AIT Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

Shortcodes for WYSIWYG editor
Compatible themes: Categories: Translated & Multilingual Plugins

Translated into 28 languages


Useful set of familiar shortcodes for your WordPress WYSIWYG editor. No need to type html code for basic elements like buttons or lists. Plugin offers many customization options right before shortcode insertion.

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Last UpdateJuly 15, 2015
WordPress 5.x
Translated Languages 27
Compatible Browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
GDPR Compliant yes
v1.1.1 July 15, 2015
- Fix: Correct translation textdomain - updated POT and all translations for this plugin in AIT Languages plugin
v1.1.0 July 1, 2015
- New: Font Awesome icons implemented in button shortcode
- Update: All translations are now handled by AIT Languages plugin
v1.0.12 June 3, 2015
- New:  Added new Ukrainian (uk) translation
- New:  Added new Turkish (tr_TR) translation
v1.0.11 April 29, 2015


Useful set of shortcodes at your service

  • Buttons

    Fully customizable with many options like colors, size, icon and urls

  • Lists

    Offers several types of bullets and half layout

  • Notifications

    Closeable notifications for any occasion like success, error, warning or informative messages

  • Horizontal Rule

    Simple horizontal or css clearing separators for your content

  • Modal Windows

    You can create modal window of your content or any embeded media as iframe

  • Raw formatting

    Prevents WordPress editor from adding html markup when not needed

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Comments (16)

  1. Damien BAYLE

    J’ai une question dans le Directory Membership nous avons tous les plugins a vie ?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Damien,
      Directory membership includes all themes, plugins, icons, graphics and you can use them lifetime. Access to updates is valid for a 1 year. Renewal is possible for the same price. Detailed info you can find at:

    2. steffens

      Bonjour, oui vous avez toutes les plugins, je vous conseille de prendre la version Lifetime, car pour qlqs dizaines d’euros de plus, vous avez la garantie que votre site soit opérationnel dans le temps. Dès qu’une nouvelle version wordpress est installée, certaines fonctionnalités “bloquent” parfois le site. vous aurez la garantie d’avoir toujours les dernières versions de plugins.

      1. Zlatko

        Hello Steffens,
        thanks for comment and feedback.

  2. AS

    Is the Life membership includes future release themes, plugins and graphics? Thanks

    1. Zlatko

      yes, LifeTime membership package includes also all of the themes, plugins and graphics that we are intended to create and release for the market.
      Kind regards!

  3. shaman

    can you refund me AIt Shortcode i bought. transaction id: 030nvtqb

    1. Zlatko

      as i have checked your account at you have been already refunded. You should receive money back on your account soon.
      Best regards!

  4. Pitt

    This plugin is no more updated since 2015.
    Wordfence says : “It was last updated 2 years 4 months ago and tested up to WordPress 4.8. It may have compatibility problems with the current version of WordPress or unknown security issues.”

    Have you checked all security issues ?


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Pitt,

      I am sorry, we are not capable assists with third party plugins via support which cover general functionality or any kind of additional changes in templates is not provided by us.

      Thanks for understanding.

      Have a nice day!

      1. Jean

        AIT Shortcodes has not had an update since 2015 – there are security risks – it is an AIT plugin. Do you plan to update this plugin – hard to create much without AIT shortcodes

        1. Zlatko

          Hello Jean,

          thanks for asking. The plugin doesn’t require update as it comes just as a php code with some html in order to achieve demands on design/styles – there are no special functionalities etc.
          Thanks for understanding.


  5. cipriana

    I purchased the first directory theme ages ago and then was offered the update to directory +. To my total amazement, paypal and loads of other free and evidently necessary plugins are not paid!!! Regardless, I did what I could to configure my theme to make it as similar to the last one as possible. Now, I just updated one of the plugins and all my services and loads of other options from my pagebuilder have disappeared! Isn´t there some crime being committed here? How can you treat your customers that way? Every update removes something or forces you to pay for something.

    1. Zlatko

      HI there,
      thanks for your message. Feel free to post technical question directly in our dedicated support ticket system. Please login into your account at
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few working hours). Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      Thanks for understanding.

  6. Nigel

    I can see there are comments above regarding the AIT Shortcodes plugin.

    I am currently updating a website theme but getting this error message appearing….

    Failed to load plugin url: https://www.???????????????????

    Is this the shortcodes plugin error because there doesn’t seems to be a plugin installed?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Nigel,
      thanks for your message. Please provide our Ait-Themes team with AIT SysInfo report: Our technicians are ready to help you with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time. If you have not created Ait Themes Club account yet, please use this form: and post your technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account . In general support covers mainly finding of solutions for problems in theme and help users use the product, if there is a bug we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are not capable working on user’s custom websites.
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible if you decide for the “priority question” service /you’ll get an answer within a few working hours/.
      Thank you for understanding.
      Best regards!

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