Citadela PRO plugin

WordPress plugin that turns our Citadela theme into superior web-building tool


Citadela PRO plugin activates:

  • prominent customization options
  • Elementor and WordPress Editor layouts
  • unlimited color selection
  • best fonts for all kinds of websites or any language

Why choose Citadela WordPress Theme with Citadela PRO Plugin?

Color Autocalc

There’s a whole science around using colors on websites to make sure it looks good overall. To make things easier for you, we developed the colors auto-calc.
Auto-calc adjusts complementary colors on your website (such as a font color) to respect contrast of your chosen colors and other site’s elements.


Google Fonts

Typography will reflect your individual style and needs better than ever with a wide choice of fonts from Google fonts database. This is especially handy if language of your website requires the use of special characters.
Globally manage page title styles such as font type and font weight.
  • Theme & header layout

    These settings allow you to organize main website components such as header, content and sidebar styles.

  • Content width

    Advanced settings for website content width. You can configure it exactly as you want without worry about loosing website responsiveness on mobile devices.

  • General border radius

    Special design setting that allows you to globally set rounded edges of box objects throughout whole website.

  • Button border radius

    Special setting for rounded buttons. In combination with “General border radius” you can change the whole look & feel of your website.

Appearance settings of Header & Custom header

Pro plugin extends Customizer with header color configuration. It also allows you to set default header style. You can set default header background image, color gradient and overlay settings.
Header can be changed and customized on every page using Citadela Header Settings inside Inspector. That way you can achieve unique design using functions such as Transparent header or Header over content. You can also change logo on every sub page. Possibilities are endless.

Content settings for Full width templates

Pages without sidebars don’t have any limitations. To make Citadela as universal as possible Pro plugin has an option to set default content width. If you choose Full width page template, you can set default content width to Default, Wide or Full Width. All blocks and grids are automatically adjusted to this setting.

Blog layout settings

To create attractive blog layouts Citadela Pro plugin offers options to customize blog page using WordPress Gutenberg editor. That way you have full control over design of you blog page. You can also use there all Citadela blocks such as maps or cluster to really create a page that you want. Blog posts can be displayed as List, Box or Simple Layout.


Blog posts anywhere on your website

New block called “Posts” allows you to display blog posts on any page. You can use many filter options to only display posts that you want.

Design Extensions for other Citadela plugins

Pro plugin adds new features and extends options for blocks included in our two other Citadela plugins: Citadela Blocks and Citadela Directory.

Cluster – Width settings

Pro plugins enables you to globally set custom width for blocks. Cluster block width can be set independently from these global settings. You have your subpage width fully under control. It can be set to content, wide or full width.

Design setting for other blocks

Attractive presentation can be achieved using different design styles and various color combination of blocks. Our blocks allows you to set different background & text colors, styles & colors of lines and main decorative color. These options are added into following blocks:
  • Directory items list
  • Directory search results
  • Posts search form
  • Directory search form
  • Item Extension
  • Advanced Filters

Half layout with Directory map

You can switch to Half layout with left or right directory map on any page. In the first half, you can display directory items grids, text, images or another standard content format. In the second half, you can display a directory map with items and markers or even show a route using GPX data.

It’s simple to learn for newbies. Pleasure to work with for experienced WordPress fans and developers.

Excellent compatibility

Citadela PRO plugin unlocks Citadela’s full potential. It only works with Citadela WordPress theme. This plugin gives you advanced customization to create a professional website. Enhance Citadela theme and build your next awesome website.


Look forward…

Citadela PRO plugin will only get better. We’ll be adding more layouts, increasing number of options and settings in Customizer. So each website you build with Citadela WordPress Theme could be unique, beautiful and astonishing.

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