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Extend your page builder with 30+ elements and many custom post types. All elements are unique from theme to theme and turn website building into dead simple thing. Individually created custom post types simplify content addition.

Custom Post Types and Elements Premium Product
Compatible themes: Categories: Translated & Multilingual Themes
CreatedAugust 19, 2013
Last UpdateApril 27, 2017
WordPress 4.7.x
Translated Languages 26
Compatible Browsers IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Layout Responsive
v2.0.1 April 27, 2017
- Fix: Item term options are now also removed, when term is removed
v2.0.0 August 30, 2016
- Update: New plugin name and compatibility with new Page Builder
v1.8.5 June 23, 2016
- Fix: Item Location remains checked as featured after saving
v1.8.4 June 7, 2016
- Fix: Better detection of Item's archive pages
v1.8.3 May 26, 2016
- Update: Allow to order Events in 'Events element' by event's 'date from'
v1.8.2 March 2, 2016
- Fix: PHP warning in Advertisement CPT
v1.8.1 February 24, 2016
- Update: Option "Display opening hours" is off by default
v1.8.0 February 16, 2016
- Update: Performance improvements, speed boost up to 60%
v1.7.7 January 27, 2016
- Fix: Featured category checkbox - unable to uncheck already featured category
v1.7.6 January 14, 2016
- Fix: User roles permissions - wordpress roles should not see ait custom post types
v1.7.5 December 1, 2015
- Fix: Sometimes Page Builder link from Admin Bar was redirecting to wrong Special Page in Page Builder (e.g. from Items Archive pages)
- Fix: When taxonomies were unchecked on AIT Languages settings page to not be translatable, they still were translatable
v1.7.4 November 30, 2015
- Fix: Fixed item location admin form option name typo
v1.7.3 October 2, 2015
- Fix: Updated metabox save callback preventing infinite looping
v1.7.2 October 1, 2015
- Fix: Updated metabox save callback conditions
v1.7.1 September 25, 2015
- Fix: Updated author metabox conditions
v1.7.0 September 22, 2015
- New: Better compatibility with AIT Languages plugin and directory-like themes
v1.6.1 July 15, 2015
- Tweak: Addded function to store any custom taxonomy fields to database for further use (City Guide theme)
v1.6.0 July 1, 2015
- Update: All translations are now handled by AIT Languages plugin
v1.5.7 June 3, 2015
- Update: Updated all translations - translated some new strings
- New:  Added new Ukrainian (uk) translation
v1.5.6 May 19, 2015
- Fixed: Item custom post type - do not allow some elements and options on Page Builder for Items Categories/Locations
- Fixed: Map selected as default Header Type for new Categories and Locations
v1.5.5 April 29, 2015


Ready To Use Website Elements

Collection of adaptable elements ready to build any kind of website.


Advertising Spaces

Element that helps you earn money from your site. Now you can easily manage your ads within theme.



Columns element makes it easy to organize content and other elements. Choose your column layout and fill it up with content.



Standard WordPress comments can be moved up and down on the page using our Page Builder. You can also turn them off if you like.


Contact Form

More user friendly way to set up any of the contact form you ever need. No hassles, just build your form inside page builder.



Do you organize a conference, webinar, barcamp or any event? Just set up start and end date. Very impressive element.



Build nice looking statistics in seconds. Counters can be added to any page and are available in three different styles.


Easy Slider

Create a slider in few clicks right from the page builder. You can also add slider into columns to present products or services.



Simple event manager included. Use Wysiwyg editor to create rich content, location, date duration.



Connect your WordPress website with free Facebook LikeBox or Comments Box.



Easy way to display questions answers anywhere in on the page according to a category.


Google Maps

Create custom maps with high quality markers containing locations, descriptions, images and links. Advanced layout color customization.


Job Offers

Every company needs people. Adding job offers to your website cannot be easier.



Special element developed for Sport Clubs and Leagues. Display match results anywhere on your website.



Categorize members into teams and show them on any page.



Use this element to share your DJ mixes over the internet for free using Mixcloud. A fantastic online streaming service.


Opening Hours

Simply set up opening hours of your office, select holidays and add additional text.


Page Title

You can also control page title in our Page Builder. Some themes include features like custom background image. You can also turn it off.



Here you can add logo’s, group them into categories and link to your partners, as many as you like.



You can define a number of visible items, number of items in one row, portfolio layout and many others …



Show blog posts anywhere on any page. You can show them in list, grid, carousel. It's also possible to control image size and amount of text you'd like to show.


Price Tables

Elegant way to present Prices on your website. Easy setup and looks awesome.



Products element can be used to create Restaurant Daily Menu or Food&Drinks Menu. It can be also used to show price of your services and products.


Revolution Slider

Multi-dimensional Responsive slider comes free of charge with all our themes. You already saved $18!



Separate logical sections of your page with several different rule styles. Small touch will provide your presentation a professional look.



Promote services, goods or display any info within boxes in a nice form. Quickly.



The easiest way to add a sitemap on one of your pages became reality thanks to this special AIT’s element.



It allows you to easily embed content from various providers, you can use autoplay on page load with artwork displayed in the player.



Allows you to add easily any reviews by your customers. You can group them into categories.



Simple text element that can be used to create blocks of text, you can use it as full width element or in columns. You can copy & paste any embed codes as well.



Display lot of content in a smart way. Visitors can click through it very quickly.



Embed your twitter feed on your site. Anywhere.



Select video source (youtube, vimeo), URL of displayed video and set up width and height of the player.


Widget Area

You can create unlimited widget areas and use them anywhere on your website. Widget areas can be included into content. It's excellent for 3rd party plugins integration.

Elements for Comfortable Use

Our WordPress themes include many Custom Post Types that will speed up website building process. No need to write your content over and over. Add your services using Custom Post Type and use it several times using Page Builder.

Categorize Your Items

You can create categories for all our Elements. It allows you to categorize them logically and then show only selected sets using Page Builder. You can for example display services from one category on one page and different on another.

Write your content only once

Custom post types allow you to write your content only once and then use it on several pages. Define your partners and then use it on any page. The same applies to all Elements on the left hand side.

Who made it happen?

This item was created, developed and prepared for you by the following team of great designers and developers:



Position: Webdeveloper


Position: Founder & Senior Designer




Position: Programmer


Position: Programmer

Do you have a pre-sale question or suggestion?

Feel free to write us your comment.

Comments (56)

  1. Sitki

    I bought the Directory plus theme. Could you tell me which and how many plug-in I need it.
    Can you send me the links.
    I want a similar your demo site.

  2. Sarah

    Can we hide elements we are not using. e.g. If we only need Items and Events, can we remove the rest of the custom post types from the WP admin so as not to confuse clients?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Sarah,
      users don’t have an access to the rest of custom post types, they can add Events PRO and Items only.
      You can help to all of your users when you introduce a nicer design of the WP administration by using Easy Admin plugin:
      Thanks to Easy Admin you can create an user friendly admin’s feel of look and comfortable navigation, which helps especially to all non-wordrpess users in order simplify their work in WordPress administration. Please have a look at documentation files also:

  3. Phil

    does the business directory work with third party plugins. Does the Adds widget also work with GEO location. Can you set the ads to only show in specific countries. What formats does the Ad widget accept?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Phil,
      theme itself includes geolocation, anyhow we do not perform testing on compatibility between our products and the rest of available plugins. I am sorry, i am not able to ensure you whether further theme customization is needed or not.
      Secondly, regarding ads: you can show them by country which can be managed by a 3rd party service, like Google AdSense. Theme uses Advertisements element that can show ads by category:
      Kind regards,

  4. Jono

    Good day, hope you are well. Is it possible to use the event theme, because the styling. Then use the directory plugin as I would like the directory functionality?

    Are all the plugins compatible with all the themes?

    Looking forward to your reply.


  5. Chris

    is it possible to use other map layers like openstreet or mapbox..
    Also is it possible to add multiple markers with layer filter so the user can select marker category to see.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Chris,

      thank you for your message. Directory themes works with google maps only by default. Secondly, icons map can be shown on the google map according selected category.

      Best regards, Zlatko

  6. Mokhtar

    This code is showing up at the top of my home page when i active AIT Elements Toolkit (business finder theme)
    {if $options->theme->general->favicon != “”} {/if} {includePart parts/seo} {googleAnalytics $options->theme->google->analyticsTrackingId} {wpHead} {!$options->theme->header->customJsCode} {var $searchFormClass = “”} {if $elements->unsortable[search-form]->display} {var $searchFormClass = $elements->unsortable[search-form]->option(‘type’) != “” ? “search-form-type-“.$elements->unsortable[search-form]->option(‘type’) : “search-form-type-1”} {/if} {* usefull for inline scripts like facebook social plugins scripts, etc… *} {doAction ait-html-body-begin} {if $wp->isPage}
    thank you

  7. Paul

    How is this part of the post gallery edited? I purchased a membership to AIT Themes Club, however my AIT ToolKit does not provide me a “Post Gallery” option as to edit this location of the post gallery. In fact my “Post Gallery” is not even available in the WordPress main menu. Can someone explain please? Thank you.

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your question – AIT Toolkit includes pre-made custom post types and elements. Please kindly also check preview demo page of the theme that you are interesting in -> main menu -> elements to learn which elements are included in the theme package + ait toolkit.
      Best regards!

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Armando,
      Product Element is not built-in the Business Finder theme.
      Instead of this theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin.
      Best regards!

  8. alex

    Is it possible to show a gallery inside the category page ?
    Like the itens from that category ?
    If yes, is it automatic (all items from that category), or we have to choose all photos ?

  9. Himanshu

    Hi, Thanks for the wonderful themes and plugins. I am using Event guide theme with all the great plugins. I am unable to locate elements like “Sitemap”, “Countdown”, “Job Offers” etc.. Please help.

  10. alex

    Hello Zlatko !
    About the Taxonomy Menu. I saw on demo foodguide there are 2 options : CATEGORIES and LOCATIONS
    Is it possible to add more options (not only categories and locations ?

    1. Zlatko

      Hey Alex,
      thanks for your message.
      We are sorry, it is not possible. Your request for design alteration or functionality modification requiring change in the source code cannot be processed by AIT support team. We do not offer this kind of service as per our terms of use due to capacity reasons. However, you can contact freelancer service at the link below for further assistance.

      Customization requests are all inquiries related to visual or functionality changes of our products that cannot be set in the WP-Admin directly. Please read the Documentation and Knowledge Base carefully to become more familiar with all functionalities offered by our products:

      Have a nice day.

  11. natasha

    we have bought the foodguide theme with all the extensions but i can’t find this toolkit with the custom post types in any of the plugins we downloaded. where do i find it?

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your message. Could you please provide us of your user name, registration email or purchase code?
      Best regards!

  12. Tina

    I purchased your Langwich theme a couple of years ago, and am considering upgrading in order to get updates to the theme and plugins.
    If I were to get the membership, which would I need in order to keep the Toolkit up to date?

    The most important part is the Contact Form. What method of mailing is it using? We have had a recent server change and I need to know if I can change the mailer settings to SMTP as the form is not functioning. Are there more options in the recent version of the Contact Form?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Tina,

      thanks for your message.
      Directory membership includes all of our themes, plugins and graphics (89,-USD), for detailed info about the benefits you’ll get after purchase you can find at:
      Regarding Contact Form element:
      Should you have further questions, please contact us back.
      Kind regards!

  13. Pablo

    I need to use it in Argentina. Is it easy to load postal codes into the database? Or should I upload locality by locality from the wp-admin?

    I will use it as a Freight Transport directory. I need the search engine to put two postal codes (from X locality to X locality, what transport does that route) and make the search of the companies of transport of load that make that route

    To do this, I need to load all your data into the companies. Among these data is the list of localities to which they arrive. How can I do this?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Pablo,
      thanks for getting back on this. I hope you have received the answers on your previous questions posted via private message.
      I have understood the way how sdhould work your website (searches for routes etc). We are sorry, there is no such a functionality available by defaiult.
      Thanks for your understanding.

  14. Parveen

    My client has bought city guide theme, but event pro plugin showing global options, but not showing event managment option like edit or delete, category option. but through page builder events listing is showing but event view page also not working. Can you please help me regarding this.

    1. Zlatko

      Hey there,
      thanks for your message.
      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation |
      or post technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few hours).
      Best regards,

  15. Kristin

    Hey there ait-team.

    I´d like to show a theme of yours to my customer (eventguide). But I have a question: Is it recommended to use a Child Theme, or do you have one included in the paid version?

    and what are the membership conditions after one year (theme updates, support, etc.)?

    Thank you and greetings, Kristin

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Paolo,
      thanks for your message. You can have any of our Single themes or plugins -> you should be logged in your account -> theme is available in folder “Download Themes”. If you have still no account registered in our system, you can proceed it by downloading AIT updater plugin (it’s free): The documentation how to set the plugin for semi automated downloads:

      After purchase you are free to decide to upgrade to a Full membership by paying the difference between the prices within 30 days from purchase:
      Full Membership price includes access to the product updates valid for a 1 year (as well as an access to support forum). After this period you can still continue using our products or you are free to decide to get an access to further product updates (renewal possible for the same price at any time). For detailed info please visit:
      Have a great day,

  16. vs-logistics

    I have made a child theme of BusinessFinder+ but my contact form seems to be broken. It works fine in the original demo, so I am guessing I need to copy the necessary php file in the child-theme folder. Could you tell me which php file is responsible for the contact form?

    1. Zlatko

      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation |
      Or you can post technical question directly in our dedicated support ticket system. Please log in to your account
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few working hours).
      Thanks for your understanding.

  17. Blair Urquhart

    My AIT theme “Blog” has problems. Error message [10-May-2017 04:40:46 UTC] PHP Warning: Division by zero in /home/archnorg/public_html/wp-content/themes/blog/ait-theme/includes/ait-custom-functions.php on line 48

  18. Satish Devnani

    hello i have a client who have this excat same requirement for directory plugin but i need a demo first to show him is that possible ??

    We just need to enter the data and see how its working

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Satish,
      thanks for contacting us.
      Full demo admin is not available, but you can have any of our products (from http://www.ait-themes.CLUB) at no risk as we offer 10 days of money back guarantee. You can play around with the theme, plugins etc, and once you are interesting to upgrade your membership – no problem, you can do it within 30 days by paying the difference between the prices.
      In addition – all of our products – themes, plugins are kept always compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

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