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Manage capabilities of your WordPress roles. Grant your users administrative privileges more specifically than basic WordPress roles do. Besides primary WordPress functionality you can set permissions to theme, custom post types and even plugins settings respectively.

Manage capabilities of WP roles Premium Product
Compatible themes: Categories: Translated & Multilingual Themes
CreatedOctober 21, 2016
Last UpdateMarch 2, 2017
WordPress 4.7.x
Translated Languages 26
Compatible Browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
v1.4 March 2, 2017
- Added: Items category and location capabilities
- Update: Item capabilities display 
v1.3 January 27, 2017
- Update: POT translation files
v1.2 January 12, 2017
- Added: Management for item custom post type
v1.1 December 1, 2016
- Fix: Admin scripts enqueue hook conditions
v1.0 November 14, 2016
- Plugin release

Manage user’s roles more specifically

Thanks to permission manager, you can assign certain competencies to users easily and with peace of mind that they won’t modify something they’re not supposed to. It’s very handy if your team of bloggers can add their new posts by themselves or if listings in your directory portal are managing their own content like food menus or special offers.

Are you a web agency?

Permission manager is the right tool for you. You can decide which administration sections your clients see and are able to modify themselves. Everything else will be in your hands. Doesn’t it sound like great time savings and happier customers with working websites?

Start with defining groups of users or “packages” for users with certain defined attributes depending on their role or level of capabilities (e.g. Free package, Premium package, Blogger etc.).

Then go through the groups of permissions to decide what they can and cannot see and modify in the system.

  • WordPress Capabalities

    Here you can grant access to general WordPress settings or other standard setup in WordPress environment.

  • Theme Capabilities

    Decide if users get access to certain AIT Theme settings like page builder or default layout.

  • Plugin Capabilities

    Each AIT plugin has its own settings and you can let users work with those ones they need.

  • Custom Post Types Capabilities

    Enable or disable access to AIT Custom Post Types according to currently installed AIT theme.


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Comments (15)

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Willem,

      thanks for asking. You can’t give the permission to someone by its user name, but you can create unlimited user’s packages, for example any special dedicated/assigned just to a one user…

      Best, Zlatko

  1. Willem

    Hi Zlatko,

    Thanx for your reply, did’t see you already answered. (where to look)

    I have been playing with your easy admin plugin, but the build in options where to limited.
    For example, i would like my clients to be able to create and maintain their own photogallery (portfolio pictures).
    More and better then the “gallery” that you now serve. Was thinking of a combination with Envira gallery.
    So that , for example i create a gallery which only that customer can edit/add pictures too…

    Is that, of someting like that doable?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Willem,
      tanks for your reply.
      Envira gallery plugin use own drag and drop page builder instead of the one created by AIT team, moreover the plugin is not tested with our products. Instead of this you can use built-in Portfolio element and custom post type and yet, thanks to Permission manager you can manage your users/customers edit/add/delete … images.
      Thanks for understanding.
      Best, Zlatko

  2. Nicole Callaghan

    Before I purchase easy admin I would like to know when a new person registers to my site to created listing in my directory theme, do they also have the easy admin dashboard to use and manage their items?
    And can the claim listing plug in also be used in conjunction with the easy admin plug in?
    Thanks. And yes I will buy complete access package you currently have available! What a great offer!

  3. Felix AndresDiaz

    hi Zlatko,

    very good job with this plugin bro !!.

    im from Bogota – Colombia, and im trying to see the plugin in spanish, its that possible ?

    thanks in advance.


    1. Zlatko

      Hello again,
      thanks for asking. I have just checked our translation database and have found out lac of translation of this plugin in Spanish on our presentation page only. Please do not worry, the plugin has completely translated back-end and front-end into Spanish language. We’ll manage just an export of the finished translations into plugin.
      Thanks for your patience.
      Best regards,

  4. John

    Hi! We are interested in Directory+ theme. For the $89 membership, do we get all the Premium and Directory themes and plugins?
    Do people often buy additional plugins are do they have everything that they need from the membership?
    Also, we are a traditional print media directory. How easy will it be to add images of our print ads at various sizes to the existing layouts?

    1. Emilia

      Hi, Full membership inlcludes all products, themes, plugins, icons. You can manage ads using Advertisement element, where you can place ads like images or google adsense ads. There is no limit for the image size.


  5. John

    What about iPhones and Android devices, will we need an app? Is there a clear easy way to load a hot link of the homepage on a mobile device instead? How are other users of your software handling this?

    1. Emilia

      Thanks for question, themes are responsive, it means will appear on mobile devices in appropriate resolution. You can manage all contact details in Theme Options. Your user can edit own company details as well as long as they have an access.


  6. Jassen

    I need the user plugin where certain role of users can see particular posts/pages. Example, platinum members can see all the posts/pages ; gold members can see selected categories’ posts/pages ; bronze member can only see one category of posts/pages. can this plugin serve my purpose?

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