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As an admin you are able to set multiple prices for account registration. This plugin will manage to accept payment through PayPal payment gateway so you don’t have to deal with payment process on your own. Take a look on settings how easy it is to configure.

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Letzte AktualisierungJuly 10, 2020
WordPress 5.x
Übersetzte Sprachen 27
Kompatible Browser IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
DSGVO-konform yes
v2.0.2 July 10, 2020
- Fix: API keys & WP Multisite
v2.0.1 May 27, 2020
- Fix: Plugin Activation
v2.0.0 May 12, 2020
- New: Plugin Activation
v1.8 March 21, 2019
- Update: Redirections after approved/canceled payment can be different per each language (needs theme cache deletion in Theme Options > Administrator settings)
v1.7 October 24, 2016
- Update: Plugin compatibility 
v1.6 October 6, 2015
- Fix: error with some configurations
v1.5 October 2, 2015
- Fix: error with some configurations
v1.4 August 18, 2015
- Update: All translations are now handled by AIT Languages plugin
- Fix: error with long description
- Fix: cURL library exception
v1.3 April 28, 2015
- Added: New language - Turkish (tr_TR)
- Updated: All other languages were updated
v1.2 April 20, 2015
- Add: Croatian (hr) language
- Add: Greek (el) language
- Update: All other languages was updated
- Fix: Compatiblity with bbPress in some edge cases
v1.1 January 16, 2015
- Fixed: missing text domains in translation functions
v1.0 December 12, 2014
- Plugin released

Vergrößern Sie Ihr Unternehmen mit PayPal

PayPal ist das meistgenutzte Zahlungssystem der Welt. Über PayPal können Sie sich schneller und sicherer bezahlen lassen. Sehen Sie sich die Liste der Funktionen an, die Ihnen dabei helfen werden, den Zahlungsvorgang auf City Guide mit Leichtigkeit abzuwickeln.

  • Sie können 26 Währungen akzeptieren
  • PayPal ist in 203 Ländern verfügbar
  • Gängige Karten werden akzeptiert
  • Einfach zu installieren, einfache Bedienung

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Kommentare (4)

    1. Zlatko

      Hallo Marcel,

      We are sorry, PayPal payment gateway or any other payment option is not more available. Instead of this we have Braintree payment gateway introduced.
      Any card information is processed by third parties, they are not stored on our server. The following cards are accepted:

      The payment procedure should be as the follows:

      1 – Fill in the data -> in check out form you can insert your personal or company data as well as the data provided by payment card
      2 – After sent the form -> 3D secure check must be confirmed. You’ll receive verification code on your mobile. This method of verification is available as far as the service is provided by your bank (it’s supported by AitThemes). Consequently, as a new windows with logo of your bank appears, you should fill in verification code you have received from your bank via sms message. After confirmation your payment is being processed.
      3 – After payment ->you are going to be logged into your account in our system automatically. You’ll receive 2 emails (“welcome” and “payment confirmation”)

      Should you encounter any issue, please have a look at the table of declined transactions by BrainTree: or have a try another web browser.

      Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards!

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