSV file
  • Plugin will automatically generate sample CSV file for the current theme
  • Supports Categories & Locations
  • Item to category and location assignment
  • Ability to also assign featured image that’s uploaded in Media library

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Comments (190)

  1. Daniel


    I purchased CSV to WordPress Import Plugin along with Directory in October 2013. Now that I am on Directory + it appears that my old license of CSV to WordPress Import Plugin won’t work. Is there a credit or upgrade for old CSV to WordPress Import Plugin users, since CSV Import / Export seems to be the same tool just updated?



    1. Zlatko

      Hello Daniel,
      thanks for contacting us back. CSV Import / Export plugin is absolutely the different plugin that is compatible with our directory themes based on framework II /multilingual ready, page builder, theme options etc/
      Therefore, it is not the same plugin as the one you have purchased via Themeforest.
      Thank for understanding.

    2. Mickey Gong


      We bought the plugin, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit our needs, please give us the refund, thank you in advance.


      Mickey Gong

      1. Zlatko

        Hello Mickey,
        please contact us directly via support forum which will enable answer you to most efficiently, or provide us of your purchase code. Thanks!

  2. CConner

    Please refund my purchase:

    It doesn’t work the way it’s advertised or suppose to. Let me know if you are not willing to do it so I can start writing reviews on AIT Themes.

  3. Matt

    This plugin does not work, constant bugs as well as doesn’t transfer images/image urls. It’s quite pointless to use. Please give a refund.

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your message. Here is the link to documentation, please check the Theme Option.
      Should you have further issue, please kindly post your theme-regarding question at our support forum which will enable answer you to most efficiently.
      Best regards,

  4. bharath

    hi iam using directory plus theme for classified site, i have 2 lacs of business listings in excel sheet, how to import bulk data, wordpress importer is usefull for bulk uploading, is there any issues. previously iam using wordpress all import plugin for another classified theme.i posted 7000 business listings. after 1 hour my website was getting slow , almost 1 week my site is not working . it shows complete white blank page. i am changing hosting server also.

    iam facing somany problems…

    please suggest me how upload bulk data? wordpress import is working or not. Directory theme was supported 2lacs business listings ?
    csv import/export plugin is support for directory plus 4.5.2 …. or

    suggest me which plugin in useful for directory plus ..for bulk upload

  5. Robbert

    So you delete the plugin from codecanyon, write a new one and sell it ?.
    Please refund me for the csv import/export plugin than i will buy the bew one here.
    Never even got the time to proper use it.


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Robbert,
      thanks for your message. CSV Import / Export Item plugin is quite different product by comparing the one that was on codecanyon some times ago. The current one is compatible with our directory listing themes of 2nd generation /built with our framework II, page builder, etc/
      Secondly regarding refund, i am sorry but your request is not in accordance with refund policy
      Best regards,

  6. rvs

    hi, i’ve a previous version of business finder.
    Does this plugin work CSV IMPORT / EXPORT To transfer all venue to the new version ?

  7. Jasper Fernandez

    HI. If I use this CSV IMPORT/EXPORT plugin, it is very compatible with the Directory+ theme right? so If I would import from my excel(csv), Will it automatically display the same as the listings in the website? I have already purchased the Directory+ theme, please help me answer my question so that I can buy this for importing my listings.

  8. Brian

    I am scraping businesses in my area to create the directory. I’m assuming i can then cut and paste pertinent information into the your spreadsheet (the model provided) and then simply upload it to Directory+ with this plugin, am I correct?

  9. Diego Diez Corral

    Hi, i see the csv import export, ¿the plugin only works with the themes of ait or is ready for work with any theme?

  10. Nelson Uetimane

    My website is being developed, and it will take about 10 days or more.

    As i have more than 10,000 listing, i would like to save time, starting adding all information on excel format that allows me to import to my website once is ready.

    Is there any way to send me the Excel file so i can start that work?

    You can send to xxx or yyy
    Or send me a link for download.

    Kind Regards
    Nelson Uetimane

  11. Sudharshan

    I purchased the CSV import plugin. I wish to purchase the premium package. I saw the package details after purchasing the this plugin only.
    Are there any ways I can I get a discount for this plugin amount when buying the premium account?

  12. Sudharshan

    I purchased the CSV plugin last week. I would like to get the premium package since it has all the plugins to make the site workable.

    If I pay for the premium package are there any ways that I won’t pay this USD 45 which spent for this plugin or can I get the repayment for this?

  13. Laurent

    I use Business Finder to geolocate nurses on
    I haved logged more than 100 items manualy but i have now 11000 bulk points with geolocation to put on the map (excel)
    Is this plugin can help me ?

      1. Laurent

        Many thanks Zlatko.
        I will check this doc to see if I can find a way to avoid thousand of encoding ;o)

        Is there a difference btw Business Finder & BF + for your plugin to work ?

        Great job!

        1. Emilia

          Hey Laurent,

          Business Finder is very first version which was complately rebuild into the BF+ theme. This old version is no more available. Thank you

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Markus,
      it’s a feature that we have in our plan – CSV Import / Export Events plugin will be created in a few weeks/months. Thanks!

  14. Frank

    Hi, I haven’t updated yet from Directory to Directory+. I still need to prepare some stuff beforehand. I’ve purchased the import and export plugins for the old version, which is obviously not longer supported. What can I do, it obviously does not work – shows me severel error messages like “”sep=;”
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by…” , so I’m stuck. Do I really need to purchase it again to get it working after the upgrade to Directory+?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Frank,
      CSV Import / Export plugin is compatible with Directory+ theme that is built with another framework that uses page builder. Therefore the plugin you have purchased from the past is not compatible with Directory+ theme.
      Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards, Zlatko

  15. Damianos

    Hello, I have not updated to the BusinessFinder+ and it is not working on BusinessFinder.
    I request a refund because I cannot use it for now and I do not know if we will update and be able to use it in the near future.

    Thank you

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Naga,
      thanks for asking:
      Directory package includes all the products of PremiumX plus:
      PremiumX includes:
      For detailed info please have a look at:
      Best, Zlatko

  16. wael

    i use the import/export csv tools but i see error in my website: (screenshot url:

    {if $options->theme->general->favicon != “”} {/if} {includePart parts/seo} {googleAnalytics $options->theme->google->analyticsTrackingId} {wpHead} {!$options->theme->header->customJsCode} {var $searchFormClass = “”} {if $elements->unsortable[search-form]->display} {var $searchFormClass = $elements->unsortable[search-form]->option(‘type’) != “” ? “search-form-type-“.$elements->unsortable[search-form]->option(‘type’) : “search-form-type-1”} {/if} {* usefull for inline scripts like facebook social plugins scripts, etc… *} {doAction ait-html-body-begin} {if $wp->isPage}
    {includePart parts/social-icons} {includePart parts/languages-switcher} {includePart “parts/woocommerce-cart”} {includePart portal/parts/header-resources}
    {if $options->theme->header->logo} logo {else}

  17. Aric Johnson

    If I purchase the Directory Membership for $99 (Get all 66 themes, plugins and 171 Graphics), is it a one time cost and does it include all of the paid plugins for Business Finder+, such as Paypal Payments, CSV Import/Export, PayPal Subscriptions, Item Reviews, Events Pro, Item Extension, Advanced Filters, Claim Listing, Quick Comments, Announcements Bar, Easy Admin, and Get Directions plugins?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Aric,
      thank you for asking. Directory package includes all the products of PremiumX plus:
      For detailed info please have a look at:
      Secondly, after purchase you’ll get an access to updates and support forum valid for a 1 year. After one year you can renew your account for the same price.
      Best regards,

  18. Alexander

    I see that the CSV import plugin has a lot of negative feedback.
    Have these issues been resolved?
    If i buy it and it doesnt work, will there be refund?


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Alexander,
      thanks for your message. Each one product we sell comes with 100% functionality as offered. General support covers mainly finding of solutions for problems in theme and help users use the product, if there is a bug we’ll fix it as soon as possible. The most important is follow the instructions in our documentation: . Anyhow, you can contact us via support forum at any time when you encounter any plugin-regarding issue.
      Best regards,

  19. Ninos Sipo


    I purchased the $99 premium membership and I installed the Directory+ theme successfully and included all of the Demo Content. So far so good! However, I’m running into a problem when I try to import my Categories and Items into my theme. I downloaded the example CSV file and included the =sep; as the first line in the file, however, the import will not run. I only get “0/1” as a result of items that are being imported. Any ideas as to why this is happening?


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Ninos,
      thanks for your message.
      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation |
      or post technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few hours).
      Best regards!

  20. Ninos Sipo


    I purchased the $99 membership and I downloaded the Directory+ theme. I’m trying to use the CSV Import/Export plugin and after adding in the =sep; as the first line, it still won’t upload my categories. I get a 0/1 uploaded and nothing happens after that. Any suggestions?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Ninos,
      thanks for purchasing Directory package.
      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation |
      or post technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few hours).

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Chris,
      thanks for asking. Yeah, we keep each one of our products up-to-date. The latest supported CSV Import Export plugin version is: v2.9 from 21.11.2016.
      Best regards!

  21. Ruth Togonon Alpez

    Hi, I have problem importing data, it says “Your file is missing column: post_name” after i added “sep=;” at the top because of the another error says ‘Missing separator information’. Please help. Thanks

  22. Anup kumar


    I am working on a client site with your Directory+ theme. Currently using wp import pro but it not import website and phone numbers! wanted to know that you csv import plugin work perfectly with directory + item import?


  23. Sydney

    Hi our directory listing is currently being managed via WP JOB Manager. Would the data be compatible to import to CityGUide using your suggested CSV importer? Thanks

  24. Jeff

    Hi, I tried to export the content of Items from Directory Plus Theme, but all the data related to the item such as direction or phone number appears as a single field called _ait-item_item-data. Does this plugin export the data of the item in different fields?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Jeff,
      thanks for your message.
      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation |
      Or feel free to post technical question directly in our dedicated support ticket system. Please login into your account at
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few working hours). Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      Thanks for understanding.
      Kind regards!

  25. Franco


    is there an option to turn the GPS/Latitude,Longitude/Street view from the CSV?

    I really appreciate if you let me know about it.

  26. Kevin

    I have just recently installed the “CSV IMPORT / EXPORT” plugin on my site. I exported the item csv file, made changes and when I tried to import the csv file, I get the error “Missing separator information”. What am I doing wrongly?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Kevin,
      please kindly have a look at the documentation at:
      Should your issue still persists, Ait-Themes team is ready to help you with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time. If you have not created Ait Themes Club account yet, please use this form: and post your technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account . In general support covers mainly finding of solutions for problems in theme and help users use the product, if there is a bug we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are not capable working on user’s custom websites.
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible if you decide for the “priority question” service /you’ll get an answer within a few working hours/.
      Thanks for understanding.
      Kind regards!

  27. srdja vukosavljevic

    Hi, I have purchased your Directory+ WP theme via the EnvatoMarket (Theme Forest). Can I download theme updates via your site?

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